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Microfantasy Monday – Implements

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: implements of torture. Need more? I went with breast torture specifically…

The rope is lying across the bed like an arm akimbo: casual yet practiced; the bright red highly contrasted with the black sheets below. He picks up the coil and instructs me to lift up my arms, first tugging my dress up and off of me, next beginning to wind the red rope around me. I look down and watch as the red criss-crosses my chest and creates a beautiful support system for my sizeable breasts: decorative, elegant, and depraved. He picks up a box from the bedside table.

The box rattles, he reaches in and pulls out a long clover clamp, chain dangling into the box until another is revealed. I close my eyes and touch the tip of my tongue to my upper lip, waiting for the sharp sting of the clamp upon my nipple. Instead I feel the cool metal tracing along the roundness of my right breast, making me let out a little moan of pleasure and frustration. A second coldness on my left breast before the clamps descend at the same moment, capturing my now hardened nipple between them.

Next, a bottle of iodine comes from the box, along with a couple of cotton swabs. He gestures for me to lay on the bed, and once I do he swipes the iodine soaked cotton around each clamped nipple, tugging the chain between the clamps up as he asks me if I know what he has planned.


Pleasurists #6


Call for Submissions: Sexual Ability Anthology


  1. What a great post to wake up to this morning )

  2. Dragon Mage

    Oh … damn. I think I know. o_O
    That’s hot.

    Dragon Mage’s last blog post: Teased and Tortured (pt II)

  3. Ang

    Mmmm… interesting, makes me a little nervous but isn’t that the point? :)

    Ang’s last blog post: Microfantasy Monday #4

  4. Wilhelmina

    I’ve always wondered what rope feels like tightened around naked, vulnerable flesh.

    Wilhelmina’s last blog post: Microfantasy Monday: Heights

  5. ooOOOoooo very nice. It makes me squirmy ;-)

    Kyle’s last blog post: things unsaid

  6. @Ang, That’s definitely the point. ;) A little delicious dangerous foreboding.

  7. @Atrion, *grin* Thank you!

  8. @Dragon Mage, I tried to give enough clues… definitely implements of sublime torture ;)

  9. @Wilhelmina, Well, if you’d ever like to try it out… ;)

  10. @Kyle, Good. ;D And thanks!

  11. *purr* I love and hate clover clamps…and you take it a shivery step further. Awesome. :)

    Panthera Pardus’s last blog post: Under The Bed Restraints Rock My Socks

  12. Madison May

    I like the way you think. That’s some kinky sh** :)

  13. @Panthera Pardus, I know what you mean about the clover clamps, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with them as well. I’ve been a little obsessed with the other activity lately, and am planning on buying a kit soon so we can do it at home! ;D

  14. @Madison May, *grins* Why thank you! ;D

  15. I love the way you describe the rope around the body. That image is so very sexy.

  16. @Miss Honey, Thank you! I try. =D I’m glad you liked it!

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