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Review: The Odyssey Tickler

The Odyssey Tickler is really a very basic toy, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’ve definitely been spoiled lately with the toys I’ve been reviewing, so much so that everything I look to acquire generally has something interesting or unique about it. With the Odyssey Tickler, I thought that the prospect of the little ticklers at the base of the toy was interesting and while not wholly unique (if you remember, the Miracle Massager Attachment had a somewhat similar design, though the nubs were not as pronounced).

While the toy isn’t quite as sleek and gorgeous as the Lelo toys I’ve been reviewing, for example, it definitely has it’s own appeal. Plus, the insertable length is made of 100% silicone, one of my favorite toy materials and one of the safest. In addition to all that, unlike a lot of vibrators The Odyssey Tickler is also waterproof, meaning you can bring it with you for some hot shower sex, or any other water environment, and not have to worry about it getting damaged.

As someone who enjoys to insert a vibrator and then use a second vibrator on her clit, I thought the idea of these “tickler” nubs at the base of the toy might be a good one. I didn’t expect the nubs to hit my clit and they didn’t (although for some they might which would make this toy even more exciting). I do like the way the nubs massage my labia while the toy is inserted, and the extra sensation that they provide.

The Odyssey Tickler has three speeds, all controlled by a single button on the base of the toy. Press it once for low, again for medium, and again for high. The vibrations are nice and strong and can be felt throughout the toy, including on the tickler nubs, though are concentrated primarily at the head of the toy.

The insertable length is only about 3.5 inches, while that isn’t terribly long it is a great length to get the mushroomed head of it against the g-spot while the tickler nubs play with the sensitive skin of the labia. I also found the head is wonderful for clitoral stimulation as well.

I also used the toy on Onyx, who enjoyed it quite a lot. The ticklers easily rubbed against his cockhead, while the shaft rested against the bottom of his shaft, I was able to watch as he grew with the vibrations. He seemed to like it quite a lot, and I’d say this toy is worth it just for that if not anything else. Since it has the flared base it would also be a good candidate for anal penetration, with the ticklers massaging the perineum, which is something I also intend to try out.

Overall, this toy is a hit with both of us, the vibrations are strong and very pleasant, and the ticklers just add wonderful sensation to the experience. While it’s not extraordinary in terms of it’s appearance it definitely gets the job done, and there’s no beating waterproof vibrators since they can follow you anywhere you are wanting to play. For what you get, The Odyssey Tickler is extremely inexpensive and simply a wonderful addition to any toybox.

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