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Microfantasy Monday – Growth

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: growth.

This is not so much fantasy, but it’s very micro.

A week ago we were nervous, unsure of what was okay to say and what was not. We had the same desires we do now but were keeping them quiet, letting the idea of them saturate our minds but only disclosing parts. Torturing ourselves and each other with uncertainty.

Each day we get more comfortable, share our words more easily, or desires flow from our lips and fingers as we despise being so far apart. Nearly three thousand miles away our thoughts still turn to the other even without yet having met face to face.

We dream and long for the time when fingers can be thrust into aching holes, wrapped around soft throats, and sucked on by eager mouths. When toys and fingers and mouths can be used to discover all the right places to make the other moan, writhe, and come. When nothing separates us but air, or not even that.

A week ago we had all these desires but weren’t sure how to express them. We didn’t have the permission yet from ourselves, or the coaxing from the other to explore how we fit together. Now we do.


Pleasurists #24


Full Circle


  1. Dragon Mage

    Interesting. Permission is a good thing. ^_^

    Dragon Mage’s last blog post: Microfantasy Monday

  2. Loved the ending – simple and effective!

    Sienna’s last blog post: MicroFantasy Monday

  3. Oh, distance. It spices up and frustrates us, fills us with longing that begs to be fulfilled. And it is so wonderful when that moment arrives :-)

    Kyle’s last blog post: Microfantasy Monday, week 23 : growth

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