Not last night, but two nights ago.

It was rather vanilla in practice, but he was in charge of course, and it was delicious, as our sex always is.

It was a nice quickie before we went to sleep, which is our typical routine during the work/school week when our roommates are in the house (often in the living room above us as we tend to go to bed before them).

We were lying in bed, both of us slightly exhausted from the day, but I started stroking his cock because I wanted to be fucked. I love the feeling of a soft cock hardening against my fingers, knowing that I’m pleasing it, that I’m pleasing him, and knowing that if I manage to get it hard enough it will be inside me somewhere, inside one of my holes fucking me. This is usually incentive enough after an exhausting day to work at Master’s cock and try to get it hard.

He loves it when I initiate sex, when I show off how much I desire his cock by encouraging it to grow with my hands or lips and tongue. He loves for me to show off how much of an eager cock slut I am for him, to show off how much I love to be fucked, to suck, and to taste his cock.

I stroked and stroked and stroked, rubbing myself softly up against his thigh, waiting until he was hard. He told me to get on top, which we hadn’t done for a while, though both of us enjoys it when we do fuck that way. He had hurt his back that day and was trying to resist the urge to take me hard from behind like we both love him to do. I slid my cunt down on his hard cock and began grinding up and down, lifting my ass and settling it down.

After long enough he was unable to stand it, and I was definitely ready to feel his hard cock pounding into me from behind, using me like a whore as he likes to call it. He had me get on hands and knees, and I quickly complied, wiggling my ass back towards his cock as he positioned behind me, his cock slipping again easily into my now sopping wet cunt, grinding back against him as he took my hips in hand and began pumping his cock into me.

I love it when he fucks me this way, and he knows it too. He enjoys it as well, obviously, as his hurting back was not discouraging enough for him to not fuck me like a whore, taking me like an easy little fucktoy, just the way I love it. We whispered obscenities to each other, which just made it hotter, and he picked up pace until he was slamming into me, using my hole for his pleasure, and I was loving every second of it.

He came inside of me and it was amazing. There’s very little that can compare to the feeling of his cock erupting within me.

His back began hurting again, or else I would have probably cum as well, but I had the night before quite a few times, and I’m getting used to only cumming when he desires it as opposed to whenever I would like to.