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Review: Tantus G-Force Wand

It’s no secret that some of my favorite toys are made out of silicone. Silicone toys are phthalate-free and non-porous, so are easy to clean, and they can be boiled or stuck in the dishwasher (without soap) to be completely sterilized. What else could you ask from a toy material?

The Tantus G-force Wand is made out of 100% ultra-premium medical-grade platinum silicone, which also means it’s hypoallergenic. Plus it’s a gorgeous plum color and they also have it in pink. Tantus toys are some of the best silicone toys around, with unique and intelligent designs made to hit all the right places, and the G-force Wand is no exception.

The Tantus G-force Wand is about eleven inches if you take the curve into consideration, with about three inches of handle and eight inches of insertable goodness. The handle has somewhat of a matte finish as well as swirly ridges around it so it is easy to grip and keep a hold of even if you get lube on the handle.

It has a thick bulbous head on the insertable end and a nice curve to the slightly bendable silicone shaft, both of which combine to make the G-force Wand a fantastic g-spotter toy, which is definitely the intention of it (hence the G- part of it’s name). I found it absolutely perfect for solo g-spot play.

Personally, I love hard fast penetration, but being a big girl it’s especially difficult to give myself that fucking with dildos since in order to do so I’d have to contort myself into positions and get my arm at just the right angle, and it’s just generally too much work. However, with the G-force Wand it’s long enough I can be comfortably on my back while thrusting it in and out, hitting the g-spot, and even using a vibe on my clit with the other hand. It’s positively heavenly!

The next test was to see if I could use it anally, and it was wonderful for that as well! It was easy to use, basically in the same position as I was using it vaginally. I didn’t find it very good for solo play while on my stomach, only because I wasn’t able to get a good angle with it so it didn’t quite work. However, using it vaginally or anally while on my back combined with a vibe on my clit is absolutely fantastic!

Not only is it great for solo play, as I’ve mentioned, but it’s great for partner play as well. Onyx and I have played with it together, both in him and me (since it’s silicone it can be fully sterilized and shared between partners), and both of us love it. I love how easy the handle makes thrusting it in, and since it’s long and easy to grip it’s just generally easy to use on a partner as well, including while doing other things.

Overall the G-force Wand really has become one of my favorite dildos. There are others that rank higher, but mostly just because they are harness-compatible, and the G-force Wand, of course, is not. However, it is both well made and well designed. If you’re looking for a silicone g-spot toy I highly recommend getting the G-force Wand, for solo or partner play (though especially for solo).

A big huge thank you to Tabu Toys for sending me the Tantus G-force Wand, and for being so patient with me since I took WAY longer to review this than I thought due to moving!


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  1. dominadoll

    Looks like and effective toy. I like the curve on it and the handle is really cool!

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