This is intended to be a list of rules and expectations governing the relationship between cuntpet and Master. It is meant as a supplement to, though not a replacement for the Master/cuntpet contract previously signed by both parties and is subject to change. Any changes made to this list of protocols will be presented to cuntpet by Master and she will have the right to discuss them with Him before they take effect. This list is not all-inclusive, nor is it designed to handle all situations. It is primarily a tool to help cuntpet understand Master’s expectations of her and help her serve him better. It is designed to remove much of the uncertainty and ambiguity of the Master/cuntpet relationship and thus help build a trusting, committed and devoted relationship as Master and cuntpet.

Social Protocols
Social protocols govern the social dynamics between Master and cuntpet and provide a code of conduct and expectations for differing social situations. Protocols are defined as “high” or “low” and as “public” or “private”. The cuntpet is expected to memorize these requirements and be able to shift between them upon situational changes and provided cues.

Private Protocols
Private protocols govern behavior and expectations when Master and cuntpet are alone together and are to be adhered to at all times. Low Private protocol is the default protocol the cuntpet is expected to follow at all time unless she has been instructed to switch to High protocol or when Master and cuntpet are in the company of others in which case she should automatically switch to low public Protocol (unless ordered to switch to High public protocol).

Low Private Protocol specifics:
cuntpet is expected to greet Master properly at all times. If Master and cuntpet have been separated more than approximately an hour and the Master enters a room occupied by the cuntpet, cuntpet will kneel on the floor as Master enters. If cuntpet enters a room Master is in she will approach him and kneel by him as she greets him. If Master and cuntpet have been separated less than an hour the cuntpet is still expected to divert her attention to Master as he enters and make sure he does not require anything from her before resuming whatever she was doing. If cuntpet enters a room Master is in she will likewise attend to him by greeting him and asking if he needs her to do anything for him.
Forms of address:
cuntpet shall address Master as Master. Master will typically address cuntpet by name or nicknames such as “pet”. If Master addresses cuntpet as “cuntpet” this signals a shift to High Protocol.
General expectations:
in low protocol it is not expected that cuntpet constantly focuses her attention solely at Master and unless asked to perform some task she is free to do what she pleases within reason. If Master addresses her, she will reply promptly and without delay and will cease whatever else she is doing immediately. If asked to perform a task, this shall be done without hesitation or delay. In low protocol cuntpet may be playful and even bratty, but must be careful not to cross the line into disrespect or disobedience. If in doubt she should err on the side of caution.

High Private Protocol specifics
If Master leaves the room while in High Protocol cuntpet shall wait in the position specified until he returns. If not told any specific position she shall kneel, facing the door and wait for his return. When he enters she will greet him with proper respect e.g. “Greetings Master”
If cuntpet is told to leave the room while in High protocol she shall immediately approach Master and kneel before him upon re-entry.
Forms of address:
Master will typically address cuntpet simply as “cuntpet” , he may, depending on the situation use other names for her as he sees fit. If Master refers to cuntpet by her given name, it should signal a return to low protocol.
General expectations:
cuntpet’s attention should be focused on Master at all times. All commands and instructions should be obeyed immediately and without question provided they do not violate cuntpet’s hard limits or the terms of the Master/cuntpet contract. In general cuntpet will speak only when spoken to; if she needs to speak she will respectfully ask for permission to do so. In High protocol bratting is not tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Public protocols
Public protocols are to be adhered to whenever Master and cuntpet are in the company of others. They are designed to provide a proper behavioral framework that allows for Master/cuntpet dynamics without causing unnecessary social tension or awkwardness for Master/cuntpet or others. By default the cuntpet will be expected to follow low public protocol whenever others are present. High social protocol shall only be adopted after Master gives specific instructions to do so and will typically be reserved to public BDSM events or scenes, or in the company of close friends comfortable with a BDSM lifestyle.

Low public protocol specifics
cuntpet is expected to greet Master respectfully and promptly. If Master and cuntpet have been separated for an extended period of time she will greet him by name and typically with a hug or kiss as appropriate. If separated for a shorter time period cuntpet is still expected to focus her attention on Master when returning to his presence to determine if he has any desires that need to be attended to. This may be done in a subtle manner, but it should be clearly understood that even in the company of others His needs are still her first priority.
Forms of address:
To stay within social norms and boundaries, cuntpet is allowed to address Master by name in public. If in the company of friends comfortable with BDSM lifestyles cuntpet may address Master as “Master” without having to switch to High Public Protocol. Master will address cuntpet by name or nickname as he sees fit. He will avoid terms like “cuntpet” or seemingly derogative terms unless High public protocol is invoked.
General expectations:
Low public protocol is meant to be subtle, and as such will seem more unrestricted than other protocols, this does not mean cuntpet has “free reign”. While allowed to be playful, she is expected to keep it respectful and she is still expected to be attentive to Master’s needs and desires, albeit in a discrete manner.

High public protocol specifics:
In High public profile cuntpet is expected to Greet Master in the same manner as High private protocol. If cuntpet is engaged in conversation with others as Master enters she will excuse herself immediately in order to greet him unless she has been instructed otherwise by Master prior to him leaving.
Forms of address:
cuntpet will refer to Master as “Master” at all time. Master will refer to cuntpet as he sees fits. Calling her by real name will signify a return to low protocol.
General expectations:
High public protocol is in many ways the most demanding protocol in terms of behavior. In this mode cuntpet’s behavior and conduct will likely be closely scrutinized and will reflect directly on Master so any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. It is expected that cuntpet will be courteous and respectful to all others present, especially to any Top, Dom/me or Master/Mistress. At the same time she will obey Master’s instructions immediately and make every effort to honor and please him.

In addition to the 4 Protocols listed there will be times where Master, cuntpet or both need to interact as equals without the power dynamic normally in place. Either party has the right to call temporary “time-outs” to discuss issues that they feel do not belong in a Master/cuntpet context. While similar, such time outs are different from and far less severe than the safe-word discussed in the cuntpet contract section 4.f and as such there are no negative consequences for calling such time-outs. At the same time these time-outs should not be taken lightly and if abused Master reserves the right to impose restrictions.

Household protocols
Cuntpet is expected to perform the majority of housekeeping duties. Master may occasionally perform some of these duties or assist cuntpet in performing them, but cuntpet has no right to demand or even expect this and this will be done at Master’s sole discretion.

  • Bedroom shall be kept picked up and neat, this is a daily, ongoing instruction and is Master’s expectation that it will be adhered to at all times.
  • Bedroom floor shall be vacuumed once a week. Movable furniture shall be moved and vacuumed under (heavy furniture such as Bed, bookcases, desk etc are excluded)
  • Surfaces such as desk, nightstands, bookshelves etc shall be dusted the same day cuntpet vacuums.
  • On every work night it is the cuntpet’s responsibility to pick out an outfit for Master to wear the next day at work. When choosing outfits she will take into consideration dress codes and standards at Master’s work as well as her knowledge of his taste and preferences. Outside temperature and weather conditions must also be considered. Master is free to reject the outfit cuntpet has prepared at his sole discretion.
  • Laundry will be done every other day. Laundry is to be hung up immediately after it is done drying. On no account shall laundry be left for extended periods in washer or dryer.
  • Bathroom is to be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis. Floor is to be mopped, sink, shower and toilet to be scrubbed. Garbage emptied and mirror polished.
  • Water for snakes is to be changed ever Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Bedding, including sheets, comforters and pillowcases should be washed every 2 weeks.
  • Cuntpet is responsible for preparing dinner on all weekdays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends. Cuntpet should prepare a list of proposed dinners twice a month 2 days before Master’s payday along with the ingredients that need to be purchased. Master will review list, making changes as he sees fit and will go grocery shopping with cuntpet on payday to obtain food for the next 15 days. When possible this should be done at Costco in an effort to save money by buying in bulk. It is Master’s responsibility to pay for these groceries.
  • Master will typically be responsible for his own breakfast and lunch on weekdays. Cuntpet is allowed to prepare these meals for herself, and may request certain supplies be bough as part of the semi-monthly grocery shopping trips. If cuntpet desires to eat out for lunch she is solely responsible for costs.
  • Cuntpet is responsible for keeping track of household items and supplies such as toilet paper, detergent, dish-soap, trash bags, cat food & litter etc. She will take an inventory of such consumable and warn Master when supplies are running low so he can purchase more.
  • Cuntpet is responsible for the general upkeep of common living area. This includes kitchen and living room.
  • Dishes should be done at least every other day, more often if needed.
  • Kitchen floor should be swept at least twice a week and mopped once a week.
  • Cuntpet is responsible for picking up hers and Master’s “stuff” from living room and kitchen and for cleaning up after preparing meal.

Disciplinary measures
Master reserves the right to invoke various disciplinary measures in order to correct unacceptable behavior from cuntpet. These measures can range from revocation of privileges, assignment of extra duties as well as verbal chastising and corporeal punishment.
It is Master’s responsibility to ensure that such disciplinary measures are appropriate and educational, not simply punitive or cruel. Master should not inflict disciplinary measures while in a state of anger, and must take every measure to ensure discipline does not cause any undue harm to cuntpet’s physical, emotional, spiritual or mental well-being.
To draw clear distinction between disciplinary actions and play actions that may appear disciplinary on the surface, Master is responsible for clearly announcing the disciplinary nature of the action as well as the reason why he feels it’s necessary. Cuntpet will submit to any disciplinary measures without protest as long as it falls within the scope of the Master/cuntpet contract. It is not cuntpet’s place to question or protest discipline and she is encouraged to see such actions as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than a simple form of punishment.