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Reviews: Fun Factory Week!

My reviewing structure, as outlined in this post is that I post full reviews on my review site Wanton Lotus (RSS) and teaser reviews once a week here. I posting reviews on Wanton Lotus Tues-Weds-Thurs or some combination thereof depending on the amount of reviews I have each week. Here is the round-up of my reviews for the week!

This past week was Fun Factory Week on Wanton Lotus! Five Fun Factory reviews in five days!

Boss (Lady) Review Teaser

Name: Boss (Lady)

Type: Vibrator

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: Silicone in a velvety-matte finish

Length: 8 3/4″ (total), 6 3/4″ (insertable)

Width: 1 3/5″

Girth: 5 1/2″

Charge: Four AAA Batteries

Rating: 4 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Very Good & Highly Recommended

Read the entirety of the Boss (Lady) Review!

Freestyle Cuffies Review Teaser

Name: Cuffies – Freestyle

Type: Wrist Cuffs

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Materials: Rubber (cuffs), ribbon, and aluminum (chain).

Length: 7 3/4″ cuffs, 23″ with chain
Width: 1 1/4 to 1 1/2″

Rating: 3 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Good & Recommended

Read and watch the entirety of the Cuffies Freestyle Review!

Smartballs Review Teaser

Name: Smartballs

Type: Vaginal Balls/Kegel Exercisers

Material: Elastomed – more on this material in the review.

Length: 4 1/2″

Width: 1 3/8″

Girth: 4 1/2″

Rating: 4 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Very Good & Highly Recommended

Read the entirety of the Smartballs Review!

Bloomy Review Teaser

Name: Bloomy

Type: Anal Toy & Dildo

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Length: 5 1/2″ (total) 4″ (insertable)
Width: 1 1/2″
Girth: 4 1/4″

Rating: 4 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Very Good & Highly Recommended

Read the entirety of the Bloomy Review!

Angelo Review Teaser

Name: Angelo

Type: Vibrator

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: Silicone

Length: 5 1/2″ (total) – 4 1/4″ (insertable)
Width: 1 1/2″
Girth: 4 3/4″

Charge: Two AAA Batteries

Rating: 3 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Good & Recommended

Read the entirety of the Angelo Review!

Reviews: I love LELO and Massages!

My reviewing structure, as outlined in this post is that I post full reviews on my review site Wanton Lotus (RSS) and teaser reviews once a week here. I posting reviews on Wanton Lotus Tues-Weds-Thurs or some combination thereof depending on the amount of reviews I have each week. Fridays are supposed to be my promotion day on here, so here is the round-up of my reviews for the week!


Liv Pleasure Object Profile

Name: Liv

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone (dark blue/pink) and ABS plastic (white).

Manufacturer: LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects)

Length: 4″ (insertable) 7″ (total including handle)
Thickness: 3/4″ (diameter)

What I love: Sleek and elegant look, curved for delicious g-spot stimulation, easy to use, comes with satin carrying bag and black storage box. Rechargeable, so no messing with batteries. Quality like no other.
What I don’t love: Controls are too easy to hit and accidentally change the vibration setting while in the moment.

Rating: 5/5

Watch the entirety of my Liv video review here!


Elise Pleasure Object Profile

Name: Elise

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone and ABS plastic.

Manufacturer: LELO.

Length: 8 1/4″ (total) – 5 1/4″ (insertable)
Thickness: 1 1/4″ (diameter) – 4 1/2″ (around)

What I love: Two separate vibration centers, one at the tip and one at the base! Rechargeable, so no messing with batteries. Thick black satin carrying bag and black storage box. All-black vibrator (I’m a sucker for black toys). Curved for the g-spot, great for clitoral vibration as well but inserting Elise is what she is made for. Super quiet.
What I don’t love: What’s not to love?

Rating: 5/5

Watch the entirety my video review of the Elise here!


Bo Cock Ring Profile

Name: Bo

Materials: Body-safe ABS (top vibrating part) and TPE (bottom stretchy ring)

Manufacturer: LELO.

Rating: 5/5

Onyx’s Experience

Being the partner of a sex blogger and sex toy reviewer has many benefits. One of the primary ones is that I get to play with a lot of really fun and exciting toys without even having to be the one writing the reviews. Granted while some of the toys she receives are primarily for her pleasure, almost all of them are great for partner play and I probably get at least as much pleasure from playing with them as she does.

Watch the video review and read both Onyx and my experience and impressions of the Bo here!

Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Oil Snippit

Who doesn’t love massages? Giving or receiving can be equally enjoyable, and massage oil just makes the whole process easier and, well, smoother.

This Cocoa Bean & Goji Berry Aromatherapy Massage Oil is made by Intimate Organics, the same makers of the Hydra Lubricant I reviewed last week. Like their lubricant, their massage oil is also paraben free, DEA free, pure vegan, and organic!

I wasn’t sure how much I would like the scent of it. Cocoa Bean & Goji Berry, while sounding odd and intriguing, also sounded possibly also unpleasant. Unfortunately too many times when lotions or other body products go for a chocolatey smell it comes out horrible…

Read the rest of the Massage Oil review here!

Reviews: Liberator, Organic Lube, and Fun Factory

My reviewing structure, as outlined in this post is that I post full reviews on my review site Wanton Lotus (RSS) and teaser reviews once a week here. I posting reviews on Wanton Lotus Tues-Weds-Thurs or some combination thereof depending on the amount of reviews I have each week. Fridays are supposed to be my promotion day on here (though I’m a little late this week), so here is the round-up of my reviews for the week!


Liberator Ramp Review Excerpt

…I have been lusting after Liberator products since the first moment I saw them. Sturdy foam shapes that enhance penetration and make sexual positions easier? Um, yes please! The Liberator Ramp has always been at the top of my list (well, after the Esse, but realistically I don’t expect to have the Esse for quite some time, she’s pricey).

When I opened my door to reveal the large box that the Ramp comes in I squealed with delight, quite literally, honestly, Onyx made fun of me for it (and tweeted about it). I wasn’t expecting anything from Liberator that day, in fact I hadn’t even been told that anything had actually been shipped to me from them, so it was a complete surprise! I didn’t even know what was in it, but I was really hoping it was a Ramp…

Read the rest of the review!


Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant Review Excerpt

…Luckily, there are a small handful of companies who take [things like using bad chemicals in their lubes] into consideration. One such company is Intimate Organics. Not only is it glycerin- and paraben-free, it’s also DEA-free, organic, vegan, and naturally derived. What’s not to love?

Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant is water-based, so it’s safe to use on any toy type (including silicone), and it does not get sticky. Ever. I have not ever found it to get sticky in the many times I’ve used it, and I don’t believe that it’s makeup allows it to get sticky. This is a huge plus, as sticky lube is just not fun to use at all. I mean, sticky is basically the opposite of what lube should be!

Read the rest of my Intimate Organics Hydra Lubricant Review!


Delight Vibrator Profile

Name: Delight

Materials: Medical-grade Silicone (black) and premium plastic (white).

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Length: 4″ (insertable) 6″ (total not including handle)
Thickness: 1 3/8″ (diameter) 4 1/4″ (around)

What I love: Absolutely wonderful curve that makes for fantastic g-spot stimulation. Works well for dual clit and g-spot stimulation as well. Gorgeous design, gorgeous colors, body-safe materials!
What I don’t love: The placement of the bump is way way way too close to the end of the toy, wtf?

Rating: 5/5

Watch my video review of the Delight!

Review: Tuyo

I really hate to give bad reviews, but the loudness of the Tuyo was so distracting that I couldn’t get into it.

While not all Tuyo’s have this noise issue enough of them have it and enough people have complained about it that it is an issue with the toy and not just with my toy.

Sorry Big Teeze and Babeland! I really wanted to like Tuyo, the design is so awesome and unique that I really thought I would like it, but I really just can’t.

Thank you very much to Babeland for allowing me to review Tuyo!

Review: Gigi by LELO

Find the Pink or Deep Rose Gigi along with other vibrators and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.

Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the LELO Gigi!

Review: Strawberry Cheesecake O'My Lube and G-Spot Dream Massager

Strawberry Cheesecake Flavored O’My Lube

The only time I’ve used flavored lube before was in small sample-packs that came with safer sex kits handed out by the Queer Resource Center three or so years ago, and then I didn’t really end up using them so much as tasting them and accidentally spilling them on top of my dresser. This was before I was really into using lube, and mostly I took them to get the other stuff in the package.

In my latest lube testing I was expecting it to have some sort of taste, and I was a little disappointed, so since I’ve heard good things about O’My I decided I wanted to try O’My Flavored Lubricant in Strawberry Cheesecake, ’cause it sounded extra yummy.

The first thing I did once I got it was take some and rub it between my fingers for a few minutes, testing out the general feel of it, how well it lasted, and if it got sticky. I was pleasantly surprised as my (somewhat limited) experience with water-based lubes is that they tend to get sticky, and I figured a flavored one might just tend to get even more sticky, but it actually held up pretty well, not really getting sticky at all.

The next test was to taste it. Right from the bottle the lube has that strange flavored-lube aftertaste which my tongue relates to artificial sweeteners, but it’s not quite the same taste. Aside from the aftertaste, the lube does indeed have a strawberry taste to it, and close to a cheesecake hint, but mostly just strawberry, which I found to be quite enjoyable.

After actually using the lube, however, the taste changes. Mixed with juices the strange flavored-lube taste goes away simply to reveal a delicious strawberry flavor that I thought tastes pretty delicious. It was amusing to think that I then had a strawberry-flavored cunt.

Upon realizing this I had to think about the actual practical uses of flavored lube. It could be a way to entice a lover to go down on you, should they be wary of the natural taste, or great for using during penetrative sex with a condom to try to minimize the latexy condom-taste should there be some oral action after condom use. Or, as in my case, it can be just campy and fun to use every once in a while to have flavored genitals. I figure it could be great for the analinguist, as well, who doesn’t enjoy the taste of the backdoor.

What I really liked about the lube was the bottle it came in: a pump bottle. I’ve always thought these would be the best kind of bottles for lube to come in, since they’re super easy to get lube out of. A regular shampoo-type top of a lube bottle is fine, but it definitely takes longer and can be irritating in the heat of the moment.

G-Spot Dream Massager

I’m a big fan of G-Spot Vibrators, and so when I saw the G-Spot Dream Massager I was definitely intrigued. It looked sleek and gorgeous, while also being a very affordable price. While it’s not the most exciting name for a toy, more descriptive than fun, luckily it far surpasses the name’s expectations.

The G-Spot Dream Massager is made out of rubber cote, which is non-porous and phthalate-free, a winning combination in my book. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and won’t soak up bacteria like porous toys. It’s very smooth, almost silky, to the touch, somewhere between silicone and plastic and simply a delightful texture.

I found it both aesthetically and anatomically pleasing, a nice deep blue for the eye and a wonderful curve for the g-spot. If the controls were different (and it came in a black box instead of a plastic one) I would almost swear it was a LELO toy, and that’s quite a compliment coming from someone who loves LELO as much as I do. It’s gorgeous and feels sleek, smooth, and expensive, attributes I associate with LELO.

The curve of the shaft is just perfect for g-spot stimulation while the bump in the shaft adds wonderful sensation while thrusting. I also found it to be wonderful for clitoral vibration. My perfect clitoral toys have a little curve on them to ease placement while pressing against my clit. I found the G-Spot Dream Massager to fit against my mons just right so that I could easily maneuver it against my clit with just the right pressure. The width of the handle while using it on my clit deminished the vibrator claw-hand that I often get with small clitoral vibrators, while the tip was just the right size.

It takes two AA batteries in the base and tightens up to become a waterproof toy, so you can take it into the shower or bath with you, and I couldn’t resist doing just that! The base is also where the vibration control is, a simple twist-dial bottom that changes speeds from off to low to high quite easily, though it can be a little hard to get a hold of in the heat of the moment, especially with lubed-up fingers should you have them.

I couldn’t help using the G-Spot Dream Massager and Strawberry Cheesecake Lube together, since I knew I would be reviewing them together, and found they worked very well. The lube made the rubber cote material of the massager nice and slippery, not too slippery to still get a hold of, but slippery enough that it had no trouble sliding in.

Onyx and I used these two ways, first with him thrusting the toy into me while I rubbed my clit, and then we switched so that I was using the toy on my clit while he was thrusting in me with his fingers. Both ways were delightful, and it didn’t take me long at all to come once the toy was buzzing away at me.

You can find the G-Spot Dream Massager, O’My Flavored Lubricant, and other sex toys at Vibrator.Com

Review: Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet

I’m a big fan of clitoral vibrators, especially small ones that are nice and powerful, which was part of why I was attracted to the Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet.

The other reason I was attracted to it was because of the way I like to masturbate: always on my stomach, using the same finger and only that finger to rub at my clit, and no vibrator had completely been able to replicate that experience because I always have to hold the vibe and if it’s small I sometimes end up getting that dreaded vibrator claw-hand that is no fun to experience.

I knew the little silver bullet that comes with it would be nice and strong, as I have one like it, and I thought the idea was just fabulous and reminds me of Fukuoku vibes (only cheaper in price). I have never owned a Fukuoku anything or a non-held vibe before so I thought this would be a good experience even if it wasn’t great.

But it is great! The only thing I’m a little wary of is the sleeve itself. The packaging it came in says it’s silicone, but it didn’t say 100% silicone, and it feels awful jelly-like, so that worries me a little bit. I doubt it would have bad icky phthalates in it, but it may be porous, so it may be unable to be cleaned. Though, then again, who knows, it could be 100% silicone, but I’d be surprised if it was and they neglected to say so on the package. Only the manufacturers know for sure, and they didn’t put any other information other than silicone

Aside from that minor irritation I really have enjoyed it. The vibrations are nice and strong and the nubs on the toy itself are great for rubbing with or without vibration (though I prefer it with). I really like the grip-free ability, basically I don’t have to hold it at all I just need to guide and press, which I found extremely delightful. The Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet is a very basic toy at a very basic price (under $10, did I mention that part?) that does it’s job with no fuss.

Though since I don’t know the make I probably won’t use it as much as my Nea or Mia (my two favorite clitoral vibrators), but it’s definitely a toy I’ll reach for when my hand is tired and I just need to get off quickly without the risk of my hand getting stuck in an uncomfortable position (claw-hand) for a long time, and for under $10 you can’t afford not to have one.

Find Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet and other sex toys at SexToy.Com.

Review: Mia by LELO


In addition to being made by Lelo and therefore being sleek, elegant, and gorgeous simply by design, Mia is also the first sex toy of her kind, a high-end rechargeable sex toy that is powered by your computer alone! You heard me. Mia charges via USB port and dubbed by Lelo to be “a lipstick vibrator for the iPod generation.” If the sheer geek factor of that alone doesn’t already have you desiring one, let me tell you a little more about her.

Mia, much like her big sister Nea, is small and discreet and made of PC-ABS (Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene blend) which is a phthalate-free thermoplastic and completely safe to use.

She looks like a slightly oversized tube of lipstick or a round slightly long thumb-drive, so having her out in public or someone else coming upon her in your handbag wouldn’t be a problem. She is just barely over four inches long and not meant for insertion, though a couple inches of her could be if desired.

The vibrations course through the entirety of her, so both ends can be used for stimulation. One end tapers into a rounded point for small accurate pressure; the other side, the lid, is sloped flat and wide for a greater surface of vibration. Both ends are fantastic for clitoral (or perineum) stimulation.

Like all Lelo vibes, Mia has multiple speeds and pulsation modes, all accessed by the + / – controls on her. Simply press the plus and on she turns, revving up to a nice strong vibration that always gets me off quickly. Once she is turned on to her highest pressing the plus again will cycle through her other modes of vibration, three pulses of varying speeds, then the minus button to get back to continuous vibration. She can also be locked by pressing the plus and minus together until the LED light comes on and stays on, handy so her charge doesn’t run out while bouncing around in a bag.


She comes with an elegant black storage box, a satin bag to carry her around in should you so desire, a manual, a 1-year warranty (comes standard with all Lelo toys), and an extension USB cord. I’ve also found she works with a wall-charger I have for my iPod, as the iPod charger uses a USB connection from the iPod to the charger, which can easily be substituted by the Mia.

Another perk of being able to charge her via USB is that, unless you are unable to access a computer (and in this day and age that is difficult to do), you will never not be able to charge her. Rechargeable toys are wonderful, but they also mean more cords to keep track of, and with Mia all you need is a computer. Any computer.

In addition to the geek factor, her elegant, sleek, and easily accessible size has turned Mia into a favorite of mine. Like her sister Nea I have gotten into the habit of taking her with me wherever I go, just in case I might need her. One of these days I’m going to charge her up on a public (library?) computer and then go into the bathroom and use her, or something equally as scandalous.

Name: Mia

Manufacturer: LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects)

Material: PC-ABS

Charge: Rechargeable via USB Port

Length: 4 1/4″ (total) 1 1/2″ (insertable)
Thickness: 7/8″ (diameter) 2 3/4″ (around)

Rating: 5 Lotus’ (out of 5) – Exceptional & A Must Have

Review: Nea by LELO

The Nea by Lelo may very well be my new favorite toy. I am absolutely in love with Lelo, so when they offered me a toy of theirs I had a hard time deciding which one to get because I want them all. There is no Lelo pleasure object that I wouldn’t own. They are all gorgeous and unique in their own ways, and I highly encourage you to check out their entire line of pleasure objects. Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back.

I like to take everything about a toy into account in my review and desire of it, not just the vibration or how well it gets me off. Although vibration and orgasm intensity are both extremely important (why else do we buy vibrators, right?) most toys can bring me to orgasm with enough time or effort on my part. Sometimes I want a longer work-up to orgasm not just the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am intensity of the Hitachi, so intensity is not always the only thing I look for.

I take all the aesthetics and features into mind when reviewing a toy, and the greatest testament to my desire of it is not how well it got me off but how likely I am to use it again, and Nea has become my number one toy to use both for solo and partner play. I love everything about it: the design, the ease of use and light-up display, the chargeability, the size, the shape, the feel, and (of course) the vibration.

Nea comes in a pretty black storage box along with a charger, a satin pouch for traveling, warranty information (Lelo gives a one year warranty standard with all of their toys), and an instruction manual. Not many toys come with an instruction manual, and if they do there’s usually not more than a page of pretty basic instructions. Nea’s manual, however, includes not only basic information about the pleasure object (such as basic features, and charging, cleaning, and vibration information) but also troubleshooting information and specifications. The manual informs us that Nea is made from PC-ABS (Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene blend) which is a phthalate-free thermoplastic and completely safe to use.

There is a LED strip around each of the buttons that lights up when you press them, which can be handy in a dark room. It also changes color from white to red if Nea’s batteries are running out, alerting you to plug her in to charge, blinking while she’s charging and then solid white when she’s charged up and ready to go. It takes just two hours of waiting to charge her up for a full seven hours of pleasure.

The added benefit of being able to charge the Nea also means that you will never have to change the batteries, meaning no batteries to use and throw away, and you’ll never have to search the house for new batteries to put in it mid-masturbation (something I’ve done a number of times). Lelo also sells the chargers separately in case something happens to the one included.

Another neat feature Nea has is the ability to lock the vibrator by pressing both buttons at once until the LED light turns off, which is definitely handy if you are planning on carrying it with you anywhere. Normally if I’m flying with vibrators I take the batteries out of them before packing them, but this is not possible with chargeable toys like Nea, so having the option to lock it is definitely handy. That way you don’t have to worry about Nea turning on accidentally in your bag, being confiscated by baggage handlers at the airport, or anything like that.

Unlike her nearly identical counterpart Lily (which has more of a silken matte finish) Nea is smooth and sleek, likened to porcelain by Lelo, a description I agree with. Nea sports a gorgeous delicate flower design on one side and two buttons on the underside, as you can see in the image above. Images of Nea can be deceiving, however, one would imagine from her pictures that she is the same size as the LayaSpot perhaps, which is four inches in length, but Nea is much smaller, only about two and a half inches. Small and adorable, just over the size of a bullet vibrator, made perfectly for clitoral stimulation.

This brings me to Nea’s shape, which I find to be absolutely perfect. She nestles just right, the rounded bottom of the toy against my thumb for button-pressing, my thumb resting against my mons, while the pointed end of Nea presses just right against my clit and VCH piercing, eliciting sighs and moans of pleasure. It has just the right curve to make it easy to get to just the right place, and while she is small she is easy to hold on to and maneuver about.

Nea‘s two buttons control both the intensity and type of vibration. In addition to the regular continuous vibration which all vibrators have, she also has four additional vibration pulses, three steady pulses of various speeds (called “extended interval pulsation,” “itermediate interval pulsationd ,” and “short interval pulsation” in the manual) as well as a roller coaster vibration effect (called “before & after”). I enjoy cycling through the programs and playing with the Nea on various parts of both my and Dominus’ body not just my clit.

I found the vibrations to be nice and strong but not extra super strong. While the Nea is able to bring me to orgasm it does require a little bit of rubbing on my part, which I don’t mind. Even when playing with the Hitachi I need to add a little bit of movement myself, it’s just the way my clit likes it, but the Nea definitely takes longer to get me off than the Hitachi. While the vibrations are strong I wouldn’t recommend Nea for those of you who need Hitachi-strength vibrations to get off. However, Nea can be a wonderful teasing toy if the goal isn’t to get off, and if you are looking for a gorgeous clitoral vibrator and don’t need that much strength Nea would be perfect for you (as it is for me)

There’s just nothing quite like the Nea well, except her sister toy Lily. Nea has made me a Lelo addict! I fantasize about someday having every Lelo toy happily residing in my toybox. There’s just no substitute for the quality of pleasure Lelo’s pleasure objects bring.

Review: The Silver Bullet

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I love clitoral vibrators, especially if they are affordable and strong, and The Silver Bullet is just that. Bullets have a dear place in my heart, as the first vibrator I ever bought was a bullet. I was visiting my sister in Seattle and she took me to Babeland (then Toys in Babeland), she and a few friends were taking one of their co-workers to buy her first sex toy, and I had just gotten in to town, so I tagged along. It was glorious. I remember being completely awe-struck, I wandered around, looked at books that I desired like Screw the Roses, Send me the Thornes and, though I did desire a rabbit, I went for a more affordable choice: a glow in the dark bullet vibe. It was fantastic, and I remember loving it… a lot.

As a bullet vibe was my first ever sex toy all those years ago (aside from my hand, of course) bullets are forever near and dear to my heart. They are wonderfully inexpensive, but can pack a strong punch, and The Silver Bullet does just that, not to mention the silver bullet is metal, as opposed to other plastic bullets, which means it takes temperatures nicely, you can warm it in your hands or cool it down with some ice for fun sensation play. The vibrations of the bullet are strong, pleasant, and concentrated at the tip of the bullet, just where I like it.

The strongest selling points, aside from the power for the price, is the ease of maneuverability and versatility. You can do just about anything with this toy, and I should know, I used my glow-in-the-dark bullet anywhere I could find a use for it since a bullet was the only toy I had for quite some time. Anything that small is just perfect to get exactly where you want it, great for clitoral or perineum stimulation.

Bullets are also great for anal play for those who just like something small up there (as long as you use a condom with the bullet so it’s easier to get out, and never ever ever pull the bullet out by the cord, pull it out by the condom). They can also be used for discreet public play, the bullet nestled right against the clit and the controls in your pocket. Partner play is enhanced with the bullet as well, since it’s small it’s easy to get in between bodies, with either partner holding the controls.

There’s an endless amount of fun you can have with bullets, and since they’re so affordable and versatile I believe every sex toy lovin’ home should have at least one. The Silver Bullet is one of the toys I plan on always having around and I believe it will never go out of style.

Sex Toys and Vibrator Reviews at VibeReview

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