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Bare (HNT)

Looking back at my few Half-Nekkid Thursday pics, I realized that most of them didn’t show much (if any) skin. Especially the ones lately. And, since I have been absent from posting my HNT’s for a few weeks, I decided I wanted to come back with a bit of a bang.

While, I know, showing cleavage or even breasts in general is a little cliche for HNT, I did it anyway, mostly because I wanted to show off the new nail polish I got while up in Juneau, it matches my hair and my bedspread rather delightfully and I have dubbed it my ‘femme red’ nail polish. And, what better way to show off nail polish than to do so while cupping some beautiful (if I do say so myself) breasts? Plus, it was just the Boobiethon, and in the spirit of that I bare to you my breasts.

I also painted my toes to match, which may play a feature in next week’s HNT… though perhaps not, we shall just have to wait and see!


Review: Under the Bed Restraints


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  1. Cliche or not, one can never see too many boobs…especially with the classic handbra and gorgeous colored fingernails. :D

  2. Dragon Mage

    Smart AND sexy. yum. ^_^

  3. Hey it looks great on you!!! I like the shock of pink hair peekin out too, lol

    I’ve never been able to pull off red nailpolish. It always appears…over-the-top on me. Perhaps I’m just getting bad colors for my skin tone!

  4. Gorgeous! That’s a great picture. I love your hair and matching nails too. And I’m curious, what is the tattoo of between your breasts?


  5. dominadoll

    Boobs are never boring or cliche. And yours are perfect! Nice polish too.

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