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30 Days of Kink: Hard Limits

This is the tenth of my 30 Days of Kink I will be answering each of the thirty questions in different posts. I thought these would be interesting to answer and (hopefully) interesting for you to read. These will be posted in order, but not always back-to-back.

Day 10: What are your hard limits?

Most of my hard limits are pretty boring, I think. I draw the line at children, animals, dead things (including dead animals), scat, vore, rainbow showers, permanent damage, non-consensual abuse, things like that. The biggest slightly unusual hard limit is tickling. I absolutely hate the sensation of being tickled and I’m extremely ticklish. It’s possible that toys that aren’t body safe are hard limits as well.

There are plenty of other things I’m just not that into but that I would probably go along with if I was with someone who got off on it. Of course, it’s impossible to really list everything that would be a limit, soft or hard, because who knows what things other people could come up with that I can’t, such as sucking a double headed dildo on a hovercraft.

I would say other hard limits include closed-mindedness, bigotry, and general lack of intelligence or purposeful/voluntary ignorance (not to be confused with unintentional ignorance or unknowing for lack of exposure). I generally eschew those who fit into any of those categories.


Owning It


Coming On Command


  1. Hey, they may be boring limits, but they’re good ones! Lol.

  2. Callaigh

    Intentional tickling is actually a hard limit for me as well. I HATE being tickled, and I am also extremely ticklish — it’s also very easy to tickle me accidentally, but really I don’t hold that against people, though my being tickled for any length of time (versus one accidental brush) almost inevitably ends up with me having an asthma attack and coughing my lungs out. As a result, I make it clear to groups of friends who might get the bright idea into their head that it might be something fun to do that if ANYBODY tickles me on purpose, I will slug them. And I will!

    I realized the other day that since this newest group of people I am getting involved with is a kink community, all I would have to do is use the universal safeword (call red) and they would immediately stop, or else get jumped all over by the rest of the group. That was a nice thing to realize.

    • That’s exactly how I feel as well. I often tell people that if they tickle me the automatic reaction of my body will be to punch and/or kick until they stop. I’ve gotten better about unintentional tickling lately, it’s easier for me to handle than before, but it’s still nowhere near pleasant. Intention is a funny thing. Also, that’s great re: the kink community and safewording. I hadn’t really thought of that before, but it makes so much sense. Often I will say “hard limit!” in conversation with people and it essentially does the same thing. Nice thought!

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