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Needles and Hooks (HNT)


Another of those play piercing pictures. I posted this earlier on my 365 Scarlet Portraits blog, today was my catch-up day when I posted nine pictures of me (three of which were posted on here already). I think this picture is possibly my favorite of all the ones on the 365 blog.

I pierced myself in these (as per usual, Onyx doesn’t feel ready to pierce me yet, and I don’t blame him), and it was kind of difficult to pierce the left (my left) side because I pierced from the opposite side than I’ve gotten used to, and since I can’t really just go to the other side on myself it was a little awkward, and they ended up hurting a little more.

Also I had a difficult time coming back out on them, which is why they actually pass under my skin longer than the others (if that makes sense).

I really enjoy the way these look. I love my cleavage in them, but more than that I love the way my tattoos peek out and the way the shirt looks (more on that in a minute), as well as the way the needles look, of course.

I chose the two sizes for a reason (pink: 25g 1in, gray: 22g 1 1/2in), mostly because I thought they would look nice together. I started with the gray and added the pink when I wanted a second needle, mostly because I didn’t want blue (23g) or any of the other colors I had. Pink went best with the shirt.

Now the shirt. It’s not actually finished yet, or in the picture, but I made it. Yes, I crocheted it (hence the ‘hooks’ part of the title, we crocheters are hookers, you know). It’s missing the sleeves and some of the bottom (needs to go about three inches further down my torso).

I need to get more yarn for it so I can complete it, but for the time being it is sitting patiently in my crochet bag. Once it’s finished I’m sure to post a picture of it, maybe here, but definitely there.

You can also see my (what I have called Orgonite and will hereafter refer to as) prana forger, which is the pendant about my neck. As well as my Star of Babalon necklace, which is actually Onyx’s, but I took it from him long ago and he has said it looks better on me. Maybe that makes it mine now.

Play Piercing (HNT)


Remember my XXXmas Wishlist? Well, if you follow me on twitter than you already know this, but I got the Advanced Play Piercing Kit that I was wanting from that list, and I haven’t been able to stop piercing myself since!

This was actually my first multi-needle piercing in myself. I attempted to do two once before this, which is what the big bruise next to the piercings is from. I was doing one on each thigh, and the second one I put in I think I either went too deep or just hit a vein or something so it bled a lot and bruised like mad (as you can see). The bruise is still there, a week later, and still very noticeable. It’ll take a while to go away.

I absolutely adore my kit, I’m sure I’ll review it some time this month. I went and got purple nitrile gloves to use with it, too, as the gloves that were supposed to come with it were left out accidentally. We’re getting them, but I wanted gloves immediately, of course, and purple nitrile gloves are just awesome, and purple (obviously), so I really dig them. I’m not allergic to latex, but I’ve had a reaction to it before so I don’t want to develop one and avoid latex whenever possible.

It took me a while to get to the point where I could pierce myself, but once I did it was easy. I now have even more of a desire to become a piercer, as I know how easy it is and how much I enjoy doing it. This may be something I explore in Seattle. I know that professional piercing and play piercing aren’t identical, but they are very similar, of course.

I’ve pierced Onyx a few times, too, which has been fun. I’m not sure if he enjoyed it or if he was just doing it for me, but he was the one who suggested it, I think because he knew I wanted to, he’s very accommodating like that.

So there’s my HNT, a little late, but only because I couldn’t find my card reader yesterday, so I’m posting it a day late. I think play piercings are pretty. How ’bout you?

XXXmas Wishlist

Since it’s getting to be that time of year (it’s December already?! How did that happen?) I thought I would share a few naughty things on my xxxmas wishlist. I’m not expecting to get all of these this holiday season, probably only one if any, but a femme can dream, can’t she?

Advanced Play Piercing Kit from Play Piercing Kits.Com which includes pretty much anything you could want for play piercing, as well as a case to carry it all in. I’ve been drooling over this since I found it, and I want to make it mine!

Advanced Play Piercing Kit from

The Midori Value Kit in crimson and The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori from Twisted Monk, to better try out the ties from Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes as well as Midori’s own book.

The Deluxe Toy Bag from Protocol Leather which includes: 2 paired Two Tone Suede Floggers, 1 Protocol Flogger, 1 set of Ankle Cuffs, 1 set of Wrist Cuffs, 1 Collar, 1 Dragon’s Tongue, 1 Snake’s Tongue, 1 Protocol Agony Cane, 1 Stinger, 1 Protocol Strap, and 1 Lexan Cane. I just know that Onyx and I would have lots of fun with all these delicious implements.

I also desperately desire a Violet Wand Kit, though they are way out of our current price range (though so is the protocol leather kit, but I can still want them! I have seen electrical play done, but not yet experienced it for myself, but I want to rather badly, and I know Onyx feels similarly.

There are, of course, non-sex fetishes that I also love to partake in, namely my shoe and boot fetishes. I figured I should add a few of those in as well.

Corset Magic Boots from Pennangalan. I have wanted these boots for just about this side of forever (or about three years) and just have never been able to afford them, since they are expensive as it is and also from the UK. They are gorgeous, though.

I was going to include a pair of cute Fluevog shoes, but the site doesn’t want to load. May edit in later!


There are so many Fluevog shoes I’ve been drooling over, and boots too, including these boots and these boots, but I already showed you a picture of boots I want, so I’ll show you some Fluevog shoes. Since I’m chronically unable to make up my mind or choose just one when it comes to things I like, I’ll show you three! Though I can’t decide if I want the first ones in black or red… maybe both!


So, that’s my expensive naughty wants this holiday season. What do you want?

Microfantasy Monday – Implements

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: implements of torture. Need more? I went with breast torture specifically…

The rope is lying across the bed like an arm akimbo: casual yet practiced; the bright red highly contrasted with the black sheets below. He picks up the coil and instructs me to lift up my arms, first tugging my dress up and off of me, next beginning to wind the red rope around me. I look down and watch as the red criss-crosses my chest and creates a beautiful support system for my sizeable breasts: decorative, elegant, and depraved. He picks up a box from the bedside table.

The box rattles, he reaches in and pulls out a long clover clamp, chain dangling into the box until another is revealed. I close my eyes and touch the tip of my tongue to my upper lip, waiting for the sharp sting of the clamp upon my nipple. Instead I feel the cool metal tracing along the roundness of my right breast, making me let out a little moan of pleasure and frustration. A second coldness on my left breast before the clamps descend at the same moment, capturing my now hardened nipple between them.

Next, a bottle of iodine comes from the box, along with a couple of cotton swabs. He gestures for me to lay on the bed, and once I do he swipes the iodine soaked cotton around each clamped nipple, tugging the chain between the clamps up as he asks me if I know what he has planned.

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