It was Master’s birthday weekend this past one, plus the end of finals week for me, and he got his MCSE last week as well, so we did a minor amount of partying on Saturday night. Sunday was his actual birthday, though, and that was fun. We fucked on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but I was a mixture of tired and fucked up and I don’t remember much of it, except that it felt wonderful, but it always does.

Last night, however, I remember.

Even though he had to get up for work early this morning we stayed up later than we should have watching Alias (middle of Season 3), we finished and got settled, and he told me to turn off the light. Instead I turned around and we began kissing. Luckily we had gotten quite a bit of sleep the night before. We focused on kissing, one of my arms trapped between us against the bed, the other sliding across his chest, to his side, back up to his neck, grinning happily against his mouth.

Eventually he took my hand and tugged it down toward his cock as I playfully resisted the movement. I started stroking, one of our favorite activities, both of us glancing down every once in a while to watch my hand as it moved up and down his hard length. I don’t remember who encouraged the next part, if I was so hungry to feel and taste his cockhead in my mouth that I moved down to capture it with my lips or if he pressed my head down toward his cock with his hand while I stroked it with mine. Perhaps it was a mixture of both. Either way we ended up with his cock between my lips.

I was slow at first, languidly lapping at his cockhead, sliding my tongue along the head, letting the ball of my tongue ring flick against the spot on the underside where the head meets the length, the little space that is almost like an arrow, leading up in a crease to the cum slit, letting my tongue play with the soft spongy flesh I found there, purring with delight, having missed the taste and texture of his cock, realizing we had been so preoccupied with fucking my cunt lately that my mouth hadn’t been fucked for a while.

Once my teasing and slow worshiping had gotten to be enough for him, his hand moved around the back of my neck and he began encouraging me to bob my head up and down his shaft, working it with my mouth. I complied, my hands moving to his balls, playing with them softly as he groaned, my mouth and hands working happily to bring him pleasure. My speed alternated, slow, then fast, then slow, every once in a while pulling back to just suckle the cockhead or lap at the tip while I was still in control.

As he got closer, his grip on my head tightened until he was moving my head up and down, no longer letting me have control of my movements just fucking my face with his cock, using it as a hole for his pleasure, fucking it like any other hole. I moaned and gagged softly a few times as he pushed me down until his cockhead popped softly into my throat, and then pulled back, I could hear him groan at the sensation as I gagged, my hand still stroking his balls softly, now tight and ready to explode at any moment as he fucked my face up and down his shaft. My spit was drooling out the sides of my mouth as I had no control over my movements or the ability to stop and swallow as my mouth was used.

Our pattern alternated a bit, every once in a while I would be given control again, but usually just for a few moments before he started fucking my mouth, his hips would fuck his cock up into my mouth at times, and others the only movement would be my lips on his shaft. He groaned loudly, moving my face faster, harder, fucking it like he was getting close, I could feel his body tensing right before his cock began spurting into my mouth, his hand holding me steady as his cum flooded into me, swallowing it down quickly I moaned and relished the taste of it and the pleasure I had brought to him. I was squirming on the bed, my cunt on fire, wanting to be fucked, so I kept my mouth on his cock, I made sure to lick up every drop of cum before focusing again on teasing and coaxing his cock.

I patiently licked every inch of it, sucking the cockhead in my mouth, sliding my lips up and down his shaft again, moving down to take every inch in my mouth, gagging but holding my mouth down, deepthroating him for as long as I could before pulling up, and then repeating. I slid my mouth down to his balls, lapping and sucking at them as my hand stroked his cock. He never quite got soft, though he was softer after cumming, but quickly began hardening again as I worked my mouth on him. Soon he was fucking my face again, and I was squirming and squeezing my cunt and moaning loudly, trying to indicate my desire to be fucked without taking his cock out of my mouth. It was all I could think of, having his cock inside of me, pounding into me and making me moan.

After he was more than sufficiently hard he asked me if I wanted to be fucked, asked me if I wanted his hard cock inside of me, if I wanted him slamming into me, and to each question I gave a muffled “yes” or “yes, please,” my mouth unwilling to leave his cock until he told me to. I looked up at him, and there was an agreement. I moved to kiss him and whimper, and we moved, shifted positions, I got on my hands and knees and the moment he got behind me I backed up onto him, his cock sliding easily into my wet cunt, our usual position, fucking me like a whore.

He was fast and hard from the first stroke, pounding into me perfectly as I moaned loudly into the pillow beneath my face, pressing back against him as he fucked me, his hands on my hips again, stroking himself into me, using my cunt now as he had used my face not too long before, getting close in minutes as I begged him to cum inside of me, to fill me with cum, to fuck me, pound my cunt, fuck me harder, cum in me… and he did, I could feel the spasms of his cock as he erupted inside of me.

We stayed there for a few moments, his cock still hard within me, both of us catching our breath, though I had not cum yet but had been moaning and panting and begging. He tried pulling out a couple times, and both times I greedily pushed my cunt back so that he did not escape, keeping him inside of me, loving the feeling of his cock stretching my cunt open slightly, squeezing the walls around his shaft, and just enjoying the feeling of his cum inside.

His third attempt to pull back worked, but his cock was quickly replaced by his fingers, making me moan and fuck back yet again. I knew what to do, and slid my hand down to my cunt, rubbing my clit as he fingered me. It did not take long for me to reach my first orgasm, asking permission before cumming hard around his fingers, the walls spasming, knowing he could feel it. He barely paused after I came, starting to fuck me again, my finger starting to work my clit as I came to another, and then another, both with permission. My fourth and final orgasm of the night was closer to two or maybe three strung together, my body overcoming with pleasure, lasting for longer than the others, spasming and shaking and moaning before collapsing in a puddle of pleasure, gasping for air and unable to move.