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Protected: A Study in Motivation

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Protected Posts

I find myself thinking about doing more protected posts in the future. I have mentioned that you simply need to contact me to get the password for protected posts, but I know it’s a good idea to post something on here too.

So, if you would like to read the previous protected post and any/all that may come up in the future simply comment here and I will send the password to you via email. If for some reason you do not want others to know you are reading my protected posts you can also DM me on twitter if I am following you (and if I’m not following you and I should be feel free to comment here telling me your twitter name as well so I can follow you), or send an email to Lotus AT and I will respond!

Also, on a completely separate geeky note, I purchased and am now using it specifically as a domain for short urls (similar to tinyurl or for my own sites. I love it.

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