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Size & Sexuality Survey

The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy
From The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy

One: Size & Sexuality Study – luna[KM] 1 January 2009
Two: Size & Sexuality Study – icecoldbath 6 January 2009
Three: Size & Sexuality Study – Nadia West 15 January 2009
Four: Size & Sexuality Study – Dee 27 January 2009
Five: Size & Sexuality Study – E 3 February 2009
Six: Size & Sexuality Study – Callaigh 13 February 2009
Seven: Size & Sexuality Study – Emily 26 February 2009
Eight: Size & Sexuality Study – slf 14 March 2009
Nine: Size & Sexuality Study – Holly 24 March 2009
Ten: Size & Sexuality Study – Lori 26 July 2009
Eleven: Size & Sexuality Study – Jane Doe 29 July 2009
Twelve: Size & Sexuality Study – N.N. 21 August 2009

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Weight and size are touchy subjects in our culture, as is sexuality. Both have to do with the body and have moral judgments thrust upon them. Both are aspects of the self that are extremely personal and also that have strong cultural expectations and meanings. Both affect the way we present ourselves and think about ourselves.

The Size & Sexuality Study is a series of interviews highlighting real people’s answers to the questionnaire below. At the end of the posting of interviews (end date not known) I will post my own reactions to the study as well as my own answers, and how reading the feelings and thoughts of all these interesting and informative people has affected me over the space of the study.

In order for these interviews to be what I would consider successful I need you to be completely honest. This is about real people talking honestly about their bodies and their sexuality, recognizing what society tells us about our bodies and recognizing how that affects our own ideas about how we should or should not act. If you wish you thought one way but really think another I want to hear that, not just what you wish you thought.

The focus of these questions are not just on large/fat/plus-sized/big beautiful women, I’m interested in answers from everyone of all sizes, all genders, all sexes, all ethnicities, all abilities, all ages, and so on. If you are interested in answering them, please do!

Feel free to skip any of the general info questions you are not comfortable answering, but please do answer all of the others. The more in-depth the answers the better, but in-depth and lengthy are not always the same thing (though they can be).

Want to answer the questions? Fill out the questions below and send them to me: scarletsexgeek AT gmail DOT com

General Info
Name (what you’d like to be called):
Gender identity and presentation:
Sexual identity:
Relationship status:
Blog/Website (if you have one):

Can I publish your answers on my blog?
If so, can I use your name or would you prefer to be anonymous?
Do you have a picture you would like included with the interview should it be published (doesn’t have to be of you, it can be of anything that represents you. Please let me know how to credit it. Place the URL here or attach it to the email)?

Size & Sexuality
What size is your body (you can use dress/pant sizes, a general description, anything you’re comfortable with, though remember that not all terms mean the same thing to the same people.)?
How comfortable are you with your body both in general and your body size specifically?
How has your relation with and attitude toward your body and the size of your body changed over time?
How important is sexuality to your life?
How has your relation with and attitude toward your sexuality changed over time?
How comfortable are you with expressing yourself and your body sexually?
How comfortable is society with the idea of viewing your body as sexual?
Through answering these questions and/or thinking about your relation to your body and your sexuality, have you noticed any links or similarities between the two? If so, what?
Anything else you would like to add?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments or via email, but please don’t answer the questionnaire in the comments. sizeandsexuality AT gmail DOT com


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