I want to know! I want to share and expand what pleasure means to each of us and the variety of things that bring each of us pleasure. I will feature posts by you wonderful readers that answer this question. It doesn’t have to be sexual, though that is definitely a plus. It can be about just about anything that brings you pleasure in one way or another. It does have to be legal and not offensive in any way.

Whether or not I publish what you submit to me is completely up to me. It’s not automatically guaranteed that I will publish your survey responses, but the more you write and the more interesting it is the more likely I will. The more in-depth the answers the better, but in-depth and lengthy are not always the same thing (though they can be).

Please email me with your answers to the following questions: Scarlet AT JoyfulPleasure.com

By sending in the answers to these questions you give me the right to publish the content on my blog. I promise any of your answers that I post will be credited to you.

General Info
Name (what you’d like to be called):


Gender identity and presentation:

Sexual identity:

Relationship status:

Blog/Website (if you have one):

How do you define pleasure?

What do you do to cultivate pleasure in your life?

What is something in your life right now that brings you pleasure no matter what (an activity, a person, etc)? Go into as much detail as possible.