I still feel really guilty about what I did last Saturday night. I’m trying to make it up to him, but I don’t know if that’s really coming through. I don’t think I’m doing anything extra special, just trying to be good and compliant and helpful. I did, however, clean up our room tonight, vaccumed and everything, it looks very nice, if I do say so myself. Now I just need to do the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, leaving the upstairs to our roommates (soon to be neighbors). I’m feeling kinda bleh lately, and I haven’t started on any of my papers, though I have been thinking about them. Two are due right after break, the other is due a couple weeks after, but I need to interview Katrisa for that one, so I’m not focusing on it.

I need a good beating and fucking. I really do. I need something to snap me out of the headspace I’ve been in lately. I need to get down in that subspace and float around for a while. I need Master to drag me down into that degraded place and let me wallow there. I need him to control my breathing, make me choke and gag on his cock, to beat me and fuck me and all otherways get me to that delicious subspace. It’s been too long since we did something specifically like that. I want him to put me in high protocol, make me delve down into that dependancy and degradation and do anything and everything to me.

Though, I know this won’t happen tonight, we’re both tired, I’m way sore from the gym yesterday, and we have the (first) season finale of Dexter to watch.