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Happy Halloween (HNT)

I’m a little late on my HNT, but here it is! This is me in my Leather Hobble Corset Dress from Alter Ego Erotics, which I absolutely love and am going to wear on Saturday for a play party we’re going to. The skull is simply half of our television decarations in the living room, the other half being the puzzle box from Hellraiser.

Tomorrow night for Halloween itself we are having a horror movie marathon to celebrate. One of the many strange things about Utah is they don’t really do trick or treating, not around here anyway. They do trunk or treating, and they have trick or treating at malls and such, only “safe” locations as to not potentially pick up a razor blade in a piece of candy or something like that, because that’s totally happened.

In other news, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may know that Onyx and I have been planning on moving to San Francisco for quite some time. Due to some recent developments, my lack of getting a job and some issues at his work as well, and the possibility of getting my PFD in the next few weeks, we’ve been wondering if all this is the universe’s way of pushing us toward moving sooner rather than later. Well, we’ll see, but for now it looks like Seattle will just be easier in general to move to and easier to get a job in, so that’s where our sights are set.

More interesting and sexy post tomorrow (though the picture’s pretty sexy, just not so much the text).


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  1. You look amazing!! That is a beautiful corset dear, I’m glad you found it.

  2. I think I just drooled on my keyboard. I just became extremely sad that physical distance will keep me from attending a play party where I might witness the glory of this dress in person.

  3. ooOoooo, me likey. Very hot corset, and the babe inside it too.

    So, seattle huh? Well, we’ll have to meet sometime when you get up here.

  4. Amber

    I can make do with Seattle. I’ve never been there anyway… gives me the perfect excuse to go! ;)

    Also: you are SEXY.

  5. LOVE the corset dress! You look super sexy in it. Have a good time at your play party!

    And WOOT! for you guys maybe moving to Seattle! I’m sorry (for you) that you’re not going straight to SF like you wanted to but at least you’ll be one step closer.

  6. @Lilly: Thank you! The truth is I’ve had it for about a year but it hasn’t fit me until now, which is kind of exciting. =D

    @Amber: Definitely! Seattle is pretty awesome. Plus, we could always meet in the middle in Portland, pretty much 5 hours from either of us once I move. We’ll figure something out ;) Also: Thanks!

    @Natt Nightly: The back is even better, *wink* I may have to post a picture of that once I’m all laced in correctly before the party tomorrow night.

    @Kyle: Thank you! And I’d definitely be down with meeting! Olympia’s only a few hours away, right?

    @Coy Pink: Thanks darling! I’m pretty excited about Seattle, really, it’ll be nice to get out of Utah for one, but also it was mentioned that SLC to San Fran may be a little too much overcompensating for the crazyness that is SLC, and Seattle will be a good medium ;) Plus, it’ll enable us to both make and save up money before moving to (more expensive) SF and me going to school there… it just makes so much sense. Plus you’re there, and Kyle is near there, it’ll be great!

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