June was a busy month for me (aren’t they usually?), but also my most active month on here thus far. I got a lot of what I wanted posted, and also started up a bunch of drafts which I never finished, but there’s always time this month.

In June, Master and I had a lot of discoveries and improvements to our relationship, getting to a very good place, a place where I feel comfortable going in deeper and exploring myself and my role in our relationship, as shown by a few posts. I was able to get deeper into my submission to him, analyzing and discovering it in new ways.

I also began posting more non-personal things than previously: video clips, links to conference information and anthologies, and some general information type things within the topics outlined in the subtitle of the blog. I also posted in my first and second sugasm’s (and plan on more in the future), and met a new friend.

Now, the post roundup, going down the subjects of the title and subtitle of the blog, aka my identities and my topics:






24/7 submissive

  • The Aim of Discussion is This – The aftermath of the trip Master and I took, musings about our relationship, the steps we were beginning to take to restore or revamp it, and questioning my Dominant side.
  • Transformation at a Good Pace – Similar to the previous, information about the changes we worked on in our relationship.
  • Thunderfuck – Orgasm frustration and fucking during a wonderful thunderstorm.
  • The Perfect Cure for Grumpyness – How helplessness, bondage, and submitting help me get rid of grumpy feelings.
  • Impromptu Ravishment Play – Thoughts on ravishment/rape play, my ideas of my reasons for desiring it, and the (impromptu) scenario which Master and I engaged in.


all else