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Microfantasy Monday – Boots

I know, I know, it’s not technically Monday anymore. However, I’ve had a rough weekend and only barely got Pleasurists out yesterday, so here’s my Microfantasy Monday on Tuesday, and you just have to deal. I really like these, particularly because I love doing vignettes rather than full stories, probably because I don’t really have the skill to pull of full stories most of the time. But I digress…

The idea behind Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt.

This week’s theme: Boots.

She slipped the black PVC onto my foot and then reached for the laces, making sure it was situated correctly before beginning the task of sliding the hard end of each lace through the holes one at a time, from my ankle to my knee. I watched her as she worked, careful to pull the laces just right, one at a time, our little ritual to get her into the right mindset. Every so often she would glance up to make sure I was pleased.

And then the other boot was put on, each hole meticulously filled, each lace segment tightened, until both of my calves were encased in shiny gorgeous black PVC. I smiled as she sat back on her feet, kneeling before me, then stood, five inches taller now, my right foot slightly forward. I gestured for her to bow further, and instructed her to kiss the boots she had so carefully attended to. When she came up I could see the familiar sub-space in her eyes. I shifted feet so she could kiss the other before clipping a leash to her collar and leading her to the bed.


Pleasurists #8


Happy Birthday


  1. Ang

    See, I don’t have the time for full stories either – hence the idea.

    I like.

    Ang’s last blog post: TMI Tuesday

  2. Wilhelmina


    I’d love to be in that position… the one doing the collaring, I mean ;)

    Wilhelmina’s last blog post: HNT: Shh…

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