This may be my summer for collaborative writing projects! I changed up the navigation and some of the look of the site yesterday, including changing how single pages look (less stuff on the sidebars, and links to the next page back, etc). But the big thing was navigation. If you’ll notice, right below the banner up there, not only do I have a “Navigation:” list now, but I also have “Other Projects:” which includes my sexcast, The Femmes Guide to the Universe (not yet launched), and The Best Sex Bloggers.

I’ll have a post about Femmes Guide later, but this post is for Best Sex Bloggers (BSB). It’s a pet project of Catalina of CatalinaLoves (and about a billion other sites) and her husband Marky D Sade. Here’s a little about the project:

The Best Sex Bloggers is a collaborative effort between erotic, glamour, and fetish photographers and the best sex bloggers of every flavor. Represented here are BDSM, D/s, Doms, Dommes, Professional Sex Work, Polyamory, Vanilla, Psychology, Sexuality, Reviews, Advice, HNT, Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Pansexual, and of course hot erotic fiction as well as the even hotter tales of adventure.

Catalina and Marky D Sade started as a way to network bloggers and photographers in a way that other blogs have never done before. Our photographers have submitted an album with permission for each of the bloggers to use their images with proper credit. In addition, the photographers themselves will be posting their images and commenting on the shoot, the model, or the image itself.

You can read the bios of the photographers and the sex bloggers who are contributing. We just opened midnight on August 4th, and there are already 18 posts, and more on the way no doubt! It’s fantastic, and I highly encourage everyone to check it out. Nearly all of my favorite bloggers are contributing, and we have collaborative posts in the works (won’t that just be orgasmic, some of your favorite sex bloggers on one post?!). It’s going to be pretty damn awesome.

A rundown of what you will find at The Best Sex Bloggers:

BDSM, Dom, Domme, Submissive, Online D/s, Vanilla, Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Poly, Psychology, Sexuality, Discussion, Photography, Sociology, Podcasts, Bondage (including beautiful rope bondage by well-respected bondage artists), Erotic Fiction, Tales of Adventures, Sexual Fantasies, Hot Couples, Kink, Fetish, Phone Sex Operators, Professional Sex Writers, Reviews, Photoblogs, Education and Information, Smut, Filth, Flirting, HNT, Networking, Featured Artists, Local Events, Poetry, and even just once in a while a tale about the weird lives we tend to lead.

In short, just about anything sexy and sexual!