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Project LifeSize

Found here via Feministing. Above is the casting call (which ended at the end of July) and currently Project LifeSize has 13 videos (not counting the casting call), all of which I have watched. It is a wonderful display of real women sharing about their lives and experiences, and those of you who enjoy people or getting to know others online (which, I would assume, would be most of you) then I think you will enjoy it.

It has great potential, and is only in the second week of video productions, so you don’t have too many videos to catch up on. Here is a little info right from their YouTube channel page

…What is the point of Project Lifesize?…
When I was younger I didn’t have anyone in my corner telling me that I was beautiful, regardless of what the media or my peers told me. I wanted to create a dialogue about not just weight acceptance, but acceptance in general.

..Why aren’t there guys?…
Well, there were quite a few submissions to the casting call. If I could have had everyone on the channel I would have. We are open to brother or sister channels to join us.

……Why did you put out a call for only “beautiful and sexy” girls?…
I didn’t mean to infer that I was looking for only the “pretty” girls. I think that beautiful and sexy can be applied to all women and I don’t find physical beauty a necessity to meet those requirements. The girls on the channel were not chosen because they met a certain ideal of beauty. Their inner beauty jumped off the screen.
We can’t speak for everyone who has felt overlooked or unworthy of love and respect.
We can only hope you are moved enough to use your own voice.

So, go check out Project LifeSize! (P.S. I totally have a crush on one of the girls… not telling which. Can you guess?)


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  1. Dave Conrey

    People suck, especially when they have the cloak of internet invisibility. That’s lame, but they don’t know the secret I know.

    Some of the most passionate, most torrid affairs I’ve had in my life were with curvy women. I don’t know if there is a real direct correlation between body type and virility, but I’m not gonna argue with the personal case study.

    I can’t say I’m blameless. Lord knows I’ve had my moments when I’ve looked down at others because they were heavier than me. It’s human nature to hate on other people to make ourselves feel better, but so incredibly lame none the less.

    I know its hard to fight back these hateful messages when they come at you all the time, but the fact that you keep posting is a testament to your fortitude. Keep it up girl.

  2. I am so glad that I read this! As soon as I can, I’ll be sitting down to catch up on this whole endeavor.

    Oh to be brave! I’d love to participate. Since I can’t, I’ll just follow faithfully.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout :)
    I’m hoping the crush is on me, of course!
    Also, we are starting a viewer of the month…so we can get other guys and girls who never got a chance to try out and give them a chance to be on the channel!

    -Meghan (Mondays)-

    Meghan’s last blog post: A list of the fat people who make this world a better place.

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