It’s that time again! I’m excited to say that my next shipment from VibeReview is on it’s way. Currently I have just one more toy to review from them, Silicone Crystal Cote (and what a review that will be!), which should be coming to you shortly. But, having one toy left means I have a new shipment coming!

I’m currently enamored with all things Lelo since they were lovely enough to send me the Nea (review coming soon!), so I had to get something made by them in this shipment. I am very much looking forward to the Iris by Lelo, a wonderful g-spot vibrator from everything I have read, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! But, then, that’s not surprising, as all Lelo toys are gorgeous.

Along with the lovely Iris I am getting another vibrator, the Odyssey Tickler which looks like a lot of sensational fun, and is completely waterproof, which means shower time, especially shared showers, may be getting a little more exciting (not that they weren’t already). I’ve only ever had one other waterproof vibrator, and it’s been quite a while since she broke down on me, so it’s definitely time to bring another one into the house.

I am also receiving a gorgeous new harness, the Hardcore Harness all corset-backed and sexy black leather. I’ve been lusting after a new harness for some time, while I do love my terra firma harness it’s the only one I’ve ever had. The Hardcore Harness seems potentially perfect, easy to femme up with my black leather corset and fishnets, or include it in a butch king outfit of black denim and a leather jacket or pinstripes.

To go with The Hardcore Harness, in addition to the strap-on compatible dildos I already have, I’m recieving the gorgeous Bandito (in black, I believe, though the purple is pretty as well) and Celestial Perfection, which I’m

desperately hoping will live up to it’s name. Both dildos are 100% silicone, not to mention curved nicely and absolutely gorgeous. One black, one white, there could be some interesting play regarding that. Reading The Leather Daddy and the Femme has put a lot of wonderful (pegging) ideas into my head, and I’ll be happy to try them out with my new toys.

Last, but not least, are the two restraint toys I’m looking forward to. The Under the Bed Restraint system which has absolutely glowing reviews on VibeReview and could easily become a permanent fixture to our bed should they be as good as they say. The Dominus and I don’t do a whole lot of restraining other than mental and the occasional bondage tape, but it’s not for lack of desire.

The final item on the list is a very simple toywhich I’m almost ashamed to say we don’t have one of already (though I did used to have a chain leash, which I lent to a friend and never got back–but that was before Dominus and I were together), a Leather Leash. Simple, sexy, stylish, oh yes, and something I’m looking forward to trying out. I’ve always enjoyed (and hated) the idea of being led around on a leash, or, more recently, leading around another (though I’m lacking the partner for that activity), and I have a feeling it will be very enjoyable.

And, of course, as usual: don’t forget about clicking on the Obama for President Coupon to receive 10% your next order!