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Review: Luna Pleasure Bead System by LELO

By now I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I mention just how much I love LELO, because everything I’ve reviewed of theirs thus far I have raved about, and the Luna Beads are just as well crafted and gorgeous as any of the other toys I have reviewed, yet completely different. Lelo makes amazingly high quality toys for men and women (they recently added a cock ring and butt plug to not leave men out from the Lelo fun!), and while each one is different, the Luna Beads are perhaps the most unlike their other toys.

The reason why they’re so different is because they are not meant for use during sex and aren’t meant to get you off, unlike the rest of the Lelo line. The Luna Beads are Kegel exercisers, meant to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and, essentially, make one’s vaginal opening tighter (vaginal opening is such a sexy word, I know, but that’s what it is!). Similar products are Ben Wa Balls, Smart Balls, and all sorts of Kegel wands.

The Luna Beads are an especially exceptional set of Kegel exerciser balls because they don’t just come with one weight of balls, but two. The pink balls weigh 28 grams and the blue balls weigh 37 grams, so you can have anywhere from 28 to 74 grams of weight at any given time, which means these will last you a longer time than most Kegel exerciser balls because you can vary the weight to your progress. In addition to the beads you also get a silicone “girdle” (another sexy word, right?) which you can put the beads into so they are attached to each other and easy to get out and keep in.

According to the manual (because all LELO toys come with a manual) in addition to increasing the tightness of the vagina doing daily Kegels also helps to restrain and prevent stress incontinence; provides a sense of “being in command” of the nether regions, boosting sexual confidence and sensual well being; and enhances erotic sensation and directly taps the source of ultra-intense orgasms. Now who wouldn’t want that? Even if you think you’re plenty tight there are other reasons to do some Kegels.

The manual also says that the best way to use the Luna Beads is daily and while you walk, run, swim, or move about especially. The motion of movment creates the inner balls to move which creates a subtle vibe that stimulates the muscles. Since it’s best to use them daily while moving I incorporated them into my regular gym-going routine, so I would put them in prior to going to the gym and take them out afterwards, getting a good amount of kegel workout while working out the rest of my body.

I found that in just a short amount of time I was able to notice the difference, able to keep both beads in longer instead of having one slip out almost automatically. Onyx mentioned he could tell a difference as well, that I felt tighter around him. I also find that if I’m having a particularly unsexy-feeling day or my libido is down and I wear my Luna Beads for a while my sexual desire returns quickly, which is also a plus.

Like all LELO toys, the Luna Beads also come with a one-year warranty, satin storage case, and black storage box. They are made of body-safe and non-porous PC-ABS with a silicone “girdle” (no silicone lube!). My greatest rating of a toy has to do with how often I use it, and I use the Luna Beads just about every day, and since I’m still on the pink beads I’m sure I have quite a while until I graduate to using two blue beads, and so I will be using them for quite a while longer.

If you are interested in kegel exercisors, or simply libido enhancers I’d highly recommend getting your own set of Luna Beads to use every day or just once in a while.

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