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Flesh is the Law

Just because I feel like sharing, and I’m still hyped up from the show…

In honor of the band we went to see tonight, The Genitorturers, I present to you one of my two favorite songs of theirs (the one they didn’t play at the concert–the other favorite is Sin City). After the concert we got a poster (which I put up right when we got home) and their newest DVD. ALSO, Gen (the lead singer) signed and kissed my boob! It was fabulous! The entire show was wonderful, and it was great to meet some new people and see others in a different setting than we’re used to.

Without further ado…

And, since I’m proud of it, here’s the signature she left on my boob, she kissed right below it too, it was hot! It kind of makes me want to get it tattooed, not because I’m really into her/them per se, but because it looks awesome and it’s the first time I’ve had my boob signed before! (It’s kind of like getting a second HNT pic this week)

Tomorrow we shall return you to our regularly scheduled postings.

PG Porn

For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, James Gunn has created a masterpiece with PG Porn. Porn for people who love everything about porn, except the sex. Oh yes, and it’s awesome, not to mention interesting social commentary, but mostly just hilarious. From the website:

How many times have you been watching a great porn film – you’re really enjoying the story, the acting, the cinematography – when, all of the sudden, they ruin everything with PEOPLE HAVING SEX?

A bunch of times, right?

That’s why I, along with my brothers Brian and Sean, have created JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN. It’s pornography everyone can enjoy, not just perverts. You and your grandmother, for instance, could sit down together and enjoy some nice clean smut. Or your kids could come home from school, and the whole family could gather around the computer and not-jerk-off to some porn deeply embedded with traditional values (like not fucking.)

Without much further ado, the first installment of PG Porn, starring who else but Nathan Fillian (who I absolutely love, and you might know from Firefly, Buffy (Season 7), or Dr. Horrible). From the website: “Watch Nathan Fillion inhabit the role of “CHRIS”, who doesn’t have any sex whatsoever with his boss’s wife, MRS. GRIMES.”

Nailing Your Wife

Go PoMo!

I seriously want a shirt that says “Go PoMo!” now. How I hadn’t seen this video before today is beyond me, but thanks to the PoMoSexual group on FetLife I discovered it today, and will forever be on my list of favorite videos, much like Fagette. It also helped me discover, which I am now delving into.

At the end, post-credits: “The makers of this film would like to extend a special thanks to homo sapiens; the breeding oxymorons who lurk this giant mudball floating in this vast abyss we refer to as “The Universe”. Do not deny your human fallability. Without you, Dear Expatriates, this concept wouldn’t have been realized.”

I thought some of you may enjoy this as well. For some background: I do have definitions for both PoMo and PoMoSexual in the lexicon. I recently acquired PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality by the ever delightful Carol Queen, a book I’ve been desiring to get for quite some time, but due to my long list of books to buy I only recently bought it when visiting Powells in Portland on my recent trip. I’ll be sure to post a review once I’m done with it.

Project LifeSize

Found here via Feministing. Above is the casting call (which ended at the end of July) and currently Project LifeSize has 13 videos (not counting the casting call), all of which I have watched. It is a wonderful display of real women sharing about their lives and experiences, and those of you who enjoy people or getting to know others online (which, I would assume, would be most of you) then I think you will enjoy it.

It has great potential, and is only in the second week of video productions, so you don’t have too many videos to catch up on. Here is a little info right from their YouTube channel page

…What is the point of Project Lifesize?…
When I was younger I didn’t have anyone in my corner telling me that I was beautiful, regardless of what the media or my peers told me. I wanted to create a dialogue about not just weight acceptance, but acceptance in general.

..Why aren’t there guys?…
Well, there were quite a few submissions to the casting call. If I could have had everyone on the channel I would have. We are open to brother or sister channels to join us.

……Why did you put out a call for only “beautiful and sexy” girls?…
I didn’t mean to infer that I was looking for only the “pretty” girls. I think that beautiful and sexy can be applied to all women and I don’t find physical beauty a necessity to meet those requirements. The girls on the channel were not chosen because they met a certain ideal of beauty. Their inner beauty jumped off the screen.
We can’t speak for everyone who has felt overlooked or unworthy of love and respect.
We can only hope you are moved enough to use your own voice.

So, go check out Project LifeSize! (P.S. I totally have a crush on one of the girls… not telling which. Can you guess?)

Playing the 'Gender Card'

I haven’t posted too much that’s out-and-out politics on this site, though I do get political it is in a very specific way. The previous videos have been related to sexism in Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the way Obama and McCain view queer issues and this time the video is again about the gender politics re-emerging in the presidential race, highlighting the hypocrisy of the GOP in their treatment of Sarah Palin.

I thought this was worth sharing because not only do I love Jon Stewart but while this hypocrisy is easy to witness it’s much more powerful when you see the clips back-to-back like they are. Also, Wasilla is tiny and so not the second largest city in Alaska. I should know, I grew up in the third largest city in Alaska, and Wasilla at 9,000 does not have a higher population than Juneau. Not that it’s really important, but come on! Alaska is small population-wise, but it’s not that small!

Alaska soapbox aside, I hope you are as amused by this video as I am.

The Undead are Cumming

“Braaaaaaaaains… I mean, peeeeniiiissssssssssss…”

How could I resist posting the clip from a gay zombie movie as found here on Queerty. When someone combines two of my favorite things and makes them just this hilarious, there’s no way I’m passing up posting about it.

This spoof trailer could easily be viewed in one of two ways: as social commentary on the idiocy of being scared of homosexuals as if we carry the plague or some other sort of disease (like zombie disease), poking fun at the stupidity of people who think that way; or it could be a reproduction of that fear. There is no real indication on their website that I can see, or on the YouTube info, but given that it’s comedy and obviously supposed to be a parody or spoof of a real zombie movie, which have been theorized to all be cautionary tales of becoming the “other” in society, I’d say it’s either meant to be a social commentary, or simply a happy accident.

I think it’s hilarious, and brilliant.

Queer Love, Het Love, Whatevah

By Athens Boys Choir, “a gender-deviant, multi-media, spoken word/hip-hop extravaganza.” Found via Ellie Lumpesse and Feministing. I absolutely love it, and so even though many of you will have seen this already, I’m still reposting it for those of you who may not be reading Ellie (though you should be).

Pansexual is one of the identities I embrace, usually pan or omnisexual when I don’t want to get into my definition of intellisexual or my use of the word queer. I’m all about multiple identities that mean the same thing with slight differences.

It also features Team Gina who I’ve posted a video by before, AND who I am going to go see tonight! I’m so super excited about that. Go watch ButchFemme and Rock The Like by Team Gina on YouTube, or go to their myspace page and listen to some of their other songs. I love them. So excited!

Obama vs. McCain On Queers

I’ve been trying to keep relatively out of election politics thus far, but I feel these deserve repeating. Obama’s and McCain’s positions on queerness.

First, McCain. Found here via Queers United. “A video by Stonewall Democrats showcasing John McCain’s anti-LGBT voting record.” Are you really surprised?

Second, Obama. Found here via Queerty. “Some excited voter – or crazed fan – has collected Obama’s greatest same-sex hits into a meaty nine-minute video.” It made me tear up. This is a change we can believe in.

Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage

Simply fabulous, and my last post on gay marriage for the time being.

Fun Facts About the Clitoris

Also via Feministing from right here. Most of you may know this already, but, hey, it doesn’t hurt to get good information again, right?

An Australian urologist, Dr Helen O’Connell, has revealed that the clitoris is shaped more like a mountain than a hill.
That’s right, the clitoris is a large, vast, and wonderful thing. It’s not just a bulb with a small visible nub as previously thought, it actually is pyramid-shaped and wraps around all over.

Of course, early anatomists dismissed the clitoris, which is common of female anatomy as well as anything having to do with females in the medical field. Because of this, the discovery of the expanse and wonder of the clitoris has not been medically proven before.

Some choice exerpts from the story, though I encourage you to read the entire story anyway:

“The vaginal wall is, in fact, the clitoris,” said Dr O’Connell, who is based in Melbourne. “If you lift the skin off the vagina on the side walls, you get the bulbs of the clitoris – triangular, crescental masses of erectile tissue.”

“There’s nothing quite like the shape of a clitoris,” she said… The bulk of it is shaped like a pyramid.

Its base forms the external genitalia or vulva; its triangular “walls” are wrapped around the urine-carrying tube known as the urethra and the vagina.

Also found via Feministing from right here, Betty Dodson draws and informes about the internal structure of the clitoris. It gave me a better idea than the image above did regarding the internal structure, and I think it’s definitely worth watching if you will ever interact with female anatomy.

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