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Review: The Miracle Massager- Better than the Hitachi?

I was instantly intrigued by the Miracle Massager as it claims to be superior to the Hitachi Magic Wand. I’ve had many many vibrators over the years, and I (along with pretty much any other person who has tried it) absolutely love my Hitachi and believe that it is the best vibrator around. So you can imagine my interest in a massager that claims to be better than the Hitachi!

Here’s the run-down: according to it’s VibeReview pagethe Miracle Massager claims to be better than the Hitachi in three ways: size, erogonomics (design), and heat. Now, I’ll go through each of these one by one:

In terms of size the Miracle Massager is definitely superior to the Hitachi. When I first tried the Hitachi I was a little overwhelmed at it’s size, but the Miracle Massager is nowhere near as intimidating. The toy itself is quite a bit lighter than the Hitachi and the head is smaller and therefore easier to fit into the little nook and cranny and get it right against your clit. Not that the Hitachi is bad for this, but it’s definitely easier to do with the Miracle Massager.

Second, as it says, it’s “ergonomically superior,” meaning the overall design is better, and I highly agree. It’s much less bulky than the Hitachi, and is much easier to handle and maneuver. The Miracle Massager has a smaller diameter than the Hitachi, it curves slightly for ease of use, and it tapers at the end as well, which is really handy and makes it much easier to hold. The curved handle makes it easier for me to grab and the tapered handle means that I can move the toy against me with less effort than the Hitachi.

I also like that the controls of the Miracle Massager go off-low-high, unlike the Hitachi which go low-off-high. A slight difference, and both placements have merits, but with the Hitachi in order to go from low to high one must turn it off completely, which can be irritating even if it is just for a short second. However, this is highly a personal preference, and both designs do have their own flaws. One thing about having it off-low-high is that in order to turn it off from high one must go through low first, which can also be irritating.

Lastly it claims to have fixed the temperature problem which is the biggest issue I have with the Hitachi. Basically, the longer the Hitachi is used the hotter it gets, which is not really a plus in my book. Luckily, that’s something the makers of the Miracle Massager have allowed for, and so the Miracle Massager does not get nearly as warm as the Hitachi, even over long play sessions. This means you can play with the toy much longer, which is always a good thing!

I agree that the Miracle Massager is superior on all these points, however, it is not superior in the most important aspect of any vibrator and that is vibration! The vibrations of the Miracle Massager, while strong and enough to get me off, are not nearly as strong as those felt by the Hitachi. From what I can tell, the High setting on the Miracle Massager is just about equal to the Low setting on the Hitachi. This works fine for me, as I often have my Hitachi on low when I’m playing with it (though I love the high setting as well), but for those of you who need and love the strong vibrations that the Hitachi provides, this toy may not do the trick!

Basically, I love this toy and will continue to use it when I don’t feel the need for the crazy strong vibrations of the Hitachi. It is easier to handle, and doesn’t get as hot, which are big plusses in my book, plus it got me off (and easily too). If you don’t need the strength of the Hitachi on high (or feel the Hitachi is too strong for you), then I highly recommend this toy to you, as it would still feel great, and is superior to the Hitachi in design. However, if you are one of those people who needs the awesome power of the Hitachi’s vibrations, I’d stick with the Hitachi and pass over the Miracle Massager.

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  1. I have been taking the Miracle Massager for a few spins around the block myself and I’ve also enjoyed it. I agree with almost everything you wrote. Did you try out the attachment for it?

  2. Yes, this sounds like the perfect toy for those who feel that the Hitachi is too strong for them!

  3. @Ellie: I haven’t tried out the attachment yet, I’ve been saving that for this week so I can review it next Monday. I’m looking forward to it, especially after Lilly’s review of it since she enjoyed the attachment more than the massager itself. I only wish it wasn’t jelly.

  4. @Amber: Definitely! I forgot to mention that bit in my post, but I’ll add it in at the end a bit. Like I said, the high setting is similar to the Hitachi’s low, so if that is too strong then the low setting on the MM may be just perfect!

  5. dominadoll

    I just reviewed the Miracle Massager today and liked it much better with the attachment as well. I definitely love the design of it overall. I found the low setting a bit low and the high a bit high. I wish there was a middle setting. It would probably be perfect for me.

  6. It’s good to see your review and that I can expect great vibrations from the Hitachi! I’ll be getting that with my next shipment from them. I agree with the attachment, wish it weren’t so pliable, but I’ve read that the Hitachi one is, too. At that that ones hollow whereas at least the MM one isn’t.

  7. @dominadoll: A coincidence, for sure, for us both to be blogging about the same toy today! I agree the two settings are pretty different, I found myself a little unprepared for the high setting after the low setting, if that makes sense. A middle setting would definitely be nice.

    @Lilly: I was thinking about you while writing this, too, and can’t wait to see your review of the hitachi! I hope you’ll love it. I highly recommend the G-plus attachment, although vibereview doesn’t have that one, I know you read my review of it, I found it to be fantastic! Only problem is it’s not silicone, but at least it phthalate free.

  8. I might do another review on this toy from the male perspective… ;)

    Yup. I actually used it this weekend on his back as it was really sore from work, and then at the end I got frisky and slid it over his cute lil butt and nestled it at his perineum. If he thought he liked that, it was nothing compared with holding it against the frenulum or the base of his cock. With out without other stimulation! I think he may use it more than me….lol

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