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Review: Ella by LELO

If this already hasn’t become apparent to you, then you probably have not read my other reviews of Lelo products because I rave about them every time I have the honor of reviewing one. This time it is no different. Although the first time I tried out the Ella I actually didn’t enjoy it, but that was because I was in a strange sexual headspace and not really enjoying anything at the time. It was obviously all in my head because the second and all further times playing with Ella I was in love.

Like all Lelo toys she comes in a gorgeous black box with a satin pouch, manual, and (one year) warranty information. Although unlike Iris and Nea (and most other Lelo toys) Ella is a dildo, so there’s nothing to plug in or charge up, Ella is ready to go immediately. She is made 100% out of silicone, is extremely sleek and classy, and comes in either black or white from EdenFantasys (I got the black).

Ella is currently the only dildo in the Lelo line, and is a double-ended dildo to boot. Her two ends look a bit like the Gigi and the Liv put end-to-end. I’m a bit of a size queen, though I appreciate small toys as well if they are well made, and Ella is a little smaller around than I thought she would be. She is only just over one inch in diameter (1 1/4″), but regardless I found them to be absolutely fantastic for g-spot stimulation, especially the end that is curved with the flat head (Gigi-like).

I tried Ella a few different ways: thrusting inside of me, working inside of me, and with a vibe on my clit. Of course (clit whore as I am) I got off with a vibe on my clit, I used both the Hitachi and Nea and enjoyed each combination. The femme accessorizer in me enjoyed having the black Ella and black Nea working together (though I would have loved a black Lily instead, because the finish matches the Ella better than the Nea’s finish, but that’s just my OCD talking). Thrusting with both ends was highly pleasurable and Ella seemed larger when she was inside of me, I’m not sure why. Working it inside of me was pleasurable as well (by “working” I mean very slight thrusting, basically). Both ends make a wonderful handle for the other so the toy is extremely easy to maneuver.

Like all Lelo toys Ella was just absolutely fantastic, and looks more like a work of art than a dildo (“pleasure object” as Lelo calls all of their items). It is sleek, fem(me)inine, elegant, and gorgeous. I am constantly amazed with the pleasure objects Lelo produces and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their toys! I’m especially lusting over their newest toy Bo, which I just discovered today, though I could list all of the toys that I don’t have as ones that I want.

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Review: Iris by LELO

If you read my review of Lelo’s tiny Nea vibrator then you already know that LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects) is my new favorite toy company. When I had the chance to pick out some new toys from VibeReview, Lelo’s “pleasure object” Iris was right at the top of my list.

Iris comes in a beautiful black storage box with a charger (like all Lelo toys Iris is rechargeable–no pesky batteries to mess with), a satin pouch for traveling, warranty information (Lelo gives a one year warranty standard with all of their toys), and an instruction manual. The manual informs us that Iris is made of medical-grade silicone (the insertable shaft), and PC-ABS (the handle), both of which are non-porous and some of the highest quality material for sex toys on the market.

Like all Lelo vibrating toys, Iris has a LED strip around her interface dial that lights up when you press any of the four “quadrants” of the dial (+ or – vibration, and < or > vibration type). The manual mentioned that Iris will change color from white to red if the rechargeable battery is running out, alerting you to plug her in, blinking while she’s charging and then solid white when she’s charged up and ready to go. It takes up to three hours to charge her up for a full four hours of play. Other information in the manual includes how to turn Iris on, how to lock for traveling with Iris (a standard feature), troubleshooting, and the different types of vibration Iris offers.

Not only is Iris beautiful like all Lelo toys, the details on her shaft reminding me of the bud of a flower getting ready to bloom, but she also packs a pretty hefty punch. She has two different vibration centers, in the crown (or tip) and in the base (where she meets the handle), which you can set with continuous vibration in one or the other, or both. The other two vibration options are pulses either a slow or quick pulsation of the entire length of her. Personally I love using just the crown vibration for clitoral stimulation, which it does quite a wonderful job at!

Iris is curved just right for g-spot stimulation, be it shallow or deep, so she’s good for both thrusting and just pressing inside and letting her pulse as you play with something else on your clit (my favorite way to use her). She is also curved nicely for clitoral stimulation, as Iris curves right along the mons allowing for ease of maneuvering. I did find it a little too easy to press on the dial when in the middle of masturbating, which was annoying but not overly so.

Like I’ve said before, “there’s just no substitute for the quality of pleasure Lelo’s pleasure objects bring.” They are well-made, beautiful, elegant, and inform you of all the information you might need about the toy in the manual (including troubleshooting and recycling instructions!). I absolutely love the Iris, though it hasn’t quite outranked the Nea, it definitely comes close. I would highly recommend Iris to anyone who especially enjoys high-quality g-spot stimulating toys as well as works of art.

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Review: Nea by LELO

The Nea by Lelo may very well be my new favorite toy. I am absolutely in love with Lelo, so when they offered me a toy of theirs I had a hard time deciding which one to get because I want them all. There is no Lelo pleasure object that I wouldn’t own. They are all gorgeous and unique in their own ways, and I highly encourage you to check out their entire line of pleasure objects. Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back.

I like to take everything about a toy into account in my review and desire of it, not just the vibration or how well it gets me off. Although vibration and orgasm intensity are both extremely important (why else do we buy vibrators, right?) most toys can bring me to orgasm with enough time or effort on my part. Sometimes I want a longer work-up to orgasm not just the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am intensity of the Hitachi, so intensity is not always the only thing I look for.

I take all the aesthetics and features into mind when reviewing a toy, and the greatest testament to my desire of it is not how well it got me off but how likely I am to use it again, and Nea has become my number one toy to use both for solo and partner play. I love everything about it: the design, the ease of use and light-up display, the chargeability, the size, the shape, the feel, and (of course) the vibration.

Nea comes in a pretty black storage box along with a charger, a satin pouch for traveling, warranty information (Lelo gives a one year warranty standard with all of their toys), and an instruction manual. Not many toys come with an instruction manual, and if they do there’s usually not more than a page of pretty basic instructions. Nea’s manual, however, includes not only basic information about the pleasure object (such as basic features, and charging, cleaning, and vibration information) but also troubleshooting information and specifications. The manual informs us that Nea is made from PC-ABS (Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene blend) which is a phthalate-free thermoplastic and completely safe to use.

There is a LED strip around each of the buttons that lights up when you press them, which can be handy in a dark room. It also changes color from white to red if Nea’s batteries are running out, alerting you to plug her in to charge, blinking while she’s charging and then solid white when she’s charged up and ready to go. It takes just two hours of waiting to charge her up for a full seven hours of pleasure.

The added benefit of being able to charge the Nea also means that you will never have to change the batteries, meaning no batteries to use and throw away, and you’ll never have to search the house for new batteries to put in it mid-masturbation (something I’ve done a number of times). Lelo also sells the chargers separately in case something happens to the one included.

Another neat feature Nea has is the ability to lock the vibrator by pressing both buttons at once until the LED light turns off, which is definitely handy if you are planning on carrying it with you anywhere. Normally if I’m flying with vibrators I take the batteries out of them before packing them, but this is not possible with chargeable toys like Nea, so having the option to lock it is definitely handy. That way you don’t have to worry about Nea turning on accidentally in your bag, being confiscated by baggage handlers at the airport, or anything like that.

Unlike her nearly identical counterpart Lily (which has more of a silken matte finish) Nea is smooth and sleek, likened to porcelain by Lelo, a description I agree with. Nea sports a gorgeous delicate flower design on one side and two buttons on the underside, as you can see in the image above. Images of Nea can be deceiving, however, one would imagine from her pictures that she is the same size as the LayaSpot perhaps, which is four inches in length, but Nea is much smaller, only about two and a half inches. Small and adorable, just over the size of a bullet vibrator, made perfectly for clitoral stimulation.

This brings me to Nea’s shape, which I find to be absolutely perfect. She nestles just right, the rounded bottom of the toy against my thumb for button-pressing, my thumb resting against my mons, while the pointed end of Nea presses just right against my clit and VCH piercing, eliciting sighs and moans of pleasure. It has just the right curve to make it easy to get to just the right place, and while she is small she is easy to hold on to and maneuver about.

Nea‘s two buttons control both the intensity and type of vibration. In addition to the regular continuous vibration which all vibrators have, she also has four additional vibration pulses, three steady pulses of various speeds (called “extended interval pulsation,” “itermediate interval pulsationd ,” and “short interval pulsation” in the manual) as well as a roller coaster vibration effect (called “before & after”). I enjoy cycling through the programs and playing with the Nea on various parts of both my and Dominus’ body not just my clit.

I found the vibrations to be nice and strong but not extra super strong. While the Nea is able to bring me to orgasm it does require a little bit of rubbing on my part, which I don’t mind. Even when playing with the Hitachi I need to add a little bit of movement myself, it’s just the way my clit likes it, but the Nea definitely takes longer to get me off than the Hitachi. While the vibrations are strong I wouldn’t recommend Nea for those of you who need Hitachi-strength vibrations to get off. However, Nea can be a wonderful teasing toy if the goal isn’t to get off, and if you are looking for a gorgeous clitoral vibrator and don’t need that much strength Nea would be perfect for you (as it is for me)

There’s just nothing quite like the Nea well, except her sister toy Lily. Nea has made me a Lelo addict! I fantasize about someday having every Lelo toy happily residing in my toybox. There’s just no substitute for the quality of pleasure Lelo’s pleasure objects bring.

The Nea has Stolen My… Heart?

I am absolutely enamored with the Nea by Lelo, I’m enamored with all of their products, really, but the Nea is the only one I currently own. Lelo was kind enough to send me a Nea to review and let me tell you, it may just have surpassed the Hitachi as my favorite toy. Though it’s not as powerful as the Hitachi, but it’s small (only about two inches), curved just right, and what it lacks in power it makes up for in maneuverability.

This isn’t my official review of it, I’ll have much more to say about it then, this is more of just a side note. Even Dominus likes it. The night I first had it I couldn’t stop playing with it while we were in bed. I wasn’t putting it on my clit, rather I was just turning it on, playing with the different pulses, pressing the tip against any exposed skin I could get my hands on. I made it buzz against his nipples, belly, and down to his cock, just playing the vibration against him, and he seemed to enjoy it…

I am in love with all things Lelo at the moment, and hope to get more of their pleasure objects in the future. They are all gorgeous and look like works of art, each one more beautiful than the last, each one unique and lustful in it’s own way. I honestly can’t say there isn’t a toy of theirs that I wouldn’t like (though I would never buy the yva, as much as I love toys I wouldn’t spend $1300 on one).

I was actually supposed to get the Lily instead of the Nea, but there was a mix up in shipping it, and since they are basically identical (though they have slightly different finishes, and the Nea has the pretty floral design) I wasn’t too upset about it… though I still want the Lily. I want them all, though, so that makes sense.

I have been keeping it on my night stand, or taking it with me when I go downstairs sometimes, just to play with it in my hand. I’ve idly thought about carrying it with me in my bag, just because if I had the whim to play with it I pretty much could, plus it doesn’t look like a sex toy. I have yet to do so, but it’s on my list of things to do… not sure where I would use it, though. We have pretty good ideas between us, I think we’ll manage

Look forward to my official review (not just my omgiluvthiztoy post as this one is) in the next week or so.

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