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Happy Thanksgiving (HNT)

I spent the majority of yesterday thinking about today: what I was going to cook, what kind of booze we’d need, and who was going to be here.

Last year it was me, Onyx, our roommate Katrisa, and her mom which was very fun. The year before that it was the same, minus the mom, and our next door neighbors. Before that it was me and my neighbor (and future roommate) Merrilei. Before that I was with my sister and her friends in Seattle. Hopefully next year we’ll be with new friends in Seattle.

This year was just me and Onyx, as the neighbormates headed to Wyoming to celebrate with Kevin’s family. I made some mighty delicious food that we’ve been eating at all day while watching Queer as Folk and The Maltese Falcon. Now it’s just about time for dessert: apple cobbler.

I whipped up some whipping cream for our cobbler and decided to have some fun with it. I thought it might make a perfect HNT post for you all to see…

Click for the larger versions.


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  1. Dragon Mage

    Mmm … Looks yummy. ^_^
    Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Dragon Mage’s last blog post: Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet

  2. Adorable, hot and yummy! Thank you for sharing your dessert with us.

  3. *DROOOOOOL*!!!!!!!!!!


    Elizabeth’s last blog post: Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet

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