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Review: Tuyo

I really hate to give bad reviews, but the loudness of the Tuyo was so distracting that I couldn’t get into it.

While not all Tuyo’s have this noise issue enough of them have it and enough people have complained about it that it is an issue with the toy and not just with my toy.

Sorry Big Teeze and Babeland! I really wanted to like Tuyo, the design is so awesome and unique that I really thought I would like it, but I really just can’t.

Thank you very much to Babeland for allowing me to review Tuyo!


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  1. dominadoll

    Fab review, even though you didn’t like it. It sounded like a cat coughing up furballs on my end and having a spazz attack! Definitely tell Big Teaze because it is probably some kind of design flaw, like you said with the lid.

  2. Wow, it sounds like a leaf blower! Whew!

    Amber’s last blog post: A Call for Candy

  3. Very strange. I got an Onye once, and it was dead upon arrival. These don’t seem like very reliable toys. I wanted a Tuyo for the shape, but I, too, cannot focus AT ALL if a toy is that loud. Thanks for the great review. Your hair looks hot, too!

    Epiphora’s last blog post: Pleasurists #13

  4. I h..h…h…h…hated this thing. I tried every which way to make it work. What a buzzkill….

    Betty Rocket’s last blog post: Pink Pubic Hair? Not So Much- A Review

  5. Yours is a lawn mower like Erin Leone. I know Big Teaze has offered to replace hers.

    Beautiful Dreamer’s last blog post: Babeland: Emotional Bliss Isis

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