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Black Burlesque (HNT)

I received the Regard Indiscret Set from Babeland and since I reviewed it on Tuesday I thought the images from using it would be perfect for Half-Nekkid Thursday.

The contents of the set: black round hat tin containing black leather tasseled pasties, black feather boa, pearl belt/necklace, and three small round candles.

You can watch my video review of the Regard Indiscret Set here on Wanton Lotus. I’m also giving a set away to one lucky commenter on my review. Go over there to enter.

I conveniently had a black mesh skirt with a black boa-like trim on the bottom which worked perfectly with the rest of the set. Under the skirt is my black ruffled panties. You can also see most of my tattoos in these pictures as well.

I love all of them, but I think I love the first one most. It may be my favorite picture of myself at the moment. What do you think?







Regard Indiscret Set Giveaway on Wanton Lotus!


My Perfect Bedroom


  1. Marla Singer

    Yeah, hi. Uhhh, I’m at a total loss for words. Very very very sexy! I, uh, yeah. Wow! So, you come here often? Do you work at Subway, ’cause you just gave me a footlong! I officially have a boner.

    Marla Singer’s last blog post: Harness HNT

  2. Sexy! That skirt is awesome.

    (I think I like the third pic best. You look mischievous!)

    Carrie Ann’s last blog post: I haz answers!

  3. Forgive my lack of eloquence, but fucking hell you’re sexy.

  4. Super fabulous!! I love the set and your skirt so totally rocks. I’m liking the sass you’re working in this set. Sexy and lovely.

    Coy Pink’s last blog post: …if it’s not rough it isn’t fun

  5. Onyx

    ooooh sexy…That must have been some lucky photographer!

  6. Callaigh

    I watched your video review of this set, and these pictures show you (and the set! hee) off to wonderful advantage.

    But, you should smile! You look a bit tense, even though I don’t think you have any reason to be. You did smile in the video, and you have a lovely one. :)

    Also, I really like your hair in this style. It’s a very good compromise, I think — half burlesque/40’s pinup bangs and half punk-masculine. It suits your face, also, so! Best of everything! \o/

  7. carnivalesq

    These are awesome. I’m a HUGE fan of the tats!!! And just… yes. It’s very excellent. I really love seeing the HNTs by people who aren’t stick thin… makes me think one of these weeks, I’ll bust out a badass HNT myself.

    As the youth sometimes says, rock on with your cock on, or something like that.

    carnivalesq’s last blog post: Pleasurists 20

  8. My faves are the third and fourth! I love the lipstick – dunno that I could pull off a color that dark but it looks soooo gothy GORGEOUS on you.

    Amber’s last blog post: The Pocket Rocket Rocks My Clit!

  9. Bad Bad Girl

    The black lingerie against your skin is very sexy. I think I like the 4th picture best. Curious, and brave with that flame.

  10. I teach burlesque classes in my pole dance fitness studio and you fit the part perfectly.


  11. Aww this rocks! You look confident and sexy gorgeous gal. Lovin this cute burlesque style HNT. Work it! Mwah. xoxoxo.

  12. Hotness. Entirely.

  13. That skirt is fucking awesome! Where can I get one?!

    You look great and I absolutely LOVE your hair! These are some seriously sexy pictures, you just exude grace and confidence… plus with the third, that- “I’m a little naughty” half smile- has me absolutely glued to my computer screen.

    Sleeping Dreamer’s last blog post: HNT- Tied Up

  14. Thursday's Child

    Fuuuuck, you look amazing. I love burlesque and the feather boa and those bangs, rawr! And aw yeah for pastie love!

    Thursday’s Child’s last blog post: Red & Black HNT

  15. These pics are amazing. I am loving the tassles. And you holding the cute little candle.

    Veronica’s last blog post: HNT – Crafty

  16. Wow, what a great, sexy series of pictures.. you really know how to put an outfit together, dear :-)

    Kyle’s last blog post: Half-Nekkid Thursday : skin

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