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I love clitoral vibrators, especially if they are affordable and strong, and The Silver Bullet is just that. Bullets have a dear place in my heart, as the first vibrator I ever bought was a bullet. I was visiting my sister in Seattle and she took me to Babeland (then Toys in Babeland), she and a few friends were taking one of their co-workers to buy her first sex toy, and I had just gotten in to town, so I tagged along. It was glorious. I remember being completely awe-struck, I wandered around, looked at books that I desired like Screw the Roses, Send me the Thornes and, though I did desire a rabbit, I went for a more affordable choice: a glow in the dark bullet vibe. It was fantastic, and I remember loving it… a lot.

As a bullet vibe was my first ever sex toy all those years ago (aside from my hand, of course) bullets are forever near and dear to my heart. They are wonderfully inexpensive, but can pack a strong punch, and The Silver Bullet does just that, not to mention the silver bullet is metal, as opposed to other plastic bullets, which means it takes temperatures nicely, you can warm it in your hands or cool it down with some ice for fun sensation play. The vibrations of the bullet are strong, pleasant, and concentrated at the tip of the bullet, just where I like it.

The strongest selling points, aside from the power for the price, is the ease of maneuverability and versatility. You can do just about anything with this toy, and I should know, I used my glow-in-the-dark bullet anywhere I could find a use for it since a bullet was the only toy I had for quite some time. Anything that small is just perfect to get exactly where you want it, great for clitoral or perineum stimulation.

Bullets are also great for anal play for those who just like something small up there (as long as you use a condom with the bullet so it’s easier to get out, and never ever ever pull the bullet out by the cord, pull it out by the condom). They can also be used for discreet public play, the bullet nestled right against the clit and the controls in your pocket. Partner play is enhanced with the bullet as well, since it’s small it’s easy to get in between bodies, with either partner holding the controls.

There’s an endless amount of fun you can have with bullets, and since they’re so affordable and versatile I believe every sex toy lovin’ home should have at least one. The Silver Bullet is one of the toys I plan on always having around and I believe it will never go out of style.

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Psst… be sure to click on the The Obama for President Coupon to get 10% off your next order!