I’m doing this post round-up both for you my readers and for myself, it helps me to categorize what I have done and written, to see what areas I talk about most, what things I may want to talk about next month, and where my relationship(s) have been and how they have developed over the last month.

So, this is rather late, but I’m back-dating it to October 1st. I’ve just not been on my game as far as quick and often posting, which is both good and bad in some ways. I have been focusing on other things, such as my new photography website Deviant Decadence, but I have also not been posting as much or even what I have been wanting to.

September was somewhat cut short, due to my trip to Seattle-area and Juneau, in addition, most of the posts were about gender, sex toys, or something other than this site and personal stuff. I had a lot of things going on in September as far as personal issues, Onyx and I had a few hills in our normally somewhat rocky relationship, but we got through them and are stronger for them, I believe.

Gender and sex toy reviews were really the strongest categories this month, and gender is something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot lately, something I’m trying to figure out, to fit into. I have a lot more thinking to do, so expect a lot more posts on gender in the future. I didn’t talk a lot about kinky issues this month, mostly because I wasn’t feeling terribly sexual, and Onyx and I were not relating as usual, but also because I was gone for half of it.





  • I mused quite a bit about labels again this month, talking extensively about my label fetish, what that means, and how it manifests.
  • I really went back and explored some of my butch leanings earlier in my life, with two of my HNT’s focusing around older pics (partially because my card reader was broken, so I delved into my archives for them) when I was much more butch than femme: The Butch in Me and Baby Dyke.
  • A post of Sinclair’s over at Sugarbutch inspired me to delve into my own semantic usage of bio- and cis-.

queer poly

  • A post with info regarding the Queer Psychotherapy Conference in San Francisco, and as a queer with a Psychology degree I was instantly intrigued and desired to go, so I thought I would share.

kinky switch

all else