I submitted The Perfect Cure for Grumpyness as my sugasm post this week. I have one in the making which will probably be next week’s, but that will depend on what else happens and what else I write.

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This Week’s Picks

I can only be what I am.
“It’s strangely refreshing, to really submit and give up that control, and not have to make decisions.”

Over the Edge
“He tells me to hold still, in that soft, controlling voice of his.”

A Story Told Out of Order and Out of Character – Part 4
“You thought you could just come to my room and tease me?”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
A former slut examined

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NSFW Pics, Videos & Audio
2 Naked filthy bitches spanked, caned and fucked!
Beautiful Smile
Bedroom Radio #17: Pure Pleasure and i-Lube plus Listener Feedback
Free Euro Blonde Adult Chat Video
Gotta turn the naughty on -HNT
Half-Nekkid Fun With Mirrors
Happy HNT!
Mz. Berlin Has Never Looked Hotter Than She Does In This Collar
Mz Berlin, Satine Phoenix, and Hot Wax
Natasha – I want your sex
The Outfit Kris Picked
(Pic) fun at glory hole
Ron Jeremy sticks dirty fingers in her pussy

Sex Advice
Fundamentals of Edging for Newly Chronic Masturbators

Sex News, Reviews & Interviews
My favorite shower: A Review
Pirate porn review
Puffy Leather Hood
Review: Cascade Wand
TES Fest 2008 – Celebrating the Red, White (Black) & Blue in Style!

Sex Work
Captain’s Log: Moondancing With Adam Duritz And The Dirtiest Girl In Porn (Yikes!)
Funny email
Happiness Through Porn
Princess Pussy Whipped!!

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
Are You a Pickup Artist?
The cable guy, the guest and Me
Doing it DOGGY STYLLEEE……arf arf
From Tomboys To Fab Femme Girls-Talkes From Toronto, Part 1
How to Enjoy the Single (And Non-Dating) Life
I Think I Have A Crush on Lochai
The Other Woman’s Other Men
To be a woman

Sex Humor
It DOES all sound the same!
“My first time” in a men’s world

Erotic Writing and Experiences
The ___ ___ war
Anal Sex from a Female Perspective
Let’s talk semantics
More Mayo!
Once Upon a Time. Confession #70
Professor of Sexual Education
Public sex
Sex, The Heart, and, The Body, Electric
Totally Tuesday

Sex & Politics
Are dominants really just chauvinistic, anti-feminists?
Believing the Victim
A Straight Woman Is Just a Sober Bisexual

BDSM & Fetish
Bath time spanking
Captive in the jungle
Catalina Loves Topping A Couple With Her Master
The Evolution of My Slut – An Update And A Chat With r
Fetish Friday – Watersports
i am my Master’s slut
The Lilith Obsession, Part the Second
A minor adjustment and an end to the torment (for now)
The Perfect Cure for Grumpyness
A sexual dream
Sgt. Major makes Claire Adams Submit and Cum on Backdoor Bondage
Twenty Questions #6: Dominate or Be Dominated?
Wild Weekend: Day 3