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NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar

So it may be my week for PSA’s, and I’m okay with that since I’m all busy with family things up here in Washington. I had the idea not too long ago of taking some of my wonderful blogger friends and starting a burlesque group. It makes me sad that we’re all in different parts of the country, but there are tons of sex bloggers in NYC who are getting together to do something super awesome!

From the website:

“How cool would it be to do a blogger calendar and sell it to benefit a good cause,” was the little thought that blossomed. Everyone I asked couldn’t wait to participate or assist with time, suggestions, money and all manner of support.

In the end, twelve of NYC’s most dynamic literary and sex positive women -writers, sex educators, film makers, and ordinary women – joined together in order to support Audacia Ray’s Sex Work Awareness Project. We are some of the New York area’s best and brightest, and we want to see the stigma associated with sex work and workers removed. […] The poses will be fun and flirty and burlesque themed, with no graphic nudity. Think costumes, corsets, pasties and g-strings.

So, you’re probably wondering which sex bloggers are involved in this. I know I was! The sexy burlesquy sex bloggers participating are:
Audacia Ray
Elizabeth Wood
Jamye Waxman
Lux Alptraum
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Sinclair Sexsmith
Tess Danesi
Twanna A Hines

Also, you can buy a day in the calendar, which means there are 365 days which can be written-in. You can buy a calendar and a day for $30, which isn’t bad, and get up to 80 characters on your day of choice. Promote your blog, your birthday, a friend/lover’s birthday, or something else entirely. Go to for information on how to buy a day and calendar, and any further information!

Dacia's Love Machine

Apparently it’s my day for PSA’s (since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’m counting this with the Bitch post).

I adore Audacia Ray and all of her projects, especially Live Girl Review which I think is absolutely brilliant! I plan to read her book at some point (and review it on here, of course), and pretty much soak up anything she might put out. She has just come out with a new short film called Dacia’s Love Machine where she has documented her selling of a Love Machine (no, really, that’s the real name of it), which is essentially a fucking machine. You can buy the film on her website for it, it’s just 25 minutes long and only $2.99, which isn’t a lot to pay for a real story about crazy people and a fucking machine… I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that?

Since it’s late, I’ll let the back of the “box cover” tell you a bit about it:

Also, the first twenty five people who buy the download get a free sex toy courtesy of EdenFantasys – you have your choice between a pocket rocket and a masturbation sleeve. Even though this just came out last night I’d be surprised if 25 people hadn’t bought it already, so you may have missed your chance on that one.

There’s also a rather hilarious clip of the movie on the main info page which I highly recommend that you check out, even if you don’t plan on paying the whopping $2.99 for the movie.

Bitch Needs Your Help

I remember reading my mom’s copies Bitch magazine years ago while I was still living at home. I began reading it at a point in my life where my feminist nature was already deeply ingrained in me, although I wasn’t consciously aware of it. I don’t remember the year, but I do remember reading issue after issue, each one wonderful and eye-opening. I have never been subscribed to Bitch, although I don’t really know why, but there is usually an issue or two lying around mom’s house when I go back to visit (which I shall be doing this time next week).

Bitch needs to raise $40,000 by October 15th in order to produce the next issue of Bitch. As I’m sure many of you know, the economy is dramatically declining, and print magazines are no longer as popular as they once were anyway, so the combination is not a good one. They are a “nonprofit, reader-funded media organization” so they heavily rely on donations to produce the magazine.

You can read more about their plight and watch a video about it on their website. Every little bit helps, even $5 or $10, hell even $1 is one dollar closer to $40,000. I’m planning on donating what I can, and I encourage you all to do the same!

Sex Toys and Contests Abound! (HNT)

Click here for the larger version.

It’s that time again, that HNT time where I get to dazzle you with my gorgeousness and you get to ooh and aah at me. I know, I know.

This week’s HNT is brought to you by the wonderful package of new toys from VibeReview which just arrived today! Featured in the photograph is the Hardcore Harness (though you can’t see it, it’s under my dress), and the Celestial Perfection cock, which I love even more than I thought I would!

In addition to the image I’m also reminding you that you can get 10% off your next order with VibeReview by clicking here, which is really well worth it. If you’re not sure what kind of toy to get, you can always look through my reviews!

ALSO, the absolutely wonderful retailer For Your Nymphomation (which has a new blog: For Your Nymphomation Info-mation) is also offering 10% off if you use the coupon code Summer2008 by September 30th. And who wouldn’t want some kick-ass sex toy cases? Personally, I’m lusting after the Rolling Toy Trunk (size queen that I am–or is that toy queen? Or organization queen, maybe? Maybe just queen…). I’ll get it one day… I hope.

Speaking of toys, there are two great contests going on at Best Sex Bloggers for the contributors which you should go look at and vote upon. One contest is for the bloggers, a 500-word flash fantasy which had to feature the For Your Nymphomation XL Sex Toy Case. There are some steamy fantasys over there, so go read and vote!

The photographers had a challenge as well, to create half an image (since a picture is worth 1000 words, to match the bloggers task it was cut in half, so they were producing 500 words with half an image). There are some great photographs there, and I encourage you to go look and vote on that one too!

AND, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Reader’s Twitterific Flash Fantasy Contest going on as well where you could win a Rock Chick! I don’t even have one of those! Check out the challenge and enter.

VibeReview Sent Me to New Toy Heaven!

It’s that time again! I’m excited to say that my next shipment from VibeReview is on it’s way. Currently I have just one more toy to review from them, Silicone Crystal Cote (and what a review that will be!), which should be coming to you shortly. But, having one toy left means I have a new shipment coming!

I’m currently enamored with all things Lelo since they were lovely enough to send me the Nea (review coming soon!), so I had to get something made by them in this shipment. I am very much looking forward to the Iris by Lelo, a wonderful g-spot vibrator from everything I have read, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! But, then, that’s not surprising, as all Lelo toys are gorgeous.

Along with the lovely Iris I am getting another vibrator, the Odyssey Tickler which looks like a lot of sensational fun, and is completely waterproof, which means shower time, especially shared showers, may be getting a little more exciting (not that they weren’t already). I’ve only ever had one other waterproof vibrator, and it’s been quite a while since she broke down on me, so it’s definitely time to bring another one into the house.

I am also receiving a gorgeous new harness, the Hardcore Harness all corset-backed and sexy black leather. I’ve been lusting after a new harness for some time, while I do love my terra firma harness it’s the only one I’ve ever had. The Hardcore Harness seems potentially perfect, easy to femme up with my black leather corset and fishnets, or include it in a butch king outfit of black denim and a leather jacket or pinstripes.

To go with The Hardcore Harness, in addition to the strap-on compatible dildos I already have, I’m recieving the gorgeous Bandito (in black, I believe, though the purple is pretty as well) and Celestial Perfection, which I’m

desperately hoping will live up to it’s name. Both dildos are 100% silicone, not to mention curved nicely and absolutely gorgeous. One black, one white, there could be some interesting play regarding that. Reading The Leather Daddy and the Femme has put a lot of wonderful (pegging) ideas into my head, and I’ll be happy to try them out with my new toys.

Last, but not least, are the two restraint toys I’m looking forward to. The Under the Bed Restraint system which has absolutely glowing reviews on VibeReview and could easily become a permanent fixture to our bed should they be as good as they say. The Dominus and I don’t do a whole lot of restraining other than mental and the occasional bondage tape, but it’s not for lack of desire.

The final item on the list is a very simple toywhich I’m almost ashamed to say we don’t have one of already (though I did used to have a chain leash, which I lent to a friend and never got back–but that was before Dominus and I were together), a Leather Leash. Simple, sexy, stylish, oh yes, and something I’m looking forward to trying out. I’ve always enjoyed (and hated) the idea of being led around on a leash, or, more recently, leading around another (though I’m lacking the partner for that activity), and I have a feeling it will be very enjoyable.

And, of course, as usual: don’t forget about clicking on the Obama for President Coupon to receive 10% your next order!

The Nea has Stolen My… Heart?

I am absolutely enamored with the Nea by Lelo, I’m enamored with all of their products, really, but the Nea is the only one I currently own. Lelo was kind enough to send me a Nea to review and let me tell you, it may just have surpassed the Hitachi as my favorite toy. Though it’s not as powerful as the Hitachi, but it’s small (only about two inches), curved just right, and what it lacks in power it makes up for in maneuverability.

This isn’t my official review of it, I’ll have much more to say about it then, this is more of just a side note. Even Dominus likes it. The night I first had it I couldn’t stop playing with it while we were in bed. I wasn’t putting it on my clit, rather I was just turning it on, playing with the different pulses, pressing the tip against any exposed skin I could get my hands on. I made it buzz against his nipples, belly, and down to his cock, just playing the vibration against him, and he seemed to enjoy it…

I am in love with all things Lelo at the moment, and hope to get more of their pleasure objects in the future. They are all gorgeous and look like works of art, each one more beautiful than the last, each one unique and lustful in it’s own way. I honestly can’t say there isn’t a toy of theirs that I wouldn’t like (though I would never buy the yva, as much as I love toys I wouldn’t spend $1300 on one).

I was actually supposed to get the Lily instead of the Nea, but there was a mix up in shipping it, and since they are basically identical (though they have slightly different finishes, and the Nea has the pretty floral design) I wasn’t too upset about it… though I still want the Lily. I want them all, though, so that makes sense.

I have been keeping it on my night stand, or taking it with me when I go downstairs sometimes, just to play with it in my hand. I’ve idly thought about carrying it with me in my bag, just because if I had the whim to play with it I pretty much could, plus it doesn’t look like a sex toy. I have yet to do so, but it’s on my list of things to do… not sure where I would use it, though. We have pretty good ideas between us, I think we’ll manage

Look forward to my official review (not just my omgiluvthiztoy post as this one is) in the next week or so.

I'm Veruca Salt: I Want It Now!

I feel I need to make a few clarifications to my last post. I think it came out as a lot harsher than I meant it. I pointed Master to it last night and mentioned that I thought it might come off a little stronger than I meant it, and he said that it was pretty harsh. It was really just unrestrained pouring of the situation onto the screen and I realized afterward reading it over again that it was a little too blunt and came off as really blunt, harsh, and worse than I meant it.

I end up writing things a bit stronger or exaggerated than they actually are sometimes, because I build things up in my head, it’s just the way I do things. I over-analyze and often tend to blow things out of proportion in my head while I’m in the middle of analyzing and figuring them out, and I often write about things from the middle of that analyzation and they end up coming off a lot more strongly than I actually think about them or more strongly than they actually are… if that makes sense.

While everything I wrote was true to an extent, it is also not true at all times, but are things which I struggle with and I’m trying to work through and figure out for myself. Not everything I said about him, specifically disappointment, are true all the time. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in many cases, but these are things which we have talked about and which are better than they were a year ago, a month ago, and even a week ago. We do talk about things, and my writing here is a catalyst for the beginning of those conversations, which is part of the reason why I write in here.

Things are not quite as bad as I sometimes make them out to be. We are moving forward, we are talking about things, we are changing. We’re constantly in a state of figuring out what works still, as both of us have all sorts of hangups that we are working through. But, we definitely are moving forward. We are worlds away from where we were (nearly) two years ago when I moved to be with him. We are also far from where we were even just last week. Every week, every day, brings us closer to the way we want to be.

After the post we had a very long talk about everything. We came to some wonderful conclusions, including acknowledging the efforts each of us has been putting in. I say a lot that he’s not meeting my standards, not living up to my expectations, but only because I have unreasonable expectations. I’m Veruca Salt, really. I want the world, and I want it now! I’m the queen of instant gratification, and I want us to be the way I know we will be one day right NOW! This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the changes both he and I have made over the years, nor do I not acknowledge that we are much closer to our goal than we were before, but I do sometimes get frustrated that we are not as far as I would like us to be.

We both have a lot of hang ups, emotional blocks, and things that each of us has to work through and work with and figure out. We have gotten through many of them already, but there are still many more to go. The most important thing is that we are both dedicated to making us work. I have thought about leaving, but I would never bring myself to do that. Thoughts of leaving a difficult situation are normal, really, and they have crossed my mind from time to time, but only in the depths of my own paranoia and crazyness.

I love this man more than anything, and I am devoted to him, even if I have doubts, or find him annoying at times, and even when he doesn’t do exactly what I want him to do. Though, that’s part of my problem that I’m working on. I need to be submissive on his terms, not on my terms. I need to give up my ideas of what a situation should be like and focus on what it is, and focus on him rather than me. I need to have faith, like glen said. It’s difficult when I know lots of times he doesn’t think about things the same way I do, and it’s been difficult to have faith when I know that quite often he lets things slide and he defaults to vanilla, but he’s working on that, and I’m working on having less expectations, and we’re both working on communicating more.

More later, I have lots more to write.

It Has Arrived

In other, better, news, I got my new collar today. The one I posted about back here. It is gorgeous! It’s smaller than I was expecting, kind of delicate while also being bondage-y, so it’s kind of fucking rad. The V- and O-ring combo, too, is smaller than on any of my other collars (not only the ones given to me by Master, but also the ones I bought for myself to wear as a goth chick). It’s so pretty. I’ll take pictures once I take a shower. I must not have gotten all the conditioner out of my hair when I showered, because my bangs look weird now. That’s beside the point.

Technically the collar got here yesterday, but I didn’t check the mail once I got home, and he didn’t check the mail when he got home, and the mail had not come when i got home, so we missed it until this morning. I got it after missing the bus. I told him he had a package, and he opened it and we realized it wasn’t for him, but for me! He wouldn’t let me have it until he got home from work, though. So I went to work disgruntled, but also pleased that he would set that restriction.

When I got home I took it from the box and plastic packaging and took it downstairs. I tried it on briefly, to make sure it fit and that I didn’t have to make another hole for it, and it fits perfectly on the last slot. It even has about 3″ of extra leather, which is rare, so if I do discover I need it out a little more I can easily do so. I have my awl and everything, though a leather puncher would be better, and I’ll have that soon too!

When he got home he noticed that it was not upstairs where he left it, and reminded me I wasn’t to have it until he got home. I had it behind me on the bed when I was kneeling to greet him (as I do when he comes home), so that we could have it accessible. I told him what I had done and he teasingly told me that I’d have to wait a week until I could have it, but soon recanted that and put it on me. It’s gorgeous.

Oh, hell, I’ll post the picture one more time, because I love it.

Collar Jazz

Master just bought me a new collar, because I found it and I’m in love with it. He said it’s very “me”

Basically I have been wearing a necklace he gave me for the holidays as my collar, it looks like this only with a garnet stone:

and I love it, but I need the feel of something more solid, I think, too. I’ve gone through about three different collars with him, first a temporary one which he gave me, then a simple o-ring one with studs near the o-ring, which is really pretty, but is too small for my HUGE neck now that I’ve gained weight again =( So, I had to get another one, and then that one turned into the necklace. Eventually we still want to get one like Master and I talked about before he first collared me, steel with garnets set in it, but for now, these do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about collars and collaring lately, as not only has it been talked about on my friends list, but I’ve been thinking of designing one for me with my lorica, and then I’m making one for glen, and maybe one for ivyfang, if I can make one she likes. It’s something I feel me using the necklace as collar has kind of neglected, and wearing that has been mostly for work purposes. Perhaps Master and I need to implement something such as when he comes home or when I come home (whoever comes home last) I kneel by him and he puts the collar on me (this new collar?) and it can be something to ground me in my submission.

This would be small and quick and easy that is a little symbol saying that the outside world (except homework for the next month and a half) is not around, and it’s just us and our relationship that is key here. It may be a good way for me to get into that space of submission (not quite subspace, as I consider that something else), similar to my desire for a slavecuntpet name. We’ve both been thinking about it. The closest we’ve (he’s) come to is arani, which I like, but… it’s not quite right, and he agrees. I like the idea of an a name, I think, but nothing we’ve come up with quite works.

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