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Ballet Shoes and Rainbow Knee Socks (HNT)

I decided to combine two of my favorite things for this week’s HNT. Knee socks have been going around the HNT world lately, because not only are they hot but they’re also a staple of fall weather and fashion (in my opinion), and knee sock fetishes seem to abound among us sex bloggers.

Originally I was going to do a “officially fall hnt” which consisted of me outside of my apartment with fallen leaves around me next to the tree that shed them wearing the knee socks and knee-length skirt that I haven’t been able to wear in months (for it has been to small for me but fits now!), however when I went out to take it first I didn’t get the pictures that I wanted and then when I went back out there was a bee outside. For those of you who don’t know, I have a huge insect phobia, which includes bees especially.

I kept checking back and apparently the bee didn’t want to leave from right at the bottom of my steps, so since that idea didn’t work I thought of what else to do. I was going to just do pictures of my favorite knee socks with my dark red satin sheets as the background, but then I noticed my ballet heel shoes on the floor by my bed and decided to add them as well! I do have a slight shoe fetish, mostly for me wearing them, and especially for me wearing them.

I bought these shoes at a second-hand clothing shop in Portland in spring of 2006. Ballet heel shoes are notoriously expensive, and I found these for $29 (instead of the usual ~$125) and since they were in my size and I had been lusting after ballet heel shoes/boots forever there was no way I could pass them up! I haven’t worn them too often, I definitely can’t walk in them (while some people can, I maintain that they’re for fucking, crawling, and sitting), but I still love them!

I hope you enjoyed, and here are a few more, they’re kind of similar, but I love them so I still wanted to share. You can see my Bettie Page tattoo pretty well in the last one, though it looks much better in person.


Click each image for the larger versions.


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  1. GREAT pictures!! I love the socks. We took some knee sock pictures last night too. I was also just marveling over some of those type of shoes the other day in a picture I came across. I’d never seen them before. They do look challenging to walk in!

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