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Microfantasy Monday – Silence

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: silence.

Technically I’m posting this on Tuesday, but I don’t care, hopefully you don’t either but if you do: too bad.

I parted her legs with the insistence of my hand and gave a few soft slaps to the soft mound that lay between them, hearing her gasp. My lips curled into a smile in the darkened theatre. We were the only ones in this row near the back, but there were many others in front of us that could easily hear anything above a whisper, depending on the scene on the screen.

One hand deftly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, the only layer between my hand and her tender parts, giving another harder slap as a loud crash came through the speakers. She was squirming beside me, I could tell she was looking at me but I kept my gaze fixed forward, slipping my hand down and finding her clit with my fingers.

Slowly I began to rub, building up the intensity, just as the action on the screen lessened and the scene shifted to a heartfelt talk, one of the ones that wraps up what the big issue is. Leaning over I quietly hissed “Be sure you’re silent, little girl, you don’t want the other people knowing just how much of a slut you are, rubbing back against my hand in a crowded movie theatre.”

I heard her whimper as she trapped her lower lip between her teeth and gave me big eyes that showed her inner conflict. At that moment my fingers began rubbing faster, building her need to a higher level. The need to cry out to release the tension in her was almost unbearable but she would keep quiet. She knew the reward for keeping quiet would be far greater than the momentary satisfaction of moaning aloud.

Microfantasy Monday – Growth

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: growth.

This is not so much fantasy, but it’s very micro.

A week ago we were nervous, unsure of what was okay to say and what was not. We had the same desires we do now but were keeping them quiet, letting the idea of them saturate our minds but only disclosing parts. Torturing ourselves and each other with uncertainty.

Each day we get more comfortable, share our words more easily, or desires flow from our lips and fingers as we despise being so far apart. Nearly three thousand miles away our thoughts still turn to the other even without yet having met face to face.

We dream and long for the time when fingers can be thrust into aching holes, wrapped around soft throats, and sucked on by eager mouths. When toys and fingers and mouths can be used to discover all the right places to make the other moan, writhe, and come. When nothing separates us but air, or not even that.

A week ago we had all these desires but weren’t sure how to express them. We didn’t have the permission yet from ourselves, or the coaxing from the other to explore how we fit together. Now we do.

Microfantasy Monday – Cards

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: cards.

We were still sitting across from each other when the last of the other players left the room. I watched as she slid one hand through her hair, bit down ever so gently on her lower lip, and shifted in her seat. One leg was crossed over the other before she leaned forward ever so slightly, the front of her dress gaping and giving me a healthy dose of cleavage as she stared at the five cards in her hand.

I moved to rest my right hand on the rim of my fedora, tracing it with my finger as I watched her, enjoying our costumes and our current privacy. We had decided that if we were going to sponsor a game night we should make it fun, encouraging everyone to dress up was her idea, but the three-piece suit and fedora had been mine knowing seeing me in it would make her weak in the knees.

Suddenly standing I moved to her in two fast strides and pulled her to her feet faster than she knew what was happening. I had waited until after our guests started arriving to let her see me in my outfit, and she had been casting smoldering glances in my direction all night. I requested she femme up tonight, wearing a dress I picked out for her, matching heels, thigh highs, and pearls. No panties.

I pressed my body against hers, turning her so her back was against the table, sweeping aside the cards and poker chips on it as I pressed her down onto her back, moving over her and slipping my thigh between her legs. I kissed her with all the passion and intensity the last few hours had built in me. Literally knocking her off her feet and onto the table.

My right hand moved under the hem of her dress and slowly slid it’s way up her thigh while the other moved to caress and pinch one of her nipples. Finally finding her between her legs I quickly pushed two fingers into her wet heat, pumping them in and out as I moved my mouth from hers for a moment to say “You’ve been wanting this all night, haven’t you?”

Microfantasy Monday – Morning

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: A perfect lazy morning.

Too-bright sunlight offends my eyes as I blink in the late morning light.

Letting out a soft groan I stretch and roll over onto my back reaching over to find his hand I clutch it to my chest before my head turns, gaze catching up a second later. I watch him for a few moments before rolling over yet again, this time putting his arm beneath my head and snuggling up into the crook of his arm the way I love to do.

Perfection is how we fit together.

A contented smile curls the corners of my mouth, looking up into his sleeping face as I move my lips just slightly to the left and sink my teeth lightly into his exposed nipple, trying to be gentle since he’s not as much of a fan of pain as I am.

As I watch him stir my hand slides down his side only to rest just above his cock, stroking there softly, teasingly, before moving to kiss him good morning.

Microfantasy Monday – Flame

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: Flame.

“Touch it.” She giggles, nervous, but I persist. “Touch it.”

I watch her as she looks into my eyes, sees the seriousness there, realizing I’m not just teasing her. As she reaches her hand out toward it her tongue darts out to moisten her bottom lip, teeth right after it, tugging at the soft skin that I am aching to touch.

She smiles and glides her fingers through the flame once, knowing that the middle of the teardrop-shaped heat will not burn her fingers, only slightly hesitant because of that. Each movement of her hand is graceful, it seems to float up and around in fluid motions. I envy her hands.

I grin as she bites her lip again, her nervousness all the more adorable. She was the one who asked, who had been curious about trying it since she saw me doing it at the last play party, who had mentioned to me that she would like to try it some time that same night. She had tried to be nonchalant when she suggested it, too, but I could see the places her facade had cracked, showing the nervous girl behind it.

She has already taken off her top, my hand gestures for her to lay down and again she moves like a dancer, lying on her back so that I can have access to her abs and belly to roll my hot stick across. I take my torch, steeped in alcohol, and bring it to the teardrop fire her fingers were so recently caressing. In a burst of light the flame is transferred and I hear her gasp.

Microfantasy Monday – Boots

I know, I know, it’s not technically Monday anymore. However, I’ve had a rough weekend and only barely got Pleasurists out yesterday, so here’s my Microfantasy Monday on Tuesday, and you just have to deal. I really like these, particularly because I love doing vignettes rather than full stories, probably because I don’t really have the skill to pull of full stories most of the time. But I digress…

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: Boots.

She slipped the black PVC onto my foot and then reached for the laces, making sure it was situated correctly before beginning the task of sliding the hard end of each lace through the holes one at a time, from my ankle to my knee. I watched her as she worked, careful to pull the laces just right, one at a time, our little ritual to get her into the right mindset. Every so often she would glance up to make sure I was pleased.

And then the other boot was put on, each hole meticulously filled, each lace segment tightened, until both of my calves were encased in shiny gorgeous black PVC. I smiled as she sat back on her feet, kneeling before me, then stood, five inches taller now, my right foot slightly forward. I gestured for her to bow further, and instructed her to kiss the boots she had so carefully attended to. When she came up I could see the familiar sub-space in her eyes. I shifted feet so she could kiss the other before clipping a leash to her collar and leading her to the bed.

Microfantasy Monday – Sliding Glass Doors

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: Sliding. Glass. Doors.

“There.” He growled, impatience and irritation in his voice as he pointed across the room. She slowly turned her head from where she was kneeling and let her gaze follow the line his finger made. She bit her lip but knew that further hesitation on her part would result in something worse, so she started to stand. “No.” He told her firmly. She knew what to do.

She sighed softly and crawled across the room, over the carpet and then the tile in the kitchen before she reached the sliding glass door. He told her to stand and spread her legs, facing outside. She was already naked and hesitated for long enough that he felt the need to encourage her by reaching down and slapping her exposed bottom.

Quickly she stood and displayed her naked form to the world outside. As he came up behind her she counted the windows she could see into, meaning the windows that people could see her from, and wondered who would get a glimpse. There was a small balcony outside the door, but the building across the street was taller than her own. One of his hands moved between her legs as the other pressed against her left shoulder, pressing her against the cold glass as he dipped into her and showed her off to the neighbors, heightening her embarrassment and elation.

Microfantasy Monday – Implements

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: implements of torture. Need more? I went with breast torture specifically…

The rope is lying across the bed like an arm akimbo: casual yet practiced; the bright red highly contrasted with the black sheets below. He picks up the coil and instructs me to lift up my arms, first tugging my dress up and off of me, next beginning to wind the red rope around me. I look down and watch as the red criss-crosses my chest and creates a beautiful support system for my sizeable breasts: decorative, elegant, and depraved. He picks up a box from the bedside table.

The box rattles, he reaches in and pulls out a long clover clamp, chain dangling into the box until another is revealed. I close my eyes and touch the tip of my tongue to my upper lip, waiting for the sharp sting of the clamp upon my nipple. Instead I feel the cool metal tracing along the roundness of my right breast, making me let out a little moan of pleasure and frustration. A second coldness on my left breast before the clamps descend at the same moment, capturing my now hardened nipple between them.

Next, a bottle of iodine comes from the box, along with a couple of cotton swabs. He gestures for me to lay on the bed, and once I do he swipes the iodine soaked cotton around each clamped nipple, tugging the chain between the clamps up as he asks me if I know what he has planned.

Microfantasy Monday – Standing

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: it’s all about standing up.

I shiver softly as the scissors work up my back, cutting away what little fabric still covered me from view, slashing up the back of my dress and across the short sleeves so that it falls to the floor. Underneath, now exposed, my lace garter belt still clings to the quivering skin, accentuating and framing all the right places. The scissors cut my bra, too, the straps and back hanging down while the cups are the only things keeping my breasts from pressing bare against the cold wall the way my arms already were as they were splayed out at my sides.

She presses the cool leather between my thighs, nudging them apart, and I begrudgingly oblige so that my cunt is exposed to the air. Widening my stance requires me to slide down the wall a bit which shifts the bits of bra still hanging and catches her attention, she reaches a hand and tugs the soft material away, pressing her clothed groin against my ass and grinding softly as she bites my neck, tossing the bra away. I moan and shiver again, this time from excitement rather than the cold, her body warming me as it teases me. Again she puts the handle between my legs, this time pressing the handle against my cunt, making me grind down against it as she tsks softly at me.

“Not yet, pet.” She croons in an amusement-laced tone. “There’s plenty of that to come. But first…”

Microfantasy Monday – Displayed Backside

Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt, it’s such a good idea I decided to join in!

This week’s theme:There is an ass and it is on display.

His eyes roam over the exposed mounds of flesh, perfectly rounded and soft to the touch. Each movement closer to the edge of the bed brings a new level of excitement as he imagines what the next moments will bring. The red top she wears is pressed hard against the bed as she wiggles and moans her frustration and excitement. All she sees is darkness, even though the room is bright. Her skirt has fallen up around her waist, exposing her soft creamy ass to his view, her hands spread out on either side of her, restrained under the bed.

He licks his lips and lets a finger slide across her wanton flesh, enjoying taking his time and teasing her with the idea of violation without giving in to his own desires to slam his cock into her aching ass. All week he had told her what he was going to do to her tonight, how she would be wet even before she entered his apartment, and how he would take her in every way he felt like. She had been fantasizing and wondering about it, getting lots of teasing information but no specifics to know exactly what he had planned. Slowly he positioned himself behind her.

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