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Review: The Miracle Massager- Better than the Hitachi?

I was instantly intrigued by the Miracle Massager as it claims to be superior to the Hitachi Magic Wand. I’ve had many many vibrators over the years, and I (along with pretty much any other person who has tried it) absolutely love my Hitachi and believe that it is the best vibrator around. So you can imagine my interest in a massager that claims to be better than the Hitachi!

Here’s the run-down: according to it’s VibeReview pagethe Miracle Massager claims to be better than the Hitachi in three ways: size, erogonomics (design), and heat. Now, I’ll go through each of these one by one:

In terms of size the Miracle Massager is definitely superior to the Hitachi. When I first tried the Hitachi I was a little overwhelmed at it’s size, but the Miracle Massager is nowhere near as intimidating. The toy itself is quite a bit lighter than the Hitachi and the head is smaller and therefore easier to fit into the little nook and cranny and get it right against your clit. Not that the Hitachi is bad for this, but it’s definitely easier to do with the Miracle Massager.

Second, as it says, it’s “ergonomically superior,” meaning the overall design is better, and I highly agree. It’s much less bulky than the Hitachi, and is much easier to handle and maneuver. The Miracle Massager has a smaller diameter than the Hitachi, it curves slightly for ease of use, and it tapers at the end as well, which is really handy and makes it much easier to hold. The curved handle makes it easier for me to grab and the tapered handle means that I can move the toy against me with less effort than the Hitachi.

I also like that the controls of the Miracle Massager go off-low-high, unlike the Hitachi which go low-off-high. A slight difference, and both placements have merits, but with the Hitachi in order to go from low to high one must turn it off completely, which can be irritating even if it is just for a short second. However, this is highly a personal preference, and both designs do have their own flaws. One thing about having it off-low-high is that in order to turn it off from high one must go through low first, which can also be irritating.

Lastly it claims to have fixed the temperature problem which is the biggest issue I have with the Hitachi. Basically, the longer the Hitachi is used the hotter it gets, which is not really a plus in my book. Luckily, that’s something the makers of the Miracle Massager have allowed for, and so the Miracle Massager does not get nearly as warm as the Hitachi, even over long play sessions. This means you can play with the toy much longer, which is always a good thing!

I agree that the Miracle Massager is superior on all these points, however, it is not superior in the most important aspect of any vibrator and that is vibration! The vibrations of the Miracle Massager, while strong and enough to get me off, are not nearly as strong as those felt by the Hitachi. From what I can tell, the High setting on the Miracle Massager is just about equal to the Low setting on the Hitachi. This works fine for me, as I often have my Hitachi on low when I’m playing with it (though I love the high setting as well), but for those of you who need and love the strong vibrations that the Hitachi provides, this toy may not do the trick!

Basically, I love this toy and will continue to use it when I don’t feel the need for the crazy strong vibrations of the Hitachi. It is easier to handle, and doesn’t get as hot, which are big plusses in my book, plus it got me off (and easily too). If you don’t need the strength of the Hitachi on high (or feel the Hitachi is too strong for you), then I highly recommend this toy to you, as it would still feel great, and is superior to the Hitachi in design. However, if you are one of those people who needs the awesome power of the Hitachi’s vibrations, I’d stick with the Hitachi and pass over the Miracle Massager.

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Coming next Masturbation Monday: The Miracle Massager Attachment!

Review: G-Plus Massager Attachment

My second verified review for Eden Fantasys went up this morning, on the G-Plus Massager Attachment.

This massager attachment fits on spring-ball type massagers such as the Hitachi or Ideal and is shaped much like the Rock Chick, G-Rock or other vibrators which hit both the g-spot and clitoris. It is made of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) which while it is phthalate-free, it is also porous and since this toy would be difficult to be used with a condom, it should not be shared.

The TPR material does add to the toy, however, it makes it very bendable. This can make it difficult to insert without lube, but with lube it makes it wonderful for moving the little 2″ nub onto the clitoris while the 4″ insertable length works inside.

Master and I had a wonderful time playing with this toy and using it on me until the sheet beneath me was covered in sweat! I can’t stress enough how much I love the Hitachi, or how much I think this attachment makes the Hitachi that much better. Read the complete review on EdenFantasys here!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language

Do you enjoy being spanked?
I definitely do, especially long ones that start with a warming up with the hand, then move to the flogger, then to the strap, then to the cane, or some combination of such. I love being spanked by hand, and by the flogger, the strap… not so much, but when it’s in sequence and I’ve been adequately worked up, then that’s okay, but that’s the instrument which Master usually uses as punishment, too, since he knows that I hate it. Funnily enough, I love the cane. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hate the thing sometimes, and it is also used as punishment sometimes, but I love the feeling of it versus the strap, even though it’s painful and not pleasant all the time, but often it is.
I’ve always had a thing for spanking, as well, I love the just plain dominance of it, the acquiescing, the submitting that has to occur on my part. Being taken and punished, even, although not fun, is a wonderful feeling of being owned and loved. But also just being taken and played with in the sense of knowing that he could do what he wanted to me with the aim of pain and pleasure.

Have you ever given a spanking?
I’ve spanked many times, but I wouldn’t say I’ve given a spanking. That is, I’ve done a lot of playful butt slapping with friends, and some hard playful butt slapping, but I’ve never been in the position of taking someone and spanking them in the manner I’ve described above.

Do you have tattoos?
I do. I currently have eight, and have many more planned.
Currently I have (in chronological order, from oldest to newest):
a stylized heart on my left breast, a small cancer (zodiac) symbol on my right breast with purple around it, on my right thigh bettie page by olivia “don’t tread on me” or what I call “licking the whip” she’s all in red with fishnets and heeled boots with a red crop in her hand lifted to her mouth and licking it, what I call “lovers entwined” between my breasts, a small aries (zodiac) symbol behind my left ear with red around it, elvgrin’s pinup witch on my right calf, a heart-shaped padlock on my right wrist which looks like it goes into my skin, and a key with heart-shaped handle on my left wrist (which Master has an identical tattoo of on his wrist).
Ones I have planned:
a virgo (zodiac) symbol surrounded by “silver” aka gray on my right hip-ish area; an om symbol (with purple accents) inside a red star of babalon on my left wrist (I have an icon of this in ); another rendering of bettie which is her in the middle with a leopard on one side and a snake on the other, it’s awesome, and I love it and it’s perfect! I was thinking of having it on my chest, but I’m not sure anymore, maybe my upper back; babalon riding the beast on my back or possibly thigh depending on the image I decide on; a submissive pinup (probably bound) on my left thigh mirroring my rather Domme-ish Bettie; a varga girl (not sure which) on my left calf mirroring my elvgren; backseams such as would be seen on old-type pantyhose which look like small corset lacing; a bdsm emblem somewhere perhaps made of tigerlilys (instead of roses, which is usually seen); possibly handcuffs (not sure where) with a rose peeking through them; possibly a gothic faerie; possibly many other things…

What is something you fear?
I have a few phobias, specifically bugs, I hate bugs. Currently we have bed bugs infesting our house and I have learned not to think about them as a way to survive, I had two panic attacks when we first realized we had them. It was horrible.
Another fear is pretty common, that of rejection. I think everyone has it to some extent, and some more than others. In me it’s pretty big, I don’t venture out of my social circle much, and I don’t really try to get to know new people but will generally but not specifically, if that makes sense. I also have deep wounds in that area, just in general, though I’m sure many many others do as well, but this one I’m working on as best I can.

Has your Sir changed/expanded any of your limits.. if so what? and how?
Hmm, that’s a good question. Not really, I’ve been pretty aware of what my limits are for quite some time, and we haven’t done much play with my limits, also I don’t really have many outside of general relationship ones and some of the usuals. There are many things I would do that I don’t particularly like, but I don’t consider them to be limits, and Master and I generally like a lot of the same things and dislike a lot of the same things, so it works out rather well for us. I’d like to do more play with things that could become limits, such as experimenting with different play which I never have, such as electricity, extreme humiliation and degradation (we’ve done a little, but not much), and such, but thus far we haven’t really changed or expanded any of my limits (though, I have become a little more lax on my tickling hard limit, but just for accidental tickling).

Describe your most intense, enjoyable sexual experience:
Hmm… I’ve had a few, though most intense and most enjoyable do vary in some ways, and I tend to get mush for brains during the really good ones. I’ll list a few (in chronological order):
With my previous partner we were having phone sex at one point while I was still living at home, though I was alone in the house at the time. I was playing with a toy and we were whispering and groaning naughty nothings to each other. He counted every time I came, and we got to about 48 in that one hour and a half or so. Earlier that day we had phone sex as well and I had come about 11 times, and then twice in between with him. All in all it was around 61 times, and I say around because this wasn’t necessarily exact, but I came somewhere around there. I was very sore the next day.
On Master’s birthday, the first one we were together for, he gave me his birthday spankings and then proceeded to fuck me senseless, including making me cum until I begged him to stop. We weren’t counting that time, but it was definitely in the double-digits and probably no less than 25 or 30.
One spring break (I think it was spring break) my friend Katie and I went up to Portland and Master and I were still in a LDR at that point. He said he could fly to Portland for the night, however, and so he did. We got a hotel room at the Days Inn I believe, which had a king sized bed and a jacuzzi. We did all manner of fucking, including in the jacuzzi which had mirrors around it. He fucked me from behind and we could watch both of us while we were fucking due to the mirrors, it was wonderful. He fucked my ass that night, as well, and then woke me up the next morning with an ass-fucking. I was so sore, but it was so wonderful.
Getting the Hitachi just the other day was pretty damn intense, and the most intense I’ve had recently. It’s a different kind of orgasm than I’m used to, I haven’t used a toy in quite some time, and it was kind of akin to that first instance mentioned above, within which I came 48 times in one sitting. There were some definite orgasm crests but for the most part I was just awash in constant near-orgasm pleasure, which was almost more intense than just a short burst. I’ll write more on this later.

Whats the biggest thing you’ve ever had in your ass?
I’m not honestly sure, actually. I don’t really go for size or stretching, I enjoy to be fucked rather than plugged and I’ve never been fisted anally. Possibly my silicone dildo, as it’s longer but about the same thickness as Master’s cock. My ex (mentioned above) had a damn thick cock near the base (it was kind of triangle-y, very interesting looking) but I’m not sure how much of that actually went in, I don’t think he actually fucked my ass, though we tried, but… it was a weird situation. I’ve had lots of odd small things up my ass, but like I said, I’m more about the sensation than stretching.

Hitachi Magic Wand

I’m even surprised that I don’t own one yet. I mean… I’ve wanted one for a while, but never got around to buying one, I always put other toys before it, such as glass ones and the remote controlled (cordless) butterfly and many many more… However! Tonight Master bought me the hitachi magic wand!

I feel like I am behind on the times in getting this “the Cadillac of Vibrators.” I remember Laura getting it years ago, during the obsession with Sex and the City, and I wanted one then! I just never got around to buying it… Babeland currently has it for 20% off, which ain’t bad, and so I mentioned it to Master and told him that I didn’t want to wait until June to get it, and he bought it for me not 10 minutes later! He told me that he may have to tie me up when we first use it (yes, please!) and that I haven’t begged “please, Master, don’t let me cum anymore” to him nearly recently enough (yes, please!).

One of these days I’m going to do an inventory of all the toys I have, I think, and then decide what more I need, hehe. I used to have a rabbit, too, a cheaper version of the rabbit which did not have the pearls and spinny shaft, just the rabbit ears and an insertable vibration, and it was good. Damn good. I think I may need to get a rabbit pearl sometime soon as well (which I like over the rabbit habit because of the corded controls, hehe).

We haven’t done nearly enough with toys lately, or props in general.

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