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Microfantasy Monday – Morning

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: A perfect lazy morning.

Too-bright sunlight offends my eyes as I blink in the late morning light.

Letting out a soft groan I stretch and roll over onto my back reaching over to find his hand I clutch it to my chest before my head turns, gaze catching up a second later. I watch him for a few moments before rolling over yet again, this time putting his arm beneath my head and snuggling up into the crook of his arm the way I love to do.

Perfection is how we fit together.

A contented smile curls the corners of my mouth, looking up into his sleeping face as I move my lips just slightly to the left and sink my teeth lightly into his exposed nipple, trying to be gentle since he’s not as much of a fan of pain as I am.

As I watch him stir my hand slides down his side only to rest just above his cock, stroking there softly, teasingly, before moving to kiss him good morning.


Pleasurists #21


Size & Sexuality Study – Holly


  1. I love watching H when he’s about to wake up – there’s just something so angelic about that time. Lovely MfM!

    Sienna’s last blog post: Totally Fuckable Tuesday

  2. Ang

    I love this time. Why I didn’t think of this prompt earlier I have no clue!!! Mornings can be so wonderful if you have the time to take advantage of it!

    Ang’s last blog post: Microfantasy Monday – Week 20

  3. ohh what a lovely way to wake up. It’s a rare luxury to be awakened by a lover .. rare and wonderful

    Kyle’s last blog post: Microfantasy Monday, week 20: a lazy morning

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