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A First Meeting: Sex Toys, Coffee, and A Kiss

I’ve had so much to write about lately that I haven’t gotten to doing any of it, except the sex toy reviews, obviously.

I met up with The Dark Republican yesterday. He just moved to SLC and we have been talking online for a while, so we met up in person. He wrote about it here, which is a nice summation of what happened, in my mind, too, but from his point of view. So here is mine.

We met up at a coffee shop near my house, but it was rather crowded and we decided to go to Cahoots first, a sex toy shop that’s right next to it. He had mentioned on a mailing list we’re both on that he was wondering about good sex shops, and so I thought it might be fun to go there during our first meeting, as I’m a big fan of sex toys (as you know, no doubt), and I’m all about gauging people by their interests.

We chatted as we looked at toys, and helped one woman figure out what to buy for a bachelorette party. There were some fun ones there, and a red glitter dildo that could be used in a harness, which I’m enamored with currently. I may need to get it next time I have money (which won’t be for a while). I asked about a job there as well, and the pay isn’t great, but it could be a fun part-time thing if I find another well-paying job. It’s a possibility, anyway, and would look good on a resume considering I want to work in sex shops (Good Vibrations would be my top choice once we move to San Fran, of course, but any sex-positive sex store with a good energy about it is wonderful to me).

After looking around the sex toys for quite some time, we went back to the coffee shop and got some drinks and sat and chatted about all sorts of things, mostly on the geeky side of things, but also about society, socialism, and a wide range of wherever the conversation took us. We ended up going back to my place, partially so that we could talk about more intimate type things like BDSM. He’s very new, and seems very eager, which is very cute.

We were sitting on my couch chatting more, I did most of the talking at this point, and I expounded upon some of my bdsm philosophies, my relationship with Master, newness to bdsm, and all sorts of topics like that. I don’t often get a chance to delve into those sort of topics with someone face-to-face, so it was very nice to be able to just talk about all sorts of things like that.

He was very nice, and adorable. There were times I wanted to pinch his cheeks (no, not -those- cheeks…), but I refrained. I was chatting with Master at the time, as well, idly, though (and hopefully not rudely), just letting him know what was going on, and he reminded me I was supposed to deliver something to our landlord today, and I had spaced it since I hadn’t had time before meeting up with TDR, and we had been getting to know each other for much longer than I had anticipated.

I had to go, so I had to kick him out so that I could do that. We stood up and hugged, and I knew when I leaned in to that hug he was going to kiss me. He had been flirting the entire time, and I had done a little back, but I’m seriously rusty when it comes to flirting, I just don’t do it much. But he knew I was at least mostly receptive, and I knew that I could stop him if I wanted/needed to, and it was a nice first experience. We kissed, briefly, there was a little groping as well, but I cut it probably shorter than he would have liked it and ushered him out the door.

We talked about the possibility of him meeting Master, of the three of us maybe doing things, and I related this to Master later, and he said it is definitely a possibility (which I kind of knew already). They will have to meet and we will have to get to know him better before anything actually happens, but I’m sure that something will work out.

It was really nice getting to meet him, and I’m sure we’ll get to know each other better.


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  1. The Dark Republican

    I really enjoyed our afternoon, and I am happy that you did too. I am looking forward to meeting ur Master, and getting to know him as well as getting to know you some more.

    Have a Fantastic Day!
    The Dark Republican

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