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Home Sweet Heartache

Taken by me winter of 2007

Everything is worse in the single digit hours when she should be sleeping but her brain won’t turn off. She instead reminds herself of how frost crystals can look like diamonds shining in streetlights and marvels at how many stars she can see when there are no lights. She watches as the sun rises in the crisp Alaskan mornings and the light floods the room that was never hers but she calls home for now.

Sometimes she wakes up sobbing, her pillow already damp from her tears, her body curling into itself. Sometimes she can only remember the good times and curses herself even though she knows she did everything she could. When you don’t have much to work with it’s difficult to hold on for long.

She wonders what the point of it all is if good love can turn so sour.

Her heart buckled from the force of being torn in two directions for too long and eventually shattered when she realized she wasn’t getting what she needed and probably never would. She hadn’t been getting what she needed for a long time. The weight of her decision makes the single digit hours drag on when all she really wants is to be held and told everything will be okay.

She wonders how she can live without being touched.

The chemical dependency she cultivated over the many months and years (respectively) has left her hollow and yearning. Unfortunately the only sources are hundreds and thousands of miles away. Her need translates itself easily into skin hunger, but she doesn’t have a way to sate it.

She doubts she will sate her skin hunger soon, but will go on as she did before in the town she couldn’t wait to escape from. She would be happy to turn everything into a distant memory, but her thoughts won’t allow her to do that. She doesn’t know when she will be able to let herself love or trust again as she works on picking up the bloody pieces of her heart, finding the self she locked away.

She wonders what the future will bring.

Life is less complicated here. It would be peaceful if she could sleep, but instead she fills her time with meaningless things to distract her from the emptyness she feels without them. The more she stares at the sky and mountains she is amazed at the beauty found where she grew up but never felt at home.

She looks forward to summer, rediscovering the trails of her youth and trying to learn to love the city she once knew. She hopes her despair will melt with winter and her new scenery and potential for a life here will grow and blossom in spring.

Unfortunately spring is still far away, and for now she has to wait for the single digit hours to tick on until she is tired enough to fall asleep. In the meantime she takes all she can from the beauty of winter, from the frost crystals and clean Alaskan air, from the darkness that envelops her and caresses her while she waits.

In the Middle

I started the draft of this post with this title months ago and had the intention to write about the juxtaposition of how wonderful it was to lay between the two of them and how horrible it was to be between them when something was going wrong. Of course the title takes on even more meaning now that they have severed all ties to each other but they both still want to be with me.

I was constantly in the middle when we were all living together, not just physically. At first I would play messenger between them when things weren’t going well, they wouldn’t talk to each other like they would to me. Some point after I stopped playing messenger our communication simply got worse, we all felt trapped and simply shut down. We all agreed something needed to change, but didn’t have the means or the drive to change it.

I can see both sides now. I still love them both very much and I still want to be with them both, just as they both want to be with me. I do not do well with making decisions when I have to choose between two things I want. Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer “all” to “one.” I’m torn and do not know how to make a choice like this.

My entire life is crumbling around me and the two people who have been central to my life are at odds and I am unable to confide in either of them fully or find the support in them that I am used to. This is difficult on all of us for different reasons, and it seems we each think we have it the worst when in reality there is no “worse” in this situation.

I have been asked many times why can’t I just continue to be with both of them, why must I make a choice. While I was told by one of them that me being with both of them might be okay as long as I don’t live with the other person I was told by the other that due to everything that happened it would be extremely difficult. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice: thinking I can have both of them and having that end with none of us happy or getting what we need.

This evening Marla mentioned fearing that no matter who I chose I would end up resenting them for making me choose. I am trying to prevent this by taking the time to figure out what I need above all else. I love them both, I want them both, I don’t know how to choose but I know that rushing into a decision will end up with me and/or everyone unhappy.

At the same time I know that taking too long or indecision is a decision all in and of itself. I’m trying to find the balance there, but maybe I’ve already taken too long. By trying to avoid hurting one of them I will probably end up hurting both of them.

The other option, of course, is to choose neither. One of the things I fear the most is hurting someone that I love, and in this situation I would be hurting both of the people who I desperately want to spend my life with, this seems like the worst solution because of that. This isn’t to say this option isn’t tempting, it bypasses me having to favor one over the other, but it guarantees that we all will be hurting more than we already are. On the flip side, if I make a choice two of us will be hurting over a choice and the other will still be hurting over the rest of the situation.

All I can do is try to figure out what is best for me, and that’s what I’m trying to encourage them both to do as well. I am not used to putting myself first in any situation, but I am working on how to do that. I’m trying not to take too long as to drive both of them away but to take long enough that I know I am making the right decision, or at least as much as I am able to know that.

All Good Things Got to Come to an End

I’ve been putting off writing about this until my finals were done, and then I was going to post about it yesterday, but it was just so hectic that it didn’t happen. Better late than never, really, and this is something I need to post about (and something a couple of you involved are probably waiting for).

The way I generally process emotions and reactions to things is through blogging/writing about them, and I know I haven’t quite yet processed everything regarding this.

Kat, essentially, broke up with me, in laments terms. I mean, we weren’t really “going out” but we were exploring D/s in regarding to our relationship, so it’s kind of fitting, but kind of not. She and glen had long talks about poly and monogamy and what he wanted vs. what she wanted and all that good stuff, and she came to the conclusion that she needs to be just with him. It will be better for both of them, and I completely agree and understand that. That’s not to say I’m not disappointed, which I am.

I’m not angry, just a little saddened and disappointed, but I know that, ultimately, this is the best decision for them and it is what they need to do right now. I don’t believe that this will affect our friendship, though I may be a little stand-offish for a bit while I get used to the new boundaries that surround us. I know that we can still kiss and flirt and snuggle, that we have always done, but there will be no more possession of me, no more calling me her flower or her lotus, no more hand gripping my hair, and no more of me showing her my submission.

I had gotten quite comfortable and used to being submissive to her, and I was really enjoying it. I mean, really enjoying it. I was all caught up with NRE like crazy. I’m not saying this to make anyone feel guilty, and I hope I’m not. I really do think this was the best decision to be made, I’m just not completely happy about it for my own sake. For their sake, I think it’s wonderful, and I have always valued their relationship above mine with Kat, as they are so perfect and wonderful together, and they are primaries, while we were secondaries.

I really want to stress that I’m not mad or upset or even that I don’t understand why they did it. I am really fine with the decision, and I think it is for the best. I really wasn’t surprised by the decision, either. I wasn’t expecting this to work like this for very long. I am glad that they are doing what is necessary for their relationship, as I want their relationship to work as much if not more than they do. I know what it has done for both of them, and I wouldn’t want to come between that.

I had said sometime the week before that if they needed me to stop, if they needed us to stop, then I would gladly (though not happily) back away and return to friendship mode. And that is very true, and that is what I have done. I know that Kat would like to continue our explorations, at least that’s what she says, and about 99% of me believes her, but that little paranoid voice in the back of my head does not. That’s not to say I don’t believe her, just… I’m very paranoid when it comes to interpersonal anything, which is why I generally avoid it.

I am glad to back away because it is the best thing for their relationship. I am sad and disappointed to back away because I was really enjoying the little subtle differences within our relationship. I am not going to let this affect our friendship, and I don’t think it will or it should. I still love her, in any way that I can get her, and I’ve been wrapped around her little finger from the first time we met, really. I’m sure nothing will really change, just the D/s subtleties will no longer be there, and we will go back to how we were before. However, we are closer than we were before. We were drifting apart before we tried this, and it has helped us immensely. It has helped us, and I’m happy for that.

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