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Review: Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet

I’m a big fan of clitoral vibrators, especially small ones that are nice and powerful, which was part of why I was attracted to the Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet.

The other reason I was attracted to it was because of the way I like to masturbate: always on my stomach, using the same finger and only that finger to rub at my clit, and no vibrator had completely been able to replicate that experience because I always have to hold the vibe and if it’s small I sometimes end up getting that dreaded vibrator claw-hand that is no fun to experience.

I knew the little silver bullet that comes with it would be nice and strong, as I have one like it, and I thought the idea was just fabulous and reminds me of Fukuoku vibes (only cheaper in price). I have never owned a Fukuoku anything or a non-held vibe before so I thought this would be a good experience even if it wasn’t great.

But it is great! The only thing I’m a little wary of is the sleeve itself. The packaging it came in says it’s silicone, but it didn’t say 100% silicone, and it feels awful jelly-like, so that worries me a little bit. I doubt it would have bad icky phthalates in it, but it may be porous, so it may be unable to be cleaned. Though, then again, who knows, it could be 100% silicone, but I’d be surprised if it was and they neglected to say so on the package. Only the manufacturers know for sure, and they didn’t put any other information other than silicone

Aside from that minor irritation I really have enjoyed it. The vibrations are nice and strong and the nubs on the toy itself are great for rubbing with or without vibration (though I prefer it with). I really like the grip-free ability, basically I don’t have to hold it at all I just need to guide and press, which I found extremely delightful. The Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet is a very basic toy at a very basic price (under $10, did I mention that part?) that does it’s job with no fuss.

Though since I don’t know the make I probably won’t use it as much as my Nea or Mia (my two favorite clitoral vibrators), but it’s definitely a toy I’ll reach for when my hand is tired and I just need to get off quickly without the risk of my hand getting stuck in an uncomfortable position (claw-hand) for a long time, and for under $10 you can’t afford not to have one.

Find Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet and other sex toys at SexToy.Com.


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  1. I love that term “claw hand”, lord yes, the dreaded claw hand. I think come payday I’ll be getting one of these, thanks!

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