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A Few Orgasms Before Bed

Because my blog has been entirely to smut-less lately, even though I have all these ideas for smutty stuff but I end up writing all the introspective stuff first, and because it was hot. Last night…

He stepped out of the shower and came into our bedroom, already knowing what was going to happen. I was waiting for him, wearing the harness and nothing else. I told him to lie face down on the bed and put the blindfold on. As he did as instructed I continued getting ready, fixing my pretty black dildo into the harness, making sure it curved down so it would hit his prostate when I rode his ass from behind.

I moved around the bed and restrained each of his hands in turn, using the Under the Bed Restraints that are a convenient permanent feature of our bed now, stretching his arms out on either side of him so that he couldn’t move. Then I told him to get his ass up in the air with his arms already bound.

Kneeling on the bed behind him I groped and massaged his ass, smacking it a few times before reaching for the lube. Slowly I worked my fingers into him, opening him up and getting his ass ready for my cock. I told him he was my ass slut now as he moaned and pressed his ass back on my fingers, first one then all the way up to four of them filling his ass.

Once he was sufficiently stretched and lubed I positioned my cockhead against the opening of his ass as he lay bound and blindfolded before me offering his ass up high. I pressed in slowly so he could feel it before starting to thrust. He moaned with each thrust as I started fucking his ass, alternating between fast and slow, hard and soft, making sure he felt it and making sure he was loving it, occasionally asking how he was feeling just to be sure.

As I rode his ass he started grunting and moaning, making sounds that sounded like he was going to come, so I fucked harder to encourage them and then stopped after a few more moments. I asked him what had happened, and he didn’t know. It was a surge of incredibly intense pleasure, he told me, which just made me want to get him there again. I stroked his cock for a few moments while we talked before starting up again, ramming into his ass until I heard the familiar grunts.

He didn’t shoot, but it seemed like he was having a p-spot orgasm, something he’d never had before, and seemed to love it. I let him come that way a few more times before pulling out, releasing him from the restraints, and instructing him to lie on his back and get his cock rock hard.

After washing my cock off I came back in and knelt next to his head, pressing my cock against his lips and asking him if he knew what I wanted him to do. Without a word he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking it. I watched him eagerly devouring it, pleasure flooding my cunt as he did, almost able to feel the softness of his tongue and insistent suckling against the silicone.

I pulled back and instructed him to sit up, positioning myself against the wall and instructing him to suck me again so I could watch from a different angle. He eagerly took it back into his mouth and began bobbing his head up and down it, gagging himself on it every so often until he had a couple of twin tears rolling down his cheeks. I let my hand rest happily on his head, playing with his hair as he sucked me off.

Moans escaped my lips as I watched him tongue and suck the curved black silicone into his mouth, and after a few long hot minutes of this I pulled him off of me. His cock was very hard, I began stroking it just to watch the pleasure and agony cascade across his face. I asked him what he wanted, and after many strokes and many moments of teasing I lay back so that he could fuck my cunt as I stroked my cock.

It did not take long for him to come, since he was so riled up already, and once I gave permission he shot. I let him rest for a few moments while I took the harness off and got back into bed, grabbing my newest toy, Mia, from the nightstand and declaring that it was my turn. I got on my stomach, positioned Mia and instructed him to fuck me with his fingers, my favorite way to come.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve fucked his ass, last weekend I used a glass plug on him, though not with a harness, then made him fuck me with the plug still in. He liked that quite a bit. When we were in England in May I used my strap-on on him, but that was the last time prior to last night. I have a feeling it will happen much more frequently from now on. This was, however, the first time I had him suck my cock and I imagine that will happen more frequently as well.


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  1. Amber

    Hot! I really need to get (a) under the bed restraints and (b) a harness! Your review of the Hardcore Harness has me lusting…

  2. Wilhelmina


    Liked this post a lot. I’ve only ever used a strap-on on a guy once and it was such a mindblow. Looking forward to when I can try it again.

    And Under the Bed Restraints seem like quite the staple to me!

    Wilhelmina’s last blog post: Memories of the Emperor

  3. I really enjoyed this story. Very erotic. *smiles*

    Greenwoman’s last blog post: Cards

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