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Marla and Me (HNT)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or this is the first post you’ve ever seen of mine and you don’t follow me on twitter, you probably know that last weekend after Sex 2.0 my long-distance love Marla and I met face-to-face for the first time.

She picked me up at the hotel in Silver Springs, MD where Sex 2.0 was held at and we quickly sped to our hotel in Alexandria, VA (both right outside of Washington, D.C.). There will be much posting of our time together, and this will be the first of many HNT pictures that are posted from the weekend that is also posted on both of our blogs (we’re cheesy like that).

Meeting face-to-face solidified all the feelings we had for each other before meeting and just made everything that much more perfect but also that much more difficult.

We both have lots of posts planned, if we can get to writing them, though a lot of the weekend is a blissful blur in my memory.

Here we are in our non-makeup’d post-sexing glory. We are happy, tired, blissful, and so many other adjectives. Onyx currently has this image of us as his desktop wallpaper.

Stay tuned for more posts and HNT’s of our wonderful weekend together!


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  1. Onyx93

    You two really are the most adorable ever. I love this picture soooooooo much

  2. Marla Singer

    This was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time. I love you so much, sweetie. Not to mention I miss you like crazy!

    Marla Singer’s last blog post: Washington, D.C. (HNT)

  3. Eeep! The Happy! I’m very nearly waving my arms frantically in joy!

    Gabe’s last blog post: What Does This Button Do, an update

  4. Aww sweet pic! She’s lovely and you are such a beauty without makeup! Thanks for sharing those adorable moments with us readers :)

  5. Dragon Mage

    “Can you feel the love tonight?” [/Disney songs]
    Seriously, though, that’s an awesome pic of two lovely ladies. ^_^

    Dragon Mage’s last blog post: HNT – Love and Spankings

  6. Holy hell, you two are f-ing ADORABLE!! This picture just made my heart ache with happiness. You, Onyx, and Marla are a dang lucky group of people.

    Coy Pink’s last blog post: HNT – Sanctuary

  7. I love the post sex glow look .. you both look so blissed out and happy..

    happy HNT

    Kyle’s last blog post: Half-Nekkid Thursday : gimme some Leg

  8. DominaDoll

    Sweet! What a cute pic. You guys looks sleepy with too much sex!

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