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The Butch in Me (HNT)

Click the image for a second image. Click here for the larger version.

So, the card reader for my camera is not able to be read on any of the computers in the house, meaning I need to get a new one but I have not done so yet. In lieu of a new HNT I am pulling from my stock of old photos. It took me a while to decide to actually post this, if I was brave enough to face the possible reactions or lack of reactions. It’s interesting that some aspects of myself are more vulnerable than others, and usually those I haven’t processed fully.

The second image (click the image to see) is one I added mostly for my own amusement. Looking back I’m not sure what I was going for, and I find it a laughable attempt at looking “cool” or “badass” or something like that. I was feeling rather hot at the time, I will admit.

These images I’m pulling from 2006, the pictures I took while getting ready for the Gender Bender Ball at Southern Oregon University, an event which I began during my term as President of the LGBTASU (now Gender/Sexuality Union) and which is still going on today. The shirt and tie are the same as in my Drag Quing HNT. The shirt is the one I wore to my High School’s Junior prom, accompanied by black bondage pants, the red tie I’ve had forever, as well as my terra firma harness and faithful Leo.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my boi/Syr side, and it’s something I’m going to work on developing further. Look for a post regarding that in the next few days. And, please, be gentle.


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  1. Um. Hi. Deliciously hot and yum and can has sex now please?

    As a side note, that is pretty much the EXACT same outfit J wore on our first date…black shirt, red tie, pyramid studded belt, jeans…hmmm. I have I think for black and red (so much that my hair is those colors!)

    Anyways, glad you posted it. mmm. Can I use you for wank material?

  2. @Essin’ Em: I can definitely say I have a thing for black and red as well (hair + most of my wardrobe… not to mention this site), and, well… you can definitely use me as wank material! (Despite the apparent hesitance that was accompanied by a shit-eating grin.)

  3. Dragon Mage

    I think it’s interesting to see the differences from this picture to your avatar pic. Reading the post, I see it took some moxy on your part to post this, so kudos. Oddly enough, my first reaction was “the red tie doesn’t *quite* go with the red hair” but otherwise, it’s a good look. ^_^

    Hope you have a great day!

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