Master just bought me a new collar, because I found it and I’m in love with it. He said it’s very “me”

Basically I have been wearing a necklace he gave me for the holidays as my collar, it looks like this only with a garnet stone:

and I love it, but I need the feel of something more solid, I think, too. I’ve gone through about three different collars with him, first a temporary one which he gave me, then a simple o-ring one with studs near the o-ring, which is really pretty, but is too small for my HUGE neck now that I’ve gained weight again =( So, I had to get another one, and then that one turned into the necklace. Eventually we still want to get one like Master and I talked about before he first collared me, steel with garnets set in it, but for now, these do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about collars and collaring lately, as not only has it been talked about on my friends list, but I’ve been thinking of designing one for me with my lorica, and then I’m making one for glen, and maybe one for ivyfang, if I can make one she likes. It’s something I feel me using the necklace as collar has kind of neglected, and wearing that has been mostly for work purposes. Perhaps Master and I need to implement something such as when he comes home or when I come home (whoever comes home last) I kneel by him and he puts the collar on me (this new collar?) and it can be something to ground me in my submission.

This would be small and quick and easy that is a little symbol saying that the outside world (except homework for the next month and a half) is not around, and it’s just us and our relationship that is key here. It may be a good way for me to get into that space of submission (not quite subspace, as I consider that something else), similar to my desire for a slavecuntpet name. We’ve both been thinking about it. The closest we’ve (he’s) come to is arani, which I like, but… it’s not quite right, and he agrees. I like the idea of an a name, I think, but nothing we’ve come up with quite works.