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Queer Love, Het Love, Whatevah

By Athens Boys Choir, “a gender-deviant, multi-media, spoken word/hip-hop extravaganza.” Found via Ellie Lumpesse and Feministing. I absolutely love it, and so even though many of you will have seen this already, I’m still reposting it for those of you who may not be reading Ellie (though you should be).

Pansexual is one of the identities I embrace, usually pan or omnisexual when I don’t want to get into my definition of intellisexual or my use of the word queer. I’m all about multiple identities that mean the same thing with slight differences.

It also features Team Gina who I’ve posted a video by before, AND who I am going to go see tonight! I’m so super excited about that. Go watch ButchFemme and Rock The Like by Team Gina on YouTube, or go to their myspace page and listen to some of their other songs. I love them. So excited!


Scarlet Seductions


July in a Glance


  1. I love both of these groups, and have for over a year. I remember when I first posted Butch/Femme last summer. AMAZING. I can’t wait till tomorrow.

    But Katz is performing next week in Philly, and I’m so sad I’m missing him!

  2. @Essin’ Em I’m all jealous that you got to chat with them a bit, I was all way too nervous to talk to them, which is silly because thy seemed so down to earth and I probably could have, but I didn’t know what to say! <3

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