My wonderful neighbormates (ex-roommates now neighbors = neighbormates in our lexicon) have become obsessed with making this gorgeous piece of jewelry above. It’s Orgonite which is “a compound of inorganic metal suspended in a matrix of organic resin. This, with the addition of a Quartz crystal point, helps to mitigate the harmful effects of certain electrical currents (EMF, ELF, i.e. cell phone, computer, etc.). We also add semi-precious stones both for beauty and because of the beneficial properties of stones.”

Basically, these are handmade pieces of gorgeous art jewelry that also help your reaction to certain negative electrical currents, if you believe that sort of stuff. If you don’t buy into it, then they are simply handmade pieces of gorgeous art jewelry, and either way it’s a win-win.

The piece of orgonite I’m currently wearing around (above) was not made specially for me, though I’m planning on getting many more. The neighbormates realized that putting a claw-hook on the necklace enables them to switch out the orgonite pieces, so I’m sure I will have many more in the future. This piece has red tiger’s eye on the sides, garnet (I believe) in the center beneath the silver coil, and a number of other semi-precious stones that I can’t remember.

I frequently take off my piece of Orgonite just to look at it, it’s that mesmerizing. Katrisa is selling them at the school where she works to the teachers and staff and they all absolutely love them as well. Since they’re all hand-made no two are alike, and they are seriously gorgeous. The picture above just barely does it justice, they’re just that fantastic.

Now, mostly this post is about me sharing, but I also can’t resist telling you where you could get your own. I designed and maintain the website Joy Water for the neighbormates’ sister/best friend (respectively), and so we put some of the orgonite up there as well for them to sell on the website, so you can see more orgonite images on there and even buy one if you wanted.