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XXXmas Wishlist

Since it’s getting to be that time of year (it’s December already?! How did that happen?) I thought I would share a few naughty things on my xxxmas wishlist. I’m not expecting to get all of these this holiday season, probably only one if any, but a femme can dream, can’t she?

Advanced Play Piercing Kit from Play Piercing Kits.Com which includes pretty much anything you could want for play piercing, as well as a case to carry it all in. I’ve been drooling over this since I found it, and I want to make it mine!

Advanced Play Piercing Kit from

The Midori Value Kit in crimson and The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori from Twisted Monk, to better try out the ties from Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes as well as Midori’s own book.

The Deluxe Toy Bag from Protocol Leather which includes: 2 paired Two Tone Suede Floggers, 1 Protocol Flogger, 1 set of Ankle Cuffs, 1 set of Wrist Cuffs, 1 Collar, 1 Dragon’s Tongue, 1 Snake’s Tongue, 1 Protocol Agony Cane, 1 Stinger, 1 Protocol Strap, and 1 Lexan Cane. I just know that Onyx and I would have lots of fun with all these delicious implements.

I also desperately desire a Violet Wand Kit, though they are way out of our current price range (though so is the protocol leather kit, but I can still want them! I have seen electrical play done, but not yet experienced it for myself, but I want to rather badly, and I know Onyx feels similarly.

There are, of course, non-sex fetishes that I also love to partake in, namely my shoe and boot fetishes. I figured I should add a few of those in as well.

Corset Magic Boots from Pennangalan. I have wanted these boots for just about this side of forever (or about three years) and just have never been able to afford them, since they are expensive as it is and also from the UK. They are gorgeous, though.

I was going to include a pair of cute Fluevog shoes, but the site doesn’t want to load. May edit in later!


There are so many Fluevog shoes I’ve been drooling over, and boots too, including these boots and these boots, but I already showed you a picture of boots I want, so I’ll show you some Fluevog shoes. Since I’m chronically unable to make up my mind or choose just one when it comes to things I like, I’ll show you three! Though I can’t decide if I want the first ones in black or red… maybe both!


So, that’s my expensive naughty wants this holiday season. What do you want?


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  1. Very hot list!! Hope you at least get something on your list!! :)

    Beautiful Dreamer’s last blog post: Ophoria Pleasure No 6

  2. I bought the Deluxe Toy Bag from Protocol a few months ago. DO IT! Amazing quality and value and Nina will hook you up with substitutions if you are interested. I still need to do some writing about it sometime soon.

    Ellie’s last blog post: Cheap BDSM Toys

  3. wow, that shibari book looks great!

    I really want a saSi for xmas. But I already bought myself the weVibe, so the SaSi will have to wait for a while…

    chicory’s last blog post: Whipped Cream for Dairy Allergics

  4. @chicory, I agree on the book, I don’t own anything by Midori and I think that’s a shame.

    I have mixed feelings about the SaSi, but I definitely want to try it. I really want a We-Vibe as well, though I’ve read mixed reviews of it as well, mostly that it’s not quite strong enough to get one off during sex. How do you like it?

  5. @Ellie, Ooh, I’m jealous! I’ve been wanting it for a while, since you or Panthera Pardus maybe(?) mentioned it on twitter. I know the value is good but it still has a high price tag. One of these days… maybe not until after we move, though. Good to know about the substitutions, too!

  6. @Beautiful Dreamer, Thanks! The rub is, of course, that they’re all expensive, but I know I’ll be able to get at least one… which one is the question, though. ;D

  7. I love the last pair of shoes in red!

    Adriana’s last blog post: Whatever happened to relaxing vacations?

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