Trans Sex Magic: Pleasure and Power Embodied

Edited by Tai Fenix Kulystin
Published by Mystic Productions Press

Trans magic is powerful and trans people are magic. Too often we are desexualized or hypersexualized, written about rather than written for, and our sexuality only discussed through invasive questions. In discussions of magic, sex magic included, we are ignored or forgotten, the queer multiplicity of our bodies and beings erased by cis narratives. With Trans Sex Magic, we want to explore the sacred ways that we, as trans people, experience sexuality. We celebrate trans magic in all of its forms and seek to present a wide range of embodied perspectives on existing as trans. We recognize and claim the power inherent in trans bodies and the depth and breadth of pleasure we can experience within them. What do you have to share? Our lives, bodies, and relationships are beautiful and our stories deserve to be heard.

Authors are invited to write 2-8 pages (approximately 1500-4000 words) about their own theories, rituals, stories, poems, or personal experiences pertaining to Trans Sex Magic. Artists are invited to submit artwork relevant to the topic as well.

Topics could include themes of:

  • The Magic of Trans Sexuality
  • Gender and Sex Magic
  • Queer/Trans Sacred Sexuality
  • Trans Embodiment
  • The Magic & Power of Trans Pleasure
  • Desire & Magic
  • Experiences of Race, Ability, Socioeconomic Status, Age, Size, etc. and Trans Sex Magic
  • QTBIPOC Magic & Sexuality
  • Two-Spirit Magic & Sexuality
  • Trans Grey-A/Asexual Magic
  • Kink Magic
  • Sex Work & Magic
  • Trans Sexual Politics & Magic
  • Colonization, Oppression, and Sex Magic
  • Claiming Your Gender through Magical Sexual Experiences
  • Sex Magic, Embodiment, & Dysphoria
  • Sexy Sacred Trans Story Time/Sacred Erotica/Personal Anecdotes
  • Working with Trans Godds
  • Rituals Celebrating Trans Sexuality
  • …and more

This anthology primarily has an English-language focus, with multi-lingual entries welcome on a case by case basis. Artwork and visual media are welcome. Fiction is not appropriate to this project.

Who Should Contribute:

All those who feel they fit into the multitude of trans identities (e.g. trans woman/feminine, non-binary, trans man/masculine, two-spirit, genderqueer, gender fluid, gender fabulous, gender non-conforming, gender variant, all genders outside a western cisgender paradigm, etc.) and who practice sex magic, sacred sexuality, or have experiences with sexuality and magic (of any/all spiritual paths, or lack thereof), are all welcome to submit.

We especially invite and encourage BIPOC trans writers, trans fem(me)/feminine writers, AMAB non-binary writers, and disabled trans writers to submit. Writers from outside the US are encouraged to submit.

We are not interested in policing your identity or gatekeeping who is trans or not, and so we trust that those who send in submissions will do so in good faith. If you believe you belong in this anthology, you do. If you hope you belong in this anthology, you do (you are trans enough).

How To Contribute:

Send a one-paragraph summary of what you want to write about to before November 1st, 2019.  Also include up to one paragraph about yourself as the author.

Why the summaries first?  A book of only one type of entries would not show the diversity of Trans Magic theory, rituals, and experiences taking place in our community and behind closed doors. Rather than asking you to complete a piece first, we ask for the spark of an idea that you would like to bring into being for this anthology. Summaries also are often easier for those who are not regularly published. Please specify if the proposed work has been previously published digitally or in print form (this will not disqualify work, simply provide information).

Once summaries have been accepted, authors will have until February 1st, 2020 to get their rough draft in. New authors will be worked with throughout the process to help share their unique story with the world.

Are you ready to tell your tale of Trans Sex Magic? Do you have any questions? Email


Authors will receive at least $25* and 1 finished copy of the book upon completion, have their biographies listed in the book, have wholesale access to the project, and retain rights to their work.

*The editor would like to pay contributors more than this and is looking into potential funding options to be explored in greater depth as the project unfolds.