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Fedora (HNT)

I bought a new fedora last night and love it so much that I needed to show it off. What better way to do that then with a series of HNT pictures? It is 100% organic cotton and possibly currently my favorite accessory, though that’s not a definite as I’m an accessory slut.

I had to pair it with a tie, of course. The tie is Onyx’s technically but I helped pick it out, it just works better with the hat than any of my ties. I was packing during this as well, though you can’t tell from the pictures.

Fedora HNT

I started out sans makeup, this first one (to me) feels a little more masculine, a little more debonair. I feel like a private eye.


On the flip side, this one is the one I see as most feminine. It’s mischievous, maybe a little dangerous, a slight smirk, though those aren’t necessarily the feminine qualities.


I tried out the purple lips to match the tie but didn’t really like them as much, this was my favorite shot of everything that included my breasts though, I really love the way they look and the angle.


Finally, a head shot/portrait/my new twitter picture/etc. This one looks to me like the me I see in the mirror these days, which I really enjoy.

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in HNT, so what better time than now? It’s been a while since I’ve done much on this blog, but that’s going to be changing as I’m getting back into the spirit of writing and feel like I have some things to say.

Scratches (HNT)


So I’m technically late for HNT posting as it’s Friday, but I don’t care! Since I’m in the middle of writing about my NYC/D.C. trip it seems wrong to skip this week’s HNT after posting the last two weeks especially.

This is Marla, back all scratched up from my nails which aren’t really that long but apparently do the trick. She enjoyed it, though, from what I could tell. I did quite a bit of scratching, lots of biting, some marking, lots of fucking, and had a wild need to have my fingers inside of her at pretty much any given time. I needed her so badly and couldn’t take my hands off of her. Seriously.

But, oh fuck, the noises she made, the way she looked when I fucked her with my cock, the way she felt and tasted and… well, you’ll be able to read about it soon.

There will be more of our meeting in the next few days. Oh yes there will.

I haven’t yet mentioned on here, but she’s coming up to Seattle on June 5th. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Bottom (HNT)

Yet another picture from the time Marla and I had with each other, the time I have yet to write up but will get to one of these days… promise! She’s already written about our first day together, so if you haven’t read that yet you definitely should!

She’s also posting the same images this week, over here, because we’re sickeningly cute like that!

These both were taken while we were on the phone with Onyx, after some hot phone sex, as you can see in the image of me below (as I’m holding my phone). They were taken on the 10th of May around noon, Onyx mentioned he wanted more pictures of us and so Marla started snapping some while we were all on the phone. I then stole the (my) camera to take one of her, which I love. I think she was straddling me at the moment both pictures were taken?

Marla’s eyes are blacked out to protect her anonymity, my eyes are shielded just by happenstance.

She’s so sexy! And I’m so jealous of her double nipple piercings, I used to have mine like that but had to take my vertical ones out. Hers are so sexy! Everything about her is sexy!

I quite love this picture of me.

Marla and Me (HNT)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or this is the first post you’ve ever seen of mine and you don’t follow me on twitter, you probably know that last weekend after Sex 2.0 my long-distance love Marla and I met face-to-face for the first time.

She picked me up at the hotel in Silver Springs, MD where Sex 2.0 was held at and we quickly sped to our hotel in Alexandria, VA (both right outside of Washington, D.C.). There will be much posting of our time together, and this will be the first of many HNT pictures that are posted from the weekend that is also posted on both of our blogs (we’re cheesy like that).

Meeting face-to-face solidified all the feelings we had for each other before meeting and just made everything that much more perfect but also that much more difficult.

We both have lots of posts planned, if we can get to writing them, though a lot of the weekend is a blissful blur in my memory.

Here we are in our non-makeup’d post-sexing glory. We are happy, tired, blissful, and so many other adjectives. Onyx currently has this image of us as his desktop wallpaper.

Stay tuned for more posts and HNT’s of our wonderful weekend together!

For Marla (HNT)


My long-distance love requested some pictures of me yesterday, and I was more than happy to oblige. Specifically she said: “You should send me pictures of yer booty!” So once Onyx got home from work I got together an outfit, and it was Onyx’s idea to take the pictures with me leaning over the ledge of our (teeny tiny) balcony. It was rush hour-ish so there were cars going by while we took them, though you can’t really tell.


I also promised her pictures of my seven “down there” piercings… but that’s not something I would post up on this blog.

Top and Tattoo (HNT)

In some ways this was an accidental HNT. This is what I was wearing yesterday, and upon pondering what to show you all for this weekly activity (or not so weekly if you’re me) I decided to just go with the matching that I was already doing and show off my favorite tattoo.


The shirt and tattoo are both Bettie Page as drawn by Olivia De Berardinis. This is actually my second version of this shirt, though I still have the first. The first is very worn and much less vibrant than this one, but that makes sense as I’ve had it for many years.

Bettie was my third tattoo, after a stylized heart and a cancer (zodiac) symbol. I got her in June of 2005 done by Stevie of Paradise Tattoo & Piercing in my hometown Juneau, Alaska. For some reason her face never looks as perfect in pictures as it does in real life, it’s seriously just about identical to the shirt, Stevie did an amazing job.

I have eight tattoos in total, but she is my favorite. I hope to eventually have my right leg covered in pin-up girls, but for now I just have two.

Black Burlesque (HNT)

I received the Regard Indiscret Set from Babeland and since I reviewed it on Tuesday I thought the images from using it would be perfect for Half-Nekkid Thursday.

The contents of the set: black round hat tin containing black leather tasseled pasties, black feather boa, pearl belt/necklace, and three small round candles.

You can watch my video review of the Regard Indiscret Set here on Wanton Lotus. I’m also giving a set away to one lucky commenter on my review. Go over there to enter.

I conveniently had a black mesh skirt with a black boa-like trim on the bottom which worked perfectly with the rest of the set. Under the skirt is my black ruffled panties. You can also see most of my tattoos in these pictures as well.

I love all of them, but I think I love the first one most. It may be my favorite picture of myself at the moment. What do you think?






Bound (HNT)

Clickity click (see another). Full-sized image.

Onyx and I haven’t explored rope as much as either of us would like. We always opt for cuffs or the Under the Bed Restraints instead of rope bondage, mostly because we don’t have much experience with it.

A couple weeks ago we went to a class taught by Midori which was sponsored by Babeland. We went there expecting rope, and ended up getting scarf bondage instead, which was a blast in and of itself, and we came home with four rods of bamboo which I’m also dying to do a photoshoot with, but we need to get more rope before that can happen.

Even though the class itself didn’t contain rope bondage it’s been on my mind ever since (and before that, too).

Usually HNT ideas just come to me, but this week I had no inspiration even though Valentine’s Day is around the corner I’m not a big fan of the ol’ VD so that wasn’t a help. I picked Marla’s brain for help. She suggested using something from the kinky stocking I recently received, and I did get a gorgeous piece of custom-dyed rope in it. That was too short for what I wanted to do, though, so I went to the longer piece I had and voila!

Be sure to click the image above to see the second image.

Have you noticed I also have a new header? I needed something a little raunchier, and this fit the bill! The image isn’t actually me, it’s Adipositivity 83 by Substantia Jones found via The Adipositivity Project. That info is permanently in the footer of my blog too, in case you’re wondering.

Sex Nerd (HNT)

Me in my “Sex nerds KNOW how to do it” shirt by Audacia Ray

I have wanted this shirt forever and a half, and I finally ordered it for myself not too long ago (though a while ago, but getting it was delayed due to holidays and moving and such) and I just got it today! I thought it would make a perfect HNT picture, so here it is.

Since my other posts recently have been super long, I’m keeping this one short. Enjoy!

Needles and Hooks (HNT)


Another of those play piercing pictures. I posted this earlier on my 365 Scarlet Portraits blog, today was my catch-up day when I posted nine pictures of me (three of which were posted on here already). I think this picture is possibly my favorite of all the ones on the 365 blog.

I pierced myself in these (as per usual, Onyx doesn’t feel ready to pierce me yet, and I don’t blame him), and it was kind of difficult to pierce the left (my left) side because I pierced from the opposite side than I’ve gotten used to, and since I can’t really just go to the other side on myself it was a little awkward, and they ended up hurting a little more.

Also I had a difficult time coming back out on them, which is why they actually pass under my skin longer than the others (if that makes sense).

I really enjoy the way these look. I love my cleavage in them, but more than that I love the way my tattoos peek out and the way the shirt looks (more on that in a minute), as well as the way the needles look, of course.

I chose the two sizes for a reason (pink: 25g 1in, gray: 22g 1 1/2in), mostly because I thought they would look nice together. I started with the gray and added the pink when I wanted a second needle, mostly because I didn’t want blue (23g) or any of the other colors I had. Pink went best with the shirt.

Now the shirt. It’s not actually finished yet, or in the picture, but I made it. Yes, I crocheted it (hence the ‘hooks’ part of the title, we crocheters are hookers, you know). It’s missing the sleeves and some of the bottom (needs to go about three inches further down my torso).

I need to get more yarn for it so I can complete it, but for the time being it is sitting patiently in my crochet bag. Once it’s finished I’m sure to post a picture of it, maybe here, but definitely there.

You can also see my (what I have called Orgonite and will hereafter refer to as) prana forger, which is the pendant about my neck. As well as my Star of Babalon necklace, which is actually Onyx’s, but I took it from him long ago and he has said it looks better on me. Maybe that makes it mine now.

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