Pleasure is my business, my life, my joy, my purpose.

My Name

As I’ve mentioned previously, Master and I have been looking for a cuntpet name for me for quite some time, but have been unable to find one that has fit. I’ve been wanting a name as an aid to training, an aid to submitting, a little extra control over me.

So, today, Master found my name for me. I was pondering changing my username on livejournal. The two options I first came up with were scarletlotus and feministfucktoy. Both Master and Kat voted for scarletlotus. So, to Master, I mentioned that I agreed, was leaning toward that, and asked what he thought of having scarlet be his name for me.

His response: I was thinking about just that this morning.

How’s that for kismet?

In addition to it fitting me like a custom-made corset, it also has spiritual associations for both Master and myself. In addition, as Kat calls me her lotus or her flower, being able to use scarletlotus is a blending of Master’s and Miss’ names for me. It just fits so well for this section of my life.

~scarlet lotus sexgeek~


The Dark Republican


Disturbing… or Awesome?


  1. The Dark Republican

    that is an awesome name for ya. btw I just added you to my twitter. look for muscleboundgeek that would be me.

    Have a Great day!
    The Dark Republican

  2. Thanks! I love it. =D
    Ahh, yes, I thought that might have been you on twitter! Reciprocated the follow on there.

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