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Scarlet Seductions

Click here for the larger version

Popped my HNT Cherry! I wanted to do something very “me” for this my very first Half-Nekkid Thursday, so I put on my leather scarlet corset and scarlet and white polka dot skirt and grabbed my lovely scarlet and white Vicky Venus dildo and my terra-firma harness and took tons of pictures, though only a couple were really worthy of posting, as it goes.

I thought the whiteness of my thighs (I am a pasty white Alaskan, you know) along with the white and scarlet of the skirt and Vicky would look just lovely, and you can see some of my Bettie Page tattoo peeking out from under the skirt (the second “hidden” picture shows more of the tattoo and more of the corset). And just look at how cute the Vicky Venus dildo is! It is my favorite, I am so enamored with her. She’s even got a little belly button!

Taking these made me start to lust after the wireless remote control that Amazon has for my camera, and also a tripod. Neither of which I have, but both of which would be helpful for future HNT’s and photography in general.

One of the things I really want to do is take more pictures, but it’s difficult to take self-pictures (without a remote and tripod especially) and I have a lack of models. I much prefer models/portraits/people to landscapes and such. I suppose I could start advertising, but part of it is that I don’t feel ready to shoot models because I don’t think I’m “that” good yet. However, perhaps I just need to put that aside, because the more I shoot the better I will be.


A Wicked Tease


Queer Love, Het Love, Whatevah


  1. The tattoo looks gorgeous, the Vicky Venus is adorable (and looks fun), and you have lovely skin. :)

    thanks for sharing the pic. :)

  2. GREAT first HNT hon!

    and I love that dildo, that’s so damn pretty! Of course, scarlet is a favorite color of mine.

    Happy First HNT :)

  3. @PantheraPardus Aw, thank you, times three even! I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and I’m glad you liked it too!

    @Lilly Thanks! I know, I’m so crazy in love with the Vicky Venus dildo, I know you saw my review of her, I think this version is so pretty, too. She’s just gorgeous!

  4. Byoo-tee-full! I just wanna *bite* your thighs. :D (Or maybe it should be :∑ for fangs! Ha!)

  5. @Amber: Rawr! Hehe, thank you! Any time, darlin’, any time! ;D

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